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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 132 of 1043 players
Randall Kirk Myers
Born: September 19, 1962 at Vancouver, Wash.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 190

Randy Myers was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 1, 2004, July 13, 2015, and August 10, 2016.


First Mets game: October 6, 1985
Last Mets game: September 30, 1989

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One of my former co-workers used to babysit some of the players' children. She witnessed that Randy Myers used to crawl on the ground in the bullpen area shooting rats with a BB gun. What a psycho! I'm glad that we traded him away for Franco.

Mr. Sparkle
He was a pretty good relief pitcher but a total nut job! Why did he wear army fatigues to the ball park? I hate to hate a good Met and I don't hate Randy but it pisses me off when a guy like this writes "are we trying?" on the line up sheet by Gregg Jefferies name. It just goes to show you that most baseball players are highly paid teenagers and will never grow up. Randy was an extreme case.

Brian Olin
I thought he was one of the nicest players I have ever met. I met him at a baseball card show, where he was signing autographs. He took the time to ask each fans name, thank them for coming, and shook everyone's hand. This despite the show promoters trying to hurry everyone through the autograph line.

I met Randy several times and enjoyed each and every one! I was and am a huge Randy fan. He even phoned me when I was ill! The guy may have been a little "off" as some say, but he is the sweetest man around!

One other thing about Randy, if it wasn't for him, he and Terry Leach and a few others never would have gotten the Series rings for 86! Lynch got one after playing in only one an inning..and he and Leach played much more. It took them ten years, but Randy finally convinced the Mets front office to have them made and he paid the difference.

April 27, 2001
One of the very few smart things the Mets brass did was to trade this raging freak away and get Johnnie Franco. Franco's one of the best leaders the Mets ever had.

b u i c k
June 24, 2001
There was that time when Randy played for the Reds and a fan dodged him while he was on the mound. Of course when the guy got close enough Randy punched his lights out. I don't know what that fan was thinking. That would kind of be like charging the Rocket, circa October 1999.

Heather Phillips
August 24, 2001
I met Randy long ago in Atlanta when he was playing for the Reds (the year they won the World Series). He was one of the "Nasty Boys," and as I was not a huge fan of Baseball at the time, I had no idea who he was... and I knew nothing of his reputation for eccentricity. So my opinion was based purely on the first impression of a non-baseball related conversation with him. Even though it seems to contradict all the wild stories that still circulate, he was very charming and surprisingly down to earth. A very nice man. He arranged for tickets for a group of us to come watch the game, and was extremely accessible afterwards. When I saw him again a year later, he was just as nice, and seemed genuinely interested in how things were going for me. He is not as egocentric as one would think! If you don't treat him like a celebrity, he won't act like one. I think he prefers it that way. Just my opinion!

August 27, 2001
apparently this clown may wind up pitching for the mariners in september. he's trying to make a comeback and pat gillick thinks he may be able to pull it off. if he doesnt make it back this year, he probably will be an invitee to spring training next year. didnt owners learn not to mess with this guy after he scammed the padres out of a huge contract? hell, while gillick is at it he may as well dump rhodes, paniagua, and sasaki and pull rob dibble off of espn, reuniting the all three "nasty boys".

January 31, 2002
Almost fourteen years later, I'm still wondering why the hell didn't Davey Johnson bring in Randall K to pitch to Mike Scioscia in the bottom of the 9th at Shea in Game 4 of the 1988 NLCS and relieve a tiring Doc Gooden, with the Amazins holding a 3-1 lead. Two more outs would've given the Mets a 3-1 lead in the Series. I remember telling my father, who was sitting next to me, after Scioscia was announced, "I don't have a good feeling about this." Sure enough, Scioscia launched a rocket off Doc that landed in the Mets' bullpen, tying the game and rousing the Dodgers from certain death. We know the rest of the story - a curse that lasted 11 long years before the next Mets post- season appearance. Not bringing in Randy in that situation was the worst move Davey Johnson ever made.

January 31, 2002
I'm sorry. I should've said "top," not "bottom" of the 9th. And did I mention how exactly 10 years later, in the 1998 World Series, I watched helplessly in San Diego, where I now live, as Rambo was a complete STIFF with the Padres against the hated Yankees?

Hot Foot
March 1, 2002
John Franco may be a nice guy but Myers was intimidating. I liked having him on the Mets. Wild Thing was the best.

Larry Burns
June 18, 2002
A complete mental case. This guy was out of his mind--- his oddball behavior coupled with his obsession with weightlifting raised eyebrows 10 years before the whole "steroid in baseball" story broke. He was a pretty decent relief pitcher but coaches warning that the constant pumping iron would rob him of years on his career went unheeded. Randy was another example that talent will excuse strange behavior (the Dennis Rodman Law) but whoa to the person whose talent slips. He is not worth the trouble. Randy was shipped to 6 teams in 9 seasons. This is a time where the Mets were right on schedule to get rid of him before the decline was too apparent.

doug behr
November 21, 2002
GREAT GUY! My friends and I went to a 3 game weekend in Monteal. Before Saturday's game I met Randy K on the sidelines and he promised me a ball after the game. Sure thing after the game the ball arrivrd from him. That night all the Mets were on the strip partying. We ran into Randy again in a bar. He actually stopped from talking to some chicks in order to have a blast with us. After Sunday's televised day game we headed to the airport for our flight--the Mets were also waiting for their charter flight At the bar Strawberry, Keith H, Gooden, Lenny, Jesse, Carter, Kiner, Randy, etc. Of course that ball has them all. I wrote a letter to Randy, to follow up the weekend. What a guy he called me at my Wall Street office to answer the letter I wrote. HOW COOL!

January 24, 2003
Not only was Randy an awesome relief pitcher, he was a very nice, down-to-earth man. When he was with the Mets I not only corresponded with him by mail, but had the pleasure of meeting him at spring training, he knew immediately who I was, spent a good amount of time talking to me, and left me a ticket for the game the following day even though I told him I wouldn't be able to make it because I was flying home to NY. He said he'd leave it "just in case". I only wish the Mets had had enough sense to keep him.

barrie topper
January 5, 2004
This goes back a long time, 1988 to be exact. We corresponded while I was in law school. Met him shortly thereafter at a baseball card show in Howard Beach, N.Y. He recognized me from my picture, the only way he would have seen me previously. He was a nice guy... just ultra dedicated to what he did. So, does anyone know where is he now and what has become of him?

July 13, 2004
Say what you will about his 'character', I remember being at the 9/11/87 game when we could've pulled within 1 of the Cards. I was sitting on the 3rd base side and he was throwing as hard and fast as I've seen anyone pitch. Obviously, hindsight is perfect and if he had stayed in the game...maybe Roger wouldn't have given up the homer to Pendleton. Oh well. Anyway, getting Franco for him wasn't too shabby!

Stonewall Jackson
November 18, 2004
I was also at that Mets-Cards game of 9/11/1987. Ron Darling carries a no hitter into the top of the 6th inning and then gets injured trying to field a bunt by Vince Coleman. Still, we had Myers throwing bullets in the 8th inning protecting a 3 run lead. Randall K had been pitching wonderfully in the 2nd half and Mcdowell and been having an up and down year. I too remember thinking that Myers should have been left in the game. Just one last point... Had the Mets won the game they would have pulled to within 1/2 game of the Cards with Dwight on the mound the next day.

January 10, 2005
I met Randy while I was a police officer in Norfolk, Va. Randy was a very caring but intense man. As a matter of fact we became close friends and he later became my roommate for a time. I treasure the time we grew as friends. I watched as he excelled in his sport, and though some call him psycho, I prefer to call him very very intense.

I followed his career and often wonder what he is doing now.

What a pitcher and what a friend.

February 14, 2005
Randy Myers was very intense, and a little flaky. I got to meet him while I was in HS and visited spring training. He was a great guy with the fans, and even became like an older brother to me for a while. We corresponded through the mail early in his career, even hung out in NY when I was up there. I especially like that he got to win a WS with the Reds. After he played for the Reds I heard less and less from him. If anyone knows what he's up to lately, let me know. He was definitely a ladies man but I heard he got married several years ago. Is that right?

Lifelong Fan
July 10, 2005
I'd take him over Franco any day. McCarver used to say that Franco gave you more options as he could strike you out, get a fly ball or a ground out when you needed it and that Myers was only a strikeout guy, but this dude used to pump those fastballs into that freakin' strike zone, baby. He had that intimidation thing going, too. He's a lot younger than Franco as well.

Tracy (Brut)
July 13, 2005
I was fortunate to meet Randall just out of high school and shared a lot of fun in his off time. He is a crazy, good hearted guy that has a very intense soul. Although some thought he was an ass I know better. I was privilaged to call him friend. I am lucky to be able to share stories with my 3 sons who also love baseball and play the game as well. I have not seen Randall for a long while and would love to catch up with him. I have since given up my nickname and only he could get away with calling me Brut. If you see this Randall e-mail me and I'll buy you coffee and we can catch up. Still in Camas, Wa. Lots of love Brut.

July 13, 2005
I met Randy when he was playing for the Tidewater Tides in 1986. I worked at the ballpark during my summer break from college. I met a lot of ball players while working there and out of all of them Randy was by far the most attentive to his fans.

He would hang out with a bunch of us after the games. We went to the beach, to the movies and just had a great time. I don't remember him being wacko or psycho or any of the various other negative terms used here.

When I left for college at the end of that summer Randy was already up with the Mets. He told me that after his season ended he would come visit me at school on his way down to Florida. The college I attended was in NC and nowhere near I95. But he went out of his way to come visit me. We corresponded for a little while. He must have been one busy guy during his off time because he apparently took the time to correspond with a lot of his fans and friends.

I'd love to know what he's up to now.

When I was working at the ballpark I once bet two sailors in the stands (who were giving Randy a hard time) that he would strike out three in a row the next inning. Well... let's just say I won $10 that night!

July 21, 2005
I have known Randy since 1991. My friends and I spent a lot of weekends with him over the years all over the country. He is a very nice down to earth person with a lot of friends all over the country. We have a lot of fun memories with him. We even attended his wedding in 1998. He may be an intense person but he is not like some of the things written here. As for whether the trade for Franco was better for the Mets, well, Randy won a World Series the next year and Franco did blow some big games for the Mets. The last I heard from Randy a few months ago he is still in Vancouver doing good.

Lee Arleth
August 27, 2005
I met Randy in Philly in 1988, on one of the Mets' road trips, and have been friends with him ever since. Although we lost touch over the years, as often happens with long relationships, I know we could easily pick up right where we left off---maybe even mid-sentence! He was literally the life of every party, and I have a lot of memories of hanging out with him that I'll always cherish. He was definitely one of the best players the Mets and the Reds ever had, and baseball is a lot less fun without him. And ladies, wasn't he a hottie in his army fatigues?

Jonathan Stern
February 24, 2006
A very intense pitcher, to the point where it was almost comic. While with Chicago, a clown ran onto the field to fight him after he gave up a homer... apparently unaware that Myers knew at least three different forms of martial arts! Howard Johnson was a Cubs teammate at the time and he told the press, "If you're looking to fight someone, Randy's the wrong guy to mess with."

An intriguing question: would we really have been better off with Myers instead of Franco? Myers earned a ring as a 1990 Reds "Nasty Boy," but became a baseball nomad. Then again, Franco's longevity as a Mets is mired in controversy.

The niece
April 19, 2006
I would like to just say I was very young when Randy was in the Mets and honestly it never really mattered to me whether a game was lost or won. My uncle is probably one of the funniest, most caring, and down to earth people you would ever meet. And for those of you who think he's "crazy" or "psycho" for what he does or wears, I think he's fun and original and the world could use a million more just like him. And yes he is doing great for those who were wondering. I think my favorite memory with him would be every one, because everytime you see him it's new and exciting.

Will Dodson
August 14, 2007
Randy Myers is a class act. When I was a kid in Nashville after the Reds winning the 1990 World Series (The Nashville Sounds was at the time the farm team for the Cincinnati Reds) my Dad and I attended an exposition game. Randy signed my dad's glove as I was off trying to get autographs. He told my Dad he would send me a personally autographed baseball card if I mailed it to him. I did and received it back in the mail a few weeks later. He's a great guy and was a credit to baseball, I still have the card and it is displayed in my bar.

Kurt Lundgren
April 24, 2009
I stumbled across this site and enjoyed reading about former minor league teammates. I lived with and played with Randy Myers for several years. He was as nice, gracious, and humble a ballplayer as I ever knew. His commando act was all in fun. The guy was awesome.

John Whelan
June 18, 2009
I met Randy Myers in, of all places, our Station House Highway Patrol Unit #3(NYPD) I found him to be very pleasant and cordial. He was a good friend of one of the men that I worked with, who introduced me to him. He loved to talk about baseball, and when he would see me over at Shea Stadium, he would always talk to me. To show what type of person he was, he came to my retirement ceremony, and could not believe I was retiring. He had pictures taken with just him and I. I know how some people perceive him as flaky, but you can find people like that in all organizations. Every organization has to have people like that, and the NYPD was no different than the NY METS. I loved people like that. It made the time go by that much faster.

October 6, 2010
Randy was one of the few players that understood how much money players make. He once said it was crazy that he received per diem money of $60.00 for food. He said I go to a fast food place get a burger for a couple of dollars and pocket the rest of the money. In his mind he was getting a very good salary plus another $58 in cash in his pocket every day on the road.

August 31, 2011
I knew Randy when he was playing with the minor league Jackson Mets in Jackson, MS waayyy back in 1985/1986. He lived next door to me and kept my name and another neighbor's name on his pass list for all games. He was fun, and funny, And while my friend and I cooked for several of the players fairly often, Randy took great pride in making strawberry crepes for us (He didn't much love southern country cooking LOL). After going to NY, he would return at the end of every season to JXN for a week or two and visit with all of us who loved him here. We lost touch years ago and I have often wondered how/where he was - would love to hear from him again. I never knew him to be eccentric or odd - just fun!

Shickhaus Franks
October 19, 2011
If Randall K. had failed in baseball he would've been one heck of a wrestler. In the late 80's several of the Mets on a night off from the ballpark (led by El Sid) went to a World Wrestling Federation show at MSG and Myers met legendary wrestler/manager Fred Blassie backstage and Blassie proceeded to show off several $100 bills and told Myers, "You're in the wrong sport."

Bill Myers
December 6, 2012
I was working stadium security at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium during the 1990 season. Due to the nice weather, the head of security decided to hold our pre-game meeting outdoors in the blue fieldbox seats. I got there early and was watching the pitchers take batting practice, I decided to go back to the security office. As I was walking along the aisle in the blue section and just about to turn the corner, I heard a whirring sound then a warning shout and a bat slammed in to the seats about 20 ft behind me. Looking to the field I saw Randy Myers, looking looking up at me kind of sheepishly. He asked if I was okay, I said "yeah sure", I started to give the bat back to him, when he wave and said "Keep, it!" I've been looking for him at autograph shows ever since hoping to get him to sign it.

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