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Bruce Boisclair
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Bruce Boisclair
Bruce Boisclair
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 55 of 1043 players
Bruce Armand Boisclair
Born: December 9, 1952 at Putnam, Conn.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 195

Bruce Boisclair has been the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup 14 times, most recently on June 7, 2012.

of 1b

First Mets game: September 11, 1974
Last Mets game: September 30, 1979

Share your memories of Bruce Boisclair


Johnny & Fred
I remember a game against Pittsburgh in the late 70's. There were men on 1st and 3rd for the Pirates, 1 out, in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth. Dave Parker hit a routine fly, not too deep, to Boisclair in right field. Obviously, the runner on 3rd attempted to tag up and win the game for the Pirates. Boisclair being the genius and all around student of the game that he was known for threw the ball into second base to make sure that the runner on first didn't advance, while the winning run scored. I can't believe this guy isn't enshrined in Cooperstown.

You had to love Bruce's batting stance. Spreads legs just until you feel a groin injury kicking in.

He did win a game once, on a cold day at Shea in April, with a two-out shot off the wall in right center that drove in the tying and winning runs. Thanks Bruce!

My strongest memories are:
  1. He couldn't hit a curve ball to save his life
  2. One of my favorite sports headlines from the N.Y. Post: "Baseballs Boom Off Boisclair's Bat."
I know he played in Japan and then signed a minor league contract with the Blue Jays. Wonder whatever happened to him after that.

Mr. Sparkle
In the late 70's Bruce was as good as it got! Bruce basically had no talent but a lot of hustle. For some strange reason he was one of my favorite Mets of the 70's. I'd love to see a bust of Bruce in the Mets hall of fame outside the Diamond Club some day!

My friend and I were Bruce Boisclair's biggest fans. Every game we would wear a t-shirt that had his name on the front and #4 on the back. Occasionally he would come over and say hello to us. We even made dolls of him! Oh Bruce, where are you now?

Paul Sullivan
January 7, 2001
His fielding may have been hideous, but Boisclair made some of the most impressive fly ball outs in Mets history.

Logan Swanson
January 26, 2001
Was Bruce, 'ol pruneface, really a ballplayer, or just a fan who walked on the field?

Slim Greek-Jim
January 30, 2001
My only memory of Mr Boisclair is from a Sunday game in Los Angeles in 1978 and the Mets were leading the Dodgers by one run - out 9th inning. A Dodger, perhaps maybe Dusty Baker, hit a foul fly ball. Bruce Boisclair ran under the ball , caught it, and then dropped it. This would've won the game. Next pitch, the Dodger hit a 2 run homer. Game Over. Dodgers win. If he was able to make a simple catch I would've forgotten this game long ago.

February 21, 2001
I remember being about 10 or 11, and got to game early to get autographs, and Boisclair was only 1 or 2 players out warming up, and was completly ignoring us. He then turned to us and gave us the finger! Hated him after that......as a young kid, couldn't belive he did that!

andy ramos
February 22, 2001
Extremely wide batting stance.

David Grover
May 25, 2001
Good ole Bruce. Just thinking of him trotting in from the outfield brings me back to the seventys and a smile to my face.

May 30, 2001
Bruce was the last Met I needed to complete my 1977 Topps baseball card set. He was a fan favorite on those terrible teams because he was so bad you couldn't help but root for him.

Jersey Joe
August 3, 2001
My lasting memory of Bruce Boisclair is when my older cousin "read" off of the back of his baseball card: "Bruce enjoys making grilled cheese sandwiches on Thursday nights". I was young ... my older cousin was pretty believable, and I couldn't, for the life of me, think of any better "highlight" for his baseball card.

Keith Gingras
August 12, 2001
i grew up in the same town as Bruce Boisclair did in Brooklyn, Ct. he was a star baseball player at Killingly High School in Danielson,CT. we were all proud of him. that a kid from a small town in ct. made it to the big leagues! way to go Bruce!!

Don Hahn Merlis
August 13, 2001
Bruce was a great bunter....a great bunter. I believe he once had two bunt hits in a game!

Mr. Sparkle
August 14, 2001
Highest single season batting average for pinch hitting for a player with more than 20 pinch hit at bats. 12-21 .571. Awesome!!

November 11, 2001
Not the best player of all time ... but had the most stunningly beautiful wife (a TWA stewardess).

Walt Popailo
December 14, 2001
I remember vaguely while playing the Cubs, Bruce hit a ball that the rightfielder dove for. He got up to get it but couldn't find it. The ball had landed "in" his cap. Fans yelled where it was and he retrieved it. He then proceeded to throw that slow bastard Boisclair out at 3rd.

December 19, 2001
My one lasting memory of Ole' BB: Oldtimers Day, 1979, commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Miracle team. There's Ron Swoboda in his #4 jersey, except it isn't HIS #4 jersey, it's Bruce Boisclair's, with tape over the name. The tape fell off during Rocky's time at bat.

December 27, 2001
The Cubs RF was Larry Biittner.

The most amazing thing about BB is that as of this posting, he is the 19th most popular Met look-up.

IS there some secret fan club, or are the DeRoulet descendants clicking up his mug shot to keep his ranking up.

If BB is 19, than The Stork should be no worse than 15th!!

Mr. Sparkle
April 3, 2002
I am flabergasted that this guy is currently ranked 17. I mean I look the guy up all the time for some dumb reason but he's moved up the scale all by himself. Hats off to Bruce. For some reason, everybody remembers and loves this guy. It's amazing!

April 4, 2002
I am really surprised that not one person has told about how excited Lindsey Nelson would get every time a fly ball was hit to Bruce Boisclair! "Around comes the arm, and here's the pitch. There's a fly ball to right field...AND BOISCLAIR IS THERE!!!"

Larry Burns
May 16, 2002
For my money, one of the greatest Mets ever! He was not blessed with tremendous natural talent, but he certainly optimized the talent he had. Was an awesome pinch hitter, in fact, he is as good if not better than the revered Rusty Staub. Unlike the more talented Strawberry and Gooden he maximized his potential which is admirable in any person. The world needs more Bruces and less Doc and Straws! GO Bruce, you the man!

Hans Moleman
May 17, 2002
Bruce used to tend bar at Bobby Valentine's Restaurant in Connecticut. He was a pretty good dude. Used to talk about how he loved playing for the Mets. He made a mean martini.

May 20, 2002
Bruce Boisclair was and still is a GREAT MET! He was my favorite Met back in the 70's. Bruce was one of the few bright spots on the team. He was also one of the few guys you could count on to get a base hit at a time when scoring 3 runs in a game was an offensive explosion for the Mets.

May 22, 2002
Big guy. No power, but a great batting stance for wiffle ball!

May 23, 2002
What you can say about Bruce? I loved the guy in '70s, I think it was because he was left handed like me (Hey what do you want I was a little kid when he was playing.) He will always be one of my favorite Mets.

Pablo Marier
May 31, 2002
Hey Hans, do I know you? I remember when I frequented Valentine's and Bruce was a GREAT guy. I was a traveling sales rep for Stanley Tools and it was a great place for business lunches/dinners/meetings. If my client was a Met fan and Bruce was on the tap---the deal was DONE. I wished I had tried his martini, I was more a vodka/tonic guy. The only thing better than his drinks were his Met tales. He loved playing for them and it showed. I toast Bruce.

Hans Moleman
June 3, 2002
Pablo, my favorite Bruce story, or I should say, Bruce's favorite story, was the time he missed the cycle in 1976 by a single. I think it was in Wrigley. He told that to me more than once. He also told me that he was voted most likely to succeed in high school but I think he was just messing with me. Still, he was a pretty funny guy.

Victor Jaffe
June 19, 2002
Bruce was a great pinch hitter. I remember more than one clutch hit late in the game to help the Mets to either a win or a failed comeback. Either way, at least Bruce did his part.

Larry Mondello
July 23, 2002
I thought he was a scrappy player but really had no talent and only did halfway decent because everyone else on that team was so bad. I have about 10 of his baseball cards from 1977.

Mr. Met
August 20, 2002
My memories of Boisclair are Bob Murphy's "Boisclair is there" (someone else said it was Lindsey Nelson, so maybe I'm wrong) every time the ball was hit to him in the air. I also remember that Bob Murphy frequently referred to his fly ball outs as "major league popups." So I guess he was good at something.

Playboy Buddy Rose
September 3, 2002
The only thing I remember about Bruce Boisclair is that he was no Lenny Randle. Now THERE was a great New York Met. How much did Bosclair weigh -- 120 pounds? He should have been in that chick baseball movie with Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell.

Phil Polly
November 14, 2002
My favorite Met (or was it Ron Hodges?). A great guy; we played ball against each other in lower CT back in high school. People always say we looked alike!

Max Power
November 18, 2002
As with many other Met fans in their late 30's early 40's, Bruce somehow stands out as one of my favorites from the mid to late 70's. He never had great talent or never really did anything all that special but he had that mystique that many Met fans could somehow relate to among all those losing season. We never liked losing but we were fond of the stories from the early 60's and lived through it during the Boisclair years. Despite his limited abilities, everyone seems to love this guy. In those days, there wasn't much to root for so this goof ball was the perfect guy for us to support. Long live Bruce Boisclair!

Max Power
November 20, 2002
Hans, I think Bruce was either pulling your leg or a little confused, or, his martinis were kicking in real good. I don't think he missed the cycle by a homer in 76. I saw that he had a 4 hit game in Wrigley in 1977 so I looked it up. He missed the cycle by a single in that game so maybe that's what he meant. Either way, Bruce was an exciting player.

Hans Moleman
January 14, 2003
Max, I looked that game up to. It appears he did miss it by a homer. He had 2 singles, a triple and a double. Still, that's pretty awesome.

January 23, 2003
Didn't he set set some kind of informal record by succeeding in twelve consecutive instances when he tried to bunt for a hit? The comment about him weighing 120 pounds actually brought back a memory of the announcers saying that when Bruce was 14 and in his growth spurt he reached 6 feet at only 120 pounds and used to faint because he was so skinny.

Larry Burns
January 28, 2003
Bruce is the essence of being a baseball fan. He played in less than 300 games, yet so many people have such fond memories of him. He was one of my all- time Met "characters" and when I met him at Bobby Valentines and realized how nice a guy he was, he deserves all the applause heaped upon him on this site. Where is he today?

Joe Figliola
January 31, 2003
I remember coming home from a junior high school trip to Liberty Village in New Jersey in April or May of 1976 and flicking on the end of the Mets-Braves game (my friends and I had tried to listen to the game on a transistor radio on the return trip but were unable to get it clearly). They were losing in the ninth, but they had runners on base with two out and Boisclair was up. He swung and barely nicked a ball to stay alive before belting a double in the gap to win the game.

I thought Bruce was pretty good; he had speed and bunted a lot. I think lack of playing time his final two years (along with a shoulder separation in '79) hurt his consistency.

February 5, 2003
I also remember Bruce's very high pinch-hitting average, but the thing that really comes back to me is when he'd play in road games in Montreal. Instead of the Americanized pronunciation "Bo-clair", the PA announcer used to give his surname the full French treatment for the Quebec crowd: "Bruce BWAH- CLAAAIIRRR!"

Joe Metsie" Feltman
April 29, 2003
The "Stretch Armstrong" of baseball. That BATTING STANCE! Rumor was that he had his groin muscles removed by a prominent Bavarian surgeon to attain such a memorable strrrretch!

June 1, 2003
Voted "Met Most Likely To Wind Up A Bartender". Had the longest face in the National League East. He along with Elliot Maddox, Mike Vail, Dale Murray and Gil Flores were the core of those awful last-place Mets teams of the late 70s/early 80s.

Frank Grimes
July 15, 2003
Bruce was a goofy looking guy but gave 110% He wasn't the most talented guy in the world but I would take 9 Bruce Boisclairs instead of the Robbie Alomars and Mo Vaughns of the world.

October 28, 2003
I remember a picture of him and Mazzilli in a Met Yearbook under the caption "Young Stallions in Met Pasture." Some stallions.

Louie Jello
December 6, 2003
I got married at Terrace on the Park in Queens while the Mets were playing a game at Shea. I remember some of the guys were watching the game in the bar and I was trying to catch a peek in between dances. I'll never forget it because Bruce came up with a big hit to win the game in the 9th and I heard a roar. My wife was annoyed but it was great to have them win on my wedding day!

March 17, 2004
I met Bruce in St. Petersburg Fla. back in either '72 or '73 when the Mets were there for spring training. I worked for a landscaping company with his best friend Barry who, if I remember correctly, was from the same town in Connecticut and had graduated with Bruce. I think they were rooming together at that time. Barry and I became good buddies and consequently I became good friends with Bruce, also. We'd do the club scene together at times, and I remember one time the three of us went to a Grand Funk Railroad concert in St. Pete. Bruce was always a real nice guy! Never hassled anybody about anything that I remember. It's nice to read that he remained a nice guy later on also. Would love to hear from Barry and Bruce. Great times back then!

Scott D. Peters
April 10, 2004
Bruce's first year with the Mets was, ironically, my first year of Little League. Ever since then, I have worn Bruce's number 4 in every form of baseball I tried to participate in. Whenever anyone would ask why #4, I always said, "because that was Bruce Bosclair's number." Hey, I was 2 during the Miracle. I was 6 when you hadda believe. And I grew up with one the late 70s version of the 62 Mets. You picked your heroes where as you found them, and for me it was Bruce Boisclar. I think he's always stuck with me as my second favorite Met (all bow before Ed Kranepool) because Bruce was a lot like me as a ball player- not that good, but a real gamer who tried really hard.

June 19, 2004
What Bruce Boisclair lacked in talent, he made up in unintended hilarity.

June 28, 2004
At a game I attended in '74 or so, Bruce Bosclair struck out swinging.

Some guy a few rows away yelled "Hey Bruce - hit it with your hair dryer!"

My best friend and I still throw that line out from time to time.

Bob Sagget
July 13, 2004
Bruce was a very popular player during some very bad times. He hustled and did his best with limited ability. Still, he is one of my favorite players during my formative years in the 70's. Way to go Bruce!

August 28, 2004
I too have nothing but fond memories of Bruce. It's true he did not have the most talent, but growing up in a house full of die hard Met fans made it impossible not to believe. During the late 70's Bruce was the best we had, so we adored him. We knew what he was but he gave us hope. As misguided as that may have been. Great drag bunter. Sad looking back that our #3 hitter's biggest threat was the bunt. Good luck Bruce, thanks for the memories.

Rob R
May 9, 2005
When my brother and I were little kids who attended Mets games in the mid-1970s, Bruce seemed to take great joy in ignoring autograph requests from little kids, even though most of the rest of the Mets were happy to sign.

May 18, 2005
My best, or worst, memory of Boisclair was that infamous dropped pop foul in the 9th against LA. Mets had a lead with 2 outs, very rare for them in the late '70s at LA. If Bruce makes the catch Murph would come back with the Happy Recap. But he drops the ball. The batter was Davey Lopes. And to add insult to injury Lopes, a righty, then belts the ball to the opposite field, right over poor Bruce's head. Bruce ran back and climbed the wall but it was way gone. As Lopes rounded the bases I recall Murphy saying that no one wanted to catch that ball more than Bruce.

And can you believe a couple of years ago the Mets had "this date in Mets history" during a game, and that was the memory! I also recall that it was Bruce's sac fly in the top of the 9th that gave the Mets the lead. Some memory.

And how about that batting stance--ouch!

I also recall a 420(?) foot home run to the back of the bullpen on the first Sunday D/H against Montreal in 1978. And how about an extra-inning pinch-hit triple against Montreal that same year, only to get thrown out on a botched suicide squeeze. This is like bringing up Joe Schlabotnik memories.

Lifelong Fan
July 21, 2005
A good player. He was one of the big bats in those horrible years '77-83. I loved the way his name was pronounced by the Montreal P.A. announcer: "Bwah- clair.

Peter Pallag
September 11, 2005
Why is Bruce Boisclair so popular? My BB story took place on September 22nd, 1979. BB had gone over a year without an RBI, and I couldn't believe he was still playing, batting .176. There was a hockey player at my college, Gerry Beauclair, and we all called him "Bozo", so I called BB "Bozo" as well. Anyway, I'm at Shea for the second game of the doubleheader against the Cardinals, and every time BB comes up, I'm chanting "Let's Go Bozo!", and the first three times up, nothing. In the 7th, down 3-1 to the Cards, BB comes up with one out, Kelvin Chapman on third and pinch runner Sergio Ferrer on second. I realize he can get an RBI just with a fly ball, and I'm screaming "Let's Go Bozo!" over and over. I'm in the first row of mezzanine boxes behind home, so everyone can hear me. Incredibly, the remnants of the 8000+ crowd join in. Then BB hits a long fly ball to center fielder Jerry Mumphrey! Both runners tag and advance! Bruce Boisclair gets his first RBI of 1979! The Mets still lost the game, 3-2, but hey, it was fun.

Tom L
November 23, 2005
His current listing as the 32nd most popular look-up far exceeds anything he did on the field. He must have a lot of family and friends visit this site.

Bob Inzerillo
December 21, 2005
When George Theodore was finally finished as a Met, I thought I was free to root for them in front of other people again without some awkward guy who looked like Big-bird, taking the field in a Mets uniform. I figured there would never be a guy who, just by the mention of his name, would instantly destroy your credibility in any Mets vs. Yankees argument. Well, Bruce Boisclair prolonged the agony.

First of all, how do you get "BO" out of "BOIS"? Well, forget that. He was just goofy. He talked out of the side of his mouth like Gomer Pyle, and ran like JJ Walker from "Good Times". His hair was long, intensely blow dried, and loaded with hairspray - not a haircut, but a "hair-do".

He took himself so seriously and over-did everything. He'd make the simplest task seem like a heroic effort. Great, Bruce, you caught a pop-up.

So, some Yankee fan would tell you "the Mets suck!" "They got nobody" You'd say, "Well Mazzilli's gonna be good, and we got John Stearns and Steve Henderson looks real good. You'll see! The Mets have a lot of good players coming up." The Yankee fan would send you packin' with, "You kiddin' me, we got Munson, Jackson, Nettles, Rivers, Piniella, Hunter, Guidry. You guys got what, Bruce Boisclair? - Bruce Boisclair!"

I used to wish Boisclair would just hop on "Mettle the Mule" and trot off into the sunset singing "There's a Place For Us" like Jim Nabors.

January 2, 2006
All you guys ragging on Boisclair: if he were a spare outfielder on a Mets pennant team, you'd be writing about your fond memories of him. But because he played on teams with zero starting pitching, you think of him as a stiff. Get a clue -- players like Boisclair were not the reason those teams were bad. The pitching was the main reason.

January 11, 2006
I have always wondered why as a lifelong Met fan I seem to remember the Mets players from the late 70s more than I do say the 2000 World Series team. Then I see how many people commented on Bruce Boisclair and I soon realize that I am not alone.

May 31, 2006
Yes, the late 70s were hard times for us Met fans. This guy typifies it. These comments brought me back, they are so funny.

But the best thing about those years, you could decide at the last minute to go to a game, drive right up with great parking, score great seats and bring an entire cooler of lemonade with vodka right in. No one cared, they were just happy you showed up.

We had some very funny times at those games.

June 9, 2006
I can remember Bob Murphy while he was still doing tv back then. Murph used to say "Boisclair is there" when he caught a fly ball in right field. Also remember Bruce did not have any stride in his swing. Maybe if he did he would have played longer in the bigs.

Sergio Leon
July 12, 2006
A big guy who hit for average but lack power. The reason for such a short career.

July 12, 2006
I remeber this guy with the long hair in the seventies. Her personified those god awful Met teams of that era. How did he ever reach the major leagues? He couldn't really run, or hit for power, much needed for an outfield position. He was done by 27.

Dwight Schrute
July 12, 2006
When I was a kid my father bought me a Mets jersey with the number 4 on it and told me it was a Bruce Boisclair jersey. I wore it to 4 or 5 games there year while wearing my glove hoping to get a foul ball. It was one of my first memories of baseball.

Jim Kerouack
August 19, 2006
I first met Bruce B. when we played a ninth grade basketball game against each other. After the game I left the gym and saw Bruce sitting on the bus and gave him the finger. That became a great memory for both of us and we went on to play high school football together. I also attended many Met games over the years and Bruce always got us family seats behind the plate and was a great friend and host. Great guy.

Jamey Bumbalo
November 4, 2006
Bruce was definitely one of the more interesting Mets ever. The plethora of postings here attest to his popularity/notoriety. He batted .263 for his career, which isn't great, but it ain't shabby. I saw two games in Montreal (in the old Jarry Park) and of course the announcer gave his name the French pronunciation of "Bwa-cla." And remember, a fly ball and Boisclair is there.

April 15, 2007
38 years old and my memories of the Mets during the Joe Torre years are getting hazier. However, I still remember Bruce Boisclair's drag bunts down the first base line, his quick wide stride toward the 1st base bag, long hair peaking out of his batting helmet, and winded expression on his face walking back to first base after beating the bunt for a single. As a kid, you had to find something positive with your club during those lean years! My brother and I simply have to recite the names of some of the more infamous players from those times to recall our shared pain as fans during those losing years---Boisclair is one.

September 16, 2007
Back in the 70's Bruce was my absolute favorite. I was really annoyed when he got benched because Mazz joined the team. (Not a big fan of his at all!) I sent a letter to Torre with a petition signed by over 300 fans who all wanted Bruce back in the line-up. It was quite a hit in the locker room and Marty Noble wrote an article in the Bergen Record about my letter. That resulted in a friendship with Bruce. He was a great guy and I have great memories of those days. Wish I knew where he was now; I have an album of newspaper clippings and photos that I'm sure he would enjoy. I'd love to send them to him!

Met Mom
April 1, 2008
I had a boyfriend back in 1976 who worked as a vendor at Shea. I don't know how, but he got the Bruce's bat for me (I was 16 and LOVED Bruce). I still have it to this day! I always crushed on the non-hero Mets... Wayne Garrett, Bruce, Ron Hodges.

May 9, 2008
I used to get Met tickets behind the dugout when Bruce was on the team (not hard to get in those days). I was in my late teens in those days and I used to always yell at him, "Hey, Eclair." He challenged me to go on the field with him and fight him, although I don't think he was serious. I constantly teased him whenever I came back and he eventually became a good sport about it. When he would see me later on he was say, "Hey, my friend is here."

Gets by Buckner
October 21, 2008
I remember on a Mets TV broadcast when the Mets were at Florida in 2008, the camera panned a very empty Dolphin Stadium. It was late Aug/ Early September and Gary Cohen remarked "It reminds us of the days in late September at Shea during the days of Bruce Boisclair and company." Poor Bruce!

Edgy DC
January 9, 2009
I can't find any reference to the game described in the first post on this page. I wasn't able to find any Met-Pirate games ended by a Dave Parker sacrifice fly.

Pete H
June 12, 2009
Am I crazy or does anyone else remember a game at Shea in the 77 to 79 time frame where Bruce led off with a triple in extra innings only to be promptly picked off of 3rd base?

Bob P
June 18, 2009

Bruce hit six triples in the major leagues. His final triple came in the Mets home opener on Tuesday, April 10, 1979 against the Expos. The game was tied 2-2 in the bottom of the ninth. I assume this is what you were referring to..I will plug in the narration from retrosheet.com:

METS 9TH: SOSA REPLACED HUTTON (PITCHING); Flynn was called out on strikes; BOISCLAIR BATTED FOR SWAN; Boisclair tripled to right; Mazzilli was walked intentionally; Boisclair was caught stealing home (catcher to third) [Mazzilli to second]; Chapman grounded out (shortstop to first); 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Expos 2, Mets 2.

The Expos won the game, 3-2 in fourteen innings.

March 31, 2010
Although he didn't played a ton of games for the Metsies, as a teen I appreciated his hustle, regardless of the outcome. Bruce, If you're reading this, I pray you are doing fine or you're happy with your life. You didn't play much, but you were one of my favorite Mets! That's the truth.

September 21, 2010
Yes! BOISCLAIR IS THERE! An indelible memory.

Nancy S.
December 2, 2011
There are very few baseball players I remember adoring as a kid, but I had a special fondness for Bruccie, as I nicknamed him. I would love to find his baseball card. I found one of Tug McGraw when he was with the Mets and now I just need my Bruccie. I don't know why but he has stayed with me for 30+ years. I have always wondered what's he doing today? Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face! Nancy in NJ

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