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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 252 of 1043 players
Jose Rosario Cardenal
Born: October 7, 1943 at Matanzas, Cuba
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.10 Weight: 150

Jose Cardenal was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on October 7, 2004, June 30, 2011, October 7, 2011, August 2, 2012, and May 9, 2016.

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First Mets game: August 4, 1979
Last Mets game: August 3, 1980

Uniform Number:6
Jose Cardenal also played for the following teams:
Purchased by the New York Mets from the Philadelphia Phillies on August 2, 1979.

Released by the New York Mets on August 13, 1980.

On disabled list from August 18, 1979 to September 27, 1979 (fractured left hand).

Jose Cardenal vs. Opposing Pitchers
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Lee, Bill 732000000005.429.714.429Details
Blue, Vida 400000010000.000.000.000Details
Grimsley, Ross 421011000006.5001.500.600Details
Curtis, Jack 410000000001.250.250.250Details
Niekro, Phil 410010000004.2501.000.250Details
Schatzeder, Dan 410000010001.250.250.250Details
Seaver, Tom 421000000003.500.750.500Details
Vuckovich, Pete 300000011000.000.000.250Details
Mahler, Mickey 300000000000.000.000.000Details
Ryan, Nolan 310001010001.333.333.500Details
Sanderson, Scott 300000010000.000.000.000Details
Fulgham, John 310001000001.333.333.500Details
Krukow, Mike 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Bair, Doug 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Sambito, Joe 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Denny, John 200002000000.000.000.500Details
Hernandez, Willie 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Sosa, Elias 200000000000.000.000.000Details
McGraw, Tug 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Bradford, Larry 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Norman, Fred 100000000010.000.000.000Details
McLaughlin, Bo 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Smith, Dave 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Montefusco, John 100001000000.000.000.500Details
Hume, Tom 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Kaat, Jim 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Forsch, Ken 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Riley, George 100000010000.000.000.000Details
McWilliams, Larry 100000000000.000.000.000Details
McLaughlin, Joey 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Brizzolara, Tony 100000000000.000.000.000Details
LaGrow, Lerrin 1110000000021.0002.0001.000Details
Knepper, Bob 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Devine, Adrian 100001000000.000.000.500Details
Niekro, Joe 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Fryman, Woodie 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Saucier, Kevin 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Minton, Greg 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Camp, Rick 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Hanna, Preston 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Reuss, Jerry 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Carlton, Steve 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Walk, Bob 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
LaCorte, Frank 000001000000.000.0001.000Details

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