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Gary Rajsich
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Gary Rajsich
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Gary Rajsich
Gary Rajsich
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 456 of 1043 players
Gary Louis Rajsich
Born: October 28, 1954 at Youngstown, O.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.02 Weight: 190

Gary Rajsich was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on July 20, 2010, and October 28, 2010.

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First Mets game: April 9, 1982
Last Mets game: October 2, 1983

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Twinkle Toes
It was Gary Rajsich's 1st year in the majors. This is a true story. Gary Rajsich had yet to get a hit. My brother said "he'll never get a hit." Up came Gary to bat. I asked my brother what if Gary Rajsich not only gets a hit but hits a home run. My brother said "I'll faint." Sure enough, Gary smacked a home run, and my brother hit the floor.

Brian Olin
I remember in a game against the Phillies, Terry Leach threw a ten inning one-hitter. Gary got an RBI single in the tenth inning to get Terry the win.

flushing flash
The Mets regular rightfielder for about one month in 1983 before the Mets called up Darryl Strawberry. You could look it up.

Andy from Rego Park
Fifteen Minutes of Fame: A minor league powerhouse for the Tides in the early 80s and the brother of razor- thin Yankees prospect Dave "The Blade" Rajsich, Gary Rajsich's best moments as a Met came about 15 minutes apart in a game against the Reds in 1982 or so... a diving catch in right field, and a homer one-half inning later. He later played for the Cards and Giants (who acquired him as part of a deal for Jack Clark).

May 18, 2001
Was supposed to be a big power hitter, but never panned out. Great name, though.

August 26, 2001
I cannot belive someone remembers that diving catch. I was at that game and I've never forgotten it. Best catch I have ever seen.

Mike G.
February 15, 2002
I remember the announcers always talking about the batting cage he had in his home.....

March 1, 2002
Another one that they tried to hype up. It's amazing he only hit 3 HR's. I do remember him hitting one of the most impressive HR's I have ever seen hit at Shea. I was watching the game on TV (I believe it was against the Reds) and he hits this ball about 2/3 the way up on the score board (the Budweiser sign). The announcers just kept showing it and showing it and showing it.

August 22, 2002
The diving catch and 3-run homer came in a game vs. the Reds on 5/18/82. I remember the Daily News featured it on the back page the next day. His 1983 Topps Baseball Card mentions that game, as well as a 1- 0 win vs. Montreal on 4/24/82, when Gary Rajsich scored the game's only run.

September 4, 2002
Made the 81 strike tolerable, as he was tearing up the International league and ESPN was televising ..... looked like the real deal, until he got promoted

November 12, 2002
I have a vague memory that I believe was Rajsich hitting a foul ball completely out of Busch Stadium in St. Louis in 1982. He was way out in front of a pitch and hit it out of the stadium about 3/4 of the way down the right field line. It was a monstrous shot, and Ralph and Co. gave it the proper attention.

Anybody else remember this?

Mr. Sparkle
November 18, 2002
I remember when he first came up hearing how the Mets were high on him. Then I realized he was 28 and figured how many 28 year old rookies are there? Gary showed why he spent 10 years in the minors- because he sucked!

flushing flash
November 18, 2002
Could be, but I remember Cardinals sub Mike Laga jacking a foul ball completely out of Busch around 1987 and they said that might have been the first time that ever happened.

Randy Jones
June 5, 2003
I remember watching Gary at Tidewater when he was on a monstrous home run pace. I saw him hit one out, only to find that his arm or wrist was fractured at the time. I also recall seeing him make numerous diving catches on This Week In Baseball.

flushing flash
August 29, 2003
See my post from about three years ago. Well, I did look it up and it turns out I was completely mistaken. Danny Heep, not Gary Rajsich, was the Mets regular rightfielder before Strawberry in 1983. In fact, Gary wasn't recalled from Tidewater that year until September. Oops.

Mr Topps
October 13, 2003
I was watching ESPN classic's This Week In Baseball last week when they showed Gary's great catch against the Reds in 1982. It was very similar to Ron Swoboda's 1969 World Series catch except he dove to his left.

Joe P.
September 24, 2004
I remember him putting a hole in the rightfield scoreboard at Shea after blasting one early in his career for the Mets.

January 14, 2009
Brian Olin's memory of Gary Rajsich is a little fuzzy.

Rajsich did hit a single in the tenth inning of Terry Leach's 10-inning one-hitter in 1982, but that just advanced the winning run to third base. Hubie Brooks' subsequent sacrifice fly drove in the only run of the game.

November 20, 2013
Hard to believe he is in the list of least popular Mets player searches. I am still waiting for Gary Rajsich to become a star. He was a big lug, much like Lucas Duda, who was going to be the next Dave Kingman. I remember being very excited to see him arrive from the minors after the big build up in the press. The only problem was that he swung really hard but could not hit and the Mets gave up on him pretty quickly (or so I thought at the time). I believe he had a brother who was a pitcher and if I recall, threw really hard but couldn't pitch. Must have been a fun wiffle ball game when the Rajsich boys squared off in the back yard.

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