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Rick Baldwin
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 315 of 1043 players
Rickey Alan Baldwin
Born: June 1, 1953 at Fresno, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 175

Rick Baldwin was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on June 13, 2011.


First Mets game: April 10, 1975
Last Mets game: October 2, 1977

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November 16, 2001
Baldwin was a young, right-hander for the the Mets in 1975. As I recall he came into a Sunday game early in the year at Shea and either picked up a save or threw some scoreless innings against the Cubs. My only memory of him is his appearance on "Kiner's Korner." Ralph asked him if he had played in the minor leagues against Cubs first-baseman Gene Heiser. Baldwin, not exactly a loquacious sort, replied, "I don't know him." Years later someone mentioned Baldwin to me during a baseball conversation we were having. I about fell over. I didn't think anyone, save the most fanatical of Mets fan, remembered Rick Baldwin.

Mr. Sparkle
November 5, 2002
I don't know if my memory is playing tricks on me or if it's all those years of listening to Bob Murphy but I kinda remember Rick Baldwin as having a lot of talent, good stuff and all that but he doesn't seem to have caught on after the Mets. Murph always made every new guy come up sound like he was going to be great. "Oh the Mets have high hopes for Rick Baldwin." Looking at his stats he's probably be a good set up man if he were around today and would probably have spent 12-15 years in the league instead of 3.

Joe Figliola
July 20, 2003
I thought Rick was a useful pitcher. He could start in a pinch, come on in middle relief, pitch long relief, or handle save situations. He also was one of the few Met relievers to handle the bat well. Unlike Dennis Cook, who never really got the chance to hit, Rick did pretty good at the plate.

It's a mystery to me why they sent him down in the 1976 season. And things were so bad in '77 that I didn't even realize until a couple of YEARS later that he got into as many games as he did!

Richard Z
July 20, 2003
I remember Rick Baldwin, he was good reliever. He had good stuff, I don't remember ever seeing him come in and a blow a game. We could use a guy like him now.

Mark Freedman
December 21, 2005
I don't remember much about Rick Baldwin -- but I remember his mom. I was at the "Family Day" game in 1977, and since attendance was horrible those years, I was able to grease the palm of an usher and get a seat behind home plate. I was surrounded by members of the players' families, and didn't think much of it, since I was more interested in the game, itself.

Later in the game, the Mets were warming up Rick Baldwin in the bullpen. The coach visited the mound, and I remarked to the lady sitting next to me that I hoped they didn't bring in Baldwin because he "sucked". Well, she turned to me and said, well, Rick's my son. I was an embarrassed teen, to say the least.

andy c
June 28, 2006
If I remember correctly, he was a righty and threw sidearm. When playing stick-ball we used to have to throw and bat like the professional players. My right arm still hurts from throwing side-arm.

July 16, 2006
I also remember Rick Baldwin as a side arm throwing righty. However, what I remember the most is that he had the nerve to wear Tug McGraw's number 45 after Tug was traded.

Ed Rising
August 19, 2006
Crabby, Funny you should mention #45 - I think that influenced me as to not liking this guy back then. Also he was a young reliever and along with Webb and others was one of several inexperienced relievers in the Mets pen that year. His numbers look better on paper, though I think he did better in '77. As someone else mentioned if he were around today he would probably find a fit on a staff.

October 5, 2006
I played JV ball with Rick in 1969 back in Fresno before he moved (I believe to Modesto) and went to Candlestick to see him in 1976. He was a good pitcher but not the best on the team. We also had a kid named Kim Meek and Mike Dupree (who later pitched for the Padres and played outfield in Japan for a couple of years). A highlight for me was pinch hitting for Rick with the bases loaded one time and getting a hit between third and short. The left fielder then winged the ball over the backstop that cleared the bases and I ended up on third after tripping between first and second and falling on my face. Rick was a good guy (my dad and I used to drive him home from practice) and a great team mate that I would love to add to my Fresno autograph collection with Jim Maloney, Tom Seaver, Wade Blasingame, Randy Scarbery and Dupree.

July 21, 2007
A fine, fine pitcher and a great human being!

March 13, 2008
I didn't know Rickey back in his baseball days but I can tell you now, in 2008, I've know him for approximately 11 years and he has proven to be one of the best kind of people you will ever have the privilage to know. He cares so much for people, and he has the gift of encouragement. I'm sure he was a great ball player too!

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