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Terry Leach
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Terry Leach
Terry Leach
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 159 of 1043 players
Terry Hester Leach
Born: March 13, 1954 at Selma, Ala.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 205

Terry Leach was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 13, 2015.


First Mets game: August 12, 1981
Last Mets game: June 5, 1989

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Mike Welch
A fantastic middle relief guy. When the starter got knocked out early, you could count on Terry to come in and keep the game in reach. The Mets made a costly blunder when they traded him (gave him away really) to the Twins to make roster space. They struggled to find a middle reliever for several years after while Terry had some great years in Minnesota.

11-1 in 1987!! And he was a nice guy when he gave me his autograph years before that, when he was a rookie.

I remember a fantastic 10 inning shutout against the Expos, one of the few bright spots in the disappointing '87 season.

I loved Leach's great sidearm delivery. In 1987 or 1988 Leach came to Queens College to deliver a speech to the Campus Crusade for Christ (he is a devout Christian). Well, I don't know what the CCC must have thought but when the speech ended they looked up and there were about a dozen Jewish guys in the room, waiting for Leach's autograph!

Chris Leach
Just a quick note to correct a small error that Mike Welch made. Terry was traded to the Royals during the 1989 season. He was released after the season, and hooked on with the Twins in spring training 1990. After the 1991 season, the Twins released him, and he finished out his career with the 1992-93 White Sox.

Mr. Sparkle
For some reason the Mets never gave this guy much of a chance. He was one of the most under appreciated guys of all time. He played for a few years but they should have kept him around longer. I can't remember him ever pitching poorly. He was no ace but he always pitched well whenever he was called upon. He's the only guy in their history to pitch a 10 inning one hitter. I loved this guy.

Brian Olin
I remember in I think 1983 Terrry Leach in an emergency start locked in a pitchers duel with the Phillies John Denny. Leach gave up a single in the third or fourth, and Denny gave up one in the fifth. After 9 innings they both had 1-hit shutouts. The Phillies went to the bullpen in the tenth, and Gary Rasijh got an RBI single. Leach piched a perfect tenth for a 10-inning 1-hitter. I think it was the second greatest piching performance in Mets history after Seaver's nearly perfect game.

June 22, 2001
One game I remember in particular is 7/2/87 (love that you can see the dates here, I wouldn't have remembered it specifically). Leach, pressed into duty as the emergency starter at Riverfront, absolutely mowed down the Reds on two hits.

I never read his book; one of these times I'd like to pick it up (if it's not in print anymore, at a used shop).

Danny Erickson
July 26, 2001
You have to admire Terry's "never say die" work ethic.It paid off for Mr. Leach, he had a good major league career.

Liz Pugliese
August 5, 2001
Terry Leach was a class act. Everyone is right when they say they never gave him a chance. He was a very reliable middle reliever. He was and is one of my favorite all time players.

September 10, 2001
Truly one of the best "middle relief" pitchers ever to play the game. But the was more than just a middle relief pitcher, he was also a gret starter. The 1987 season would have been totally lost with out his performance both from the bull-pen and as a starter. I lamented the decision the Mets made to trade him. I think it was probably one of the team's top ten mistakes.

Jim Snedeker
April 11, 2002
24-9 lifetime for the Mets. 11-1 in 1987. That's sick. Yet who remembers him?

I well remember his 10-inning, one-hit performance against the Phillies back in 1982. It seemed that that evening, the entire world was talking about it. New York was crazy with it. It was like no matter what TV or radio station you tuned into, they were talking about it. I wouldn't be surprised if some stations broke in with special reports. I recall hearing an interview after the game, and Terry was understandably drained, physically and emotionally. People were talking about this career-making game and how he was going to be leading the Metsies out of their douldroms, it was a new day, etc., etc. A very special moment in Mets history.

Larry Burns
June 18, 2002
This guy was a valuable role playing pitcher. A good middle relief guy. His sidearm-submarine delivery was really difficult for players to hit. Unfortunately for Terry he was not great. He was one of those typical guys who is constantly moved by teams because they feel they can get someone else to do their jobs. Once he is gone, then they miss him. When we let Terry go to the Twins, we looked long and hard to find a replacement---a mistake!

Ken Neubeck
August 28, 2002
I always liked Terry Leach. He pitched the only ten inning one hit game in Mets history early in his career. He seemed to be buried in the minors while Mets had Gooden and Darling. When Gooden was out in 1987, he had the career year when he started 10 and 0. He was truly a fan favorite, a player that people could appreciate as he gave his all.

September 4, 2002
Terry was one of the best relief pitchers of his era. One of the Mets biggest mistakes that they ever made was giving him up.

December 24, 2002
Terry proved (along with Rick Reed) that you dont have to be "city-tough" in order to play ball in New York. He was a country guy (always wearing cowboy hats off the field) who wasn't intimidated by the city.

Unfortunately, in his best years (87 on) his role with the Mets was never defined, and therefore neither was his identity.

January 23, 2003
"Where would the Mets be without Terry Leach?" Tim McCarver used to say over and over again in '87. If he hadn't hurt his knee on the hard mound in the Astrodome in about his 10th straight win, who knows what kind of stats he might have ended up with? He never could get any respect and it was frustrating that his good appearances in the early 80's couldn't win him a regular job even with a bad team. The trouble was, even though he always did well as a starter they refused to let him keep starting because he was a right handed sidearmer and it was thought that he couldn't avoid tough lefties while starging. He didn't see a lot of major league action until fairly late. I used to follow him after he left the Mets hoping that he would get enought major league time for a pension!

Paul Winston
February 23, 2003
That 10-inning 1-hit shutout was one of the best-pitched games ever by a Met. It was one of the few bright spots during some lean times.

I remember that he was being considered for the All-Star game in 1987, on the heels of his great start. Why the Mets gave him so few opportunities is beyond me. He always got guys out.

Jeff In Florida
May 27, 2003
Has anyone ever thought that maybe Terry Leach should have been the NL Cy Young Award winner in 1987? The winner was Steve Bedrosian. I think Terry had a better year. 11-1! If I remember correctly he would have been 13-1 had it not been for a young Randy Myers blowing a couple of his games.

June 23, 2003
One of the greatest wastes of talent in Mets history. He had a rubber arm; he could be used in either relief every other day or as a spot starter. It still blows my mind that while we endured Doug "Cardiac Kid" Sisk, Leach was toiling in Tidewater. Sad, sad way for a career to pan out.

Joe Figliola
June 26, 2003
I had a friend named Dyanne Negron who I went out with back in the early 1980s. She, unfortunately, was a Yankees fan. The only Mets she liked were Lee Mazzilli and Terry Leach. She wrote Leach a fan letter back in 1981 and signed it with her nickname, "Wildflower." Terry wrote back personally and started it "Dear Wildflower..." I thought that was kind of nice of him to do that. Cool and classy.

Even classier was his pitching. I too am in the majority when I say that his talent was not used to the fullest.

July 8, 2003
On a staff with Gooden, Cone, Darling , Fernandez, and Aguilera, Terry Leach single-handedly kept the Mets in the 1987 pennant race. I think I remember hearing that as a spot starter he had 3 shutouts in 11 starts. Gotta beleive they could have made better use of this guy - glad to know so many others feel the same way.

Steven Gallanter
September 28, 2003
I am glad to see that so many of my brother and sister Met fans think well of Terry.

It seems as though submarine pitchers such as Terry Leach and Jeff Innis are routinely undervaued by their organizations.

Terry's ability to do just about anything blinded the Mets to the fact that he could EXCEL at any one thing.

Terry should have and could have been a fine starter or closer.

I am not a Twin fan but I was glad that Terry got a ring with the Twins in '91

October 10, 2003
Last I heard Leach was running clinics for Little League coaches, with Tony Ferreira (Met farmhand who played a bit with KC). The league I used to coach in brought them in for a day-long session, and they were worth every penny. Wish we had that level of training available to coaches when I was in Little League!

Alan Leach
February 17, 2004
It is truly heart warming to see how many of you great Mets fans remember Terry fondly. As his brother, I share your feelings about his playing ability and can promise you that, as much as you loved him, he loved you more. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Kevin (New Jersey)
May 22, 2004
My wife Gail and I started dating in 1987, and we were both crazy Mets fans and had always been. We both thought Terry Leach was the coolest one of all, and his record that year just said volumes. Seemed that year as if he NEVER lost!

It was great to read all of the comments on Terry, we thought we were crazy and that no one would remember him. My wife still has a Mets T-shirt I bought her in 1987 and had his name and number 26 put on the back. Obviously Terry was a great individual judging from the comments!

Don Wilson
June 13, 2004
I met Terry in the early eighties through a mutual friend- David Golson who attended Auburn University with Terry. What a class act this guy is. Made me feel if I had known him all my life. From then on out I followed his amazing career.

May 18, 2005
I completely agree with all the posts. Terry did keep us in the hunt the whole '87 season! 24-9 lifetime, .727 winning percentage! That's awesome! Always kept the Mets in the game, pitched when and where they needed him. I was sad to see him go, seems like we owed him more than that! Glad he got his ring with the Twins, but he should have ended up a Met. Proved you didn't have to throw hard if you could keep the ball down. Met fans will always remember his 11-1 season, it's the first thing I think of when I see or hear his name. Good luck Terry, and thanks, we won't forget you!

May 18, 2005
If they ever create a catagoy in the Hall of Fame for under-rated players, this guy should be the first one inducted. He could start, close, and of course pitch middle relief. Just an amazing player who helped every team he played for. One of my all time favorite players (not just favorite Met player).

May 24, 2005
I am not going to be a biased Mets fan and say Terry Leach should have won the Cy Young Award in '87. But in a year of tight voting and no clear cut winner, Terry not receiving at least one vote or finishing in the top 10 is a tragedy. He kept the Mets in the pennant race throughout the summer and should have received more recognition for his accomplishments.

July 11, 2005
Great mid-inning workhorse and a true leader in the locker room. He always had time for younger players, fans and friends.

July 25, 2005
Terry's delightful book, called THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON, tells of how an elbow injury he suffered in college led to adopting the unique sidearm motion that eventually would become a nightmare for so many right-handed hitters in the National League. Pete Rose once listed Terry as one of his five most difficult pitchers to hit.

jamey bumbalo
December 2, 2005
Leach was a gutsy, hard-playing pitcher who gave it his all every time he took the mound, and he had that great sidearm delivery and cowboy mustache. Yes, he had the great 11-1 year with the Mets, but look at his 11-year career ERA: 3.15. How many millions of dollars would he make in 2005?

June 14, 2006
Only the Mets can trade away a pitcher that was 18-3 during the past 2 years and only the Mets can place a pitcher in the bullpen when the Mets were 15-3 in games he started.

Aaron Heilman meet Terry Leach.

November 1, 2006
Another perfect example of an inequitable Mets trade. What kind of career did Aquedo Vasquez have for the Mets? Terry Leach was a great spot starter and great middle reliever. He is also a pleasant and friendly guy. My wife and I met him in Minnesota in 1990 while he was playing for the Twins. We were staying at the Holiday Inn Metrodome and he was staying there as well. We ran into him in lobby and I immediately recognized him. He was quite surprised and pleased that I knew who he was since he didn't receive much recognition in Minnesota. We shared an elevator ride and had a pleasant conversation. I told him that we missed him in New York. He said that he missed New York too but he liked the mellow lifestyle in Minnesota.

June 9, 2008
It is great to read all of the positive comments about Terry Leach's baseball career that have been posted on this site. I did not know much of Terry's career as a professional baseball player, but I know him as Coach Leach. He and Tony Ferreira coached an AAU team in Florida that I played on just over 10 years ago. For those of you who have referenced Coach Leach I must say that you are right on target. Terry Leach represents what a professional athlete should be. He was a great mentor not only in the game of baseball but also in the game of life. He taught his players how to win with integrity and showed us what it takes to compete at a major league level, not only in baseball but in life as well. Professional sports need more athletes and role models like Terry Leach.

December 18, 2008
Terry was flat out one of the most underrated Mets of all time. It's a shame he didn't have more of a role on the team during the 86 season. I think he only threw 7 innings or so for that whole season.

He saved our butts MANY times in 87 and 88.

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