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Sergio Ferrer
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Sergio Ferrer
Born: January 29, 1951 at Santurce, P.R.
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 5.07 Weight: 145

Sergio Ferrer was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 29, 2009.

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First Mets game: April 26, 1978
Last Mets game: September 28, 1979

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Sergio is living in Puerto Rico where he is managing teens kid baseball teams.

Logan Swanson
April 15, 2001
Every time Ferrer pinch-ran, Bob Murphy would excitedly inform us: "There is speed on the bases!".

Sergio was what you might call a 1970's "pinch runner deluxe".

Cathcart Furne
August 31, 2001
I used to love hearing Murphy announce his name "whoa- whoa-whoa-whoa-whoahhh. Now Sergio Ferrer steps up to the plate"

January 17, 2002
I remember that he once took a swing at a pitch that bounced before it got to the plate.

June 8, 2002
My memory of Sergio Ferrer is from spring training 1978. It was March 31 Mets vs Phillies Al Lang Stadium St Pete Fla. Before game time some of the Mets were mingling on the field for photos autographs and such. Sergio Ferrer was wearing a uniform with #17. The scorecards back then were just cheap cardboard things with a roster and a couple of local ads. The scorecard still listed #17 as Felix Millan. A slew of kids were down by the fence calling "Felix Felix". Overlooking the mistake Sergio came to the railing said "I'm not Felix" and gave his autograph. Not the greatest player but a class act none the less.

Mike Dowling
July 1, 2002
What a player! I remember him in the minors with the Waterbury Dodgers. I followed him with the Twins and the Mets.

Carlos Rivera
January 12, 2003
I played Little League in Puerto Rico in 1963 with Sergio. His nickname was Cuchito. He was a great shortstop and a pitcher because he had such a great arm. Our league, Puerto Nuevo, won the island's Little League championship that year so we went to the Regionals in Brattleboro, Vermont. We won the first game there but lost the second one. I remember, Sergio and I stayed in the same home of a very nice American family and had a great time in Vermont. We remained friends through out our teenage years but later I moved to the States and lost contact. I will always remember him as a great defensive player with a very strong arm for such a short fellow.

Frankie B
February 24, 2003
Always got his baseball card. His card and Apodaca's card were the two most common Mets cards I remember in the 70s.

Hans Moleman
February 27, 2003
I used to call this guy Sergio Valente. Any time he came into the game I used to sing the stupid jingle to those commercials.

February 23, 2004
I can't remember exactly if it was the '78 or '79 season, but a friend of mine's dad was able to get tickets behind home plate (under the screen) for a few day games that year. We'd go and being silly kids, we'd wait for Sergio. He'd come out to warm up the pitcher when the catcher wasn't ready yet, and we'd all be calling him "SERGIO!!!! SERGIO!!! SERGIO!!!"

After the catcher came out (Stearns I'm thinking) Sergio would tip his cap to us before running back to the dugout.

There wasn't much to like about those Met's teams, but Sergio easily became our favorite.

June 1, 2008
I remember Bob Murphy always saying, "Now playing third base for the Mets is DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST Sergio Ferrer." He used to come in for late inning defense on the rare occasion the Mets had a lead. He was a slick fielder but a very light hitter. Maybe you could say he was the 1979 version of Al Weis.

September 19, 2008
My friends and I would try and figure out what Sergio was doing on the team. Speculation was that he was the guy who would get the pizzas during the sixth inning. "Yo, Sergio! The pies are ready, Bro. You got enough cash. Thanks man.

Doctor Worm
June 16, 2010
Sergio Ferrer is the answer to a trivia question -- the first player to be traded to the Mets from the Yankees. The Yanks received the equally forgettable Roy Staiger in a trade of good-glove-no-hit backup infielders. Hard to believe that the Mets and Yankees went 15 years before becoming trade partners.

Benny Ayala
January 18, 2017
Very strong arm and better fielder. Also a smart player. Loved seeing him play SS position. The best of his time from Puerto Rico.

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