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Wally Whitehurst
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Wally Whitehurst
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Wally Whitehurst
Wally Whitehurst
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 294 of 1043 players
Walter Richard Whitehurst
Born: April 11, 1964 at Shreveport, La.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 180

Wally Whitehurst was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on April 11, 2010, and March 23, 2016.


First Mets game: July 17, 1989
Last Mets game: September 26, 1992

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Generic Mets Fan
Wally was cool because to me he represented the Mets pitching dominance of the early 90's. The Mets would keep bringing up all these pitchers from the minors and ALL of them were good. None of them sucked. So, when Wally was brought up from the minors, it was like, "Yup. Another awesome Mets pitcher."

January 16, 2001
Great curve but it couldn't get him out of the Dublin Pub or the bottom of the second. He was in that pub every home game night (it seemed) and in trouble every bottom of the second. What a waste of talent!

May 18, 2001
this guy did have a great curveball. but he could never put the whole repetoire together, it seems

Mr. Sparkle
June 1, 2001
Refresh my memory but didn't the Mets trade Orosco to get this guy? Wasn't Blaine Beatty somehow involved? Whatever the case, this guy never did anything good. Whenever you saw Wally on the mound you never had any confidence whatsoever.

Flushing the Point
June 21, 2001
This is a guy who looks like he should be mopping up, and I dont mean out of the bullpen. If rednecks gave out awards for making it big his face would be on the plaque. Mostly I remember Whitehurst creating long lines at the beer stand, captivating the hundreds who came out to watch him put you to sleep all summer long. Here's to you Wally, and where's the beav ?

Joe from Brewster
June 21, 2001
Are you kidding? Another awesome Met pitching prospect? He was always in trouble when he pitched. He always dug himself in to an early hole. I think his big moment in the majors was when he hit a comebacker to the mound and put Mike Scott outta the game. Otherwise, this guy was a real stiff.

June 22, 2001
You are correct, Mr. Sparkle. I remembered that Orosco was involved in the trade that brought Whitehurst to the Mets. In a complicated 3 team deal in 1987....here goes.

Dodgers got Jesse Orosco from the Mets and Jay Howell and Alfredo Griffen from the A's. The A's got Bob Welch and Matt Young from the Dodgers. And the Mets got Kevin Tapani and Wally Whitehurst from the A's and Jack Savage from the Dodgers. Looks like the A's got the best of that deal, huh?

a mets fan
April 5, 2002
I always felt bad for him because he never pitched good for the Mets or anybody for that matter, but he did try and Mets fans would root "Wally! Wally!"

Craig Hebert
November 24, 2002
I stumbled upong this site and had to respond to the comments. Wally had a decent ERA and if you remember correctly Mets fans, the Mets were not plating many runs during those years he was pitching. He never did get much run support. He was a good pitcher and with the diluting pitching after the strike, he could have continued. Until you have pitched in the major leagues, perhaps your comments should be less critical towards his pitching and more pointed towards the lousy Offense the Mets had during those years.

Joe P.
October 10, 2004
WW was one of the dullest players on a real dull team.

Jonathan Stern
February 24, 2006
His facial expression never changed the whole time he was here. He always looked like he does in the above picture - even when working with children.

Whitehurst was a perfect example of the wholesome, fan-friendly type the front office wanted to replace the party animals of the late-80's. Believing him to be the real deal, the Mets traded wild-guy Ron Darling for Tim Burke. Of course, both Wally and Burke bombed while Darling helped pitch the A's to a division title.

To add insult to injury, I recall Whitehurst winning a crucial mid-season game for the 1996 Yankees. I wonder if he got a ring.

September 21, 2009
Showed some promise in 1991 so the Mets traded Ron Darling away to make room for him. He promptly imploded.

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