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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 489 of 1043 players
Thomas Patrick O'Malley
Born: December 25, 1960 at Orange, N.J.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 190

Tom O'Malley was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 22, 2012.

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First Mets game: September 7, 1989
Last Mets game: October 3, 1990

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Bob Hackett
Tom is managing the Newark (NJ) Bears in the indpt. Atlantic League.

Andy from Rego Park
June 6, 2001
I seem to remember that as a Giants' rookie third- baseman, Tom O'Malley slugged his first big league homer against the Mets at Shea, and grinned all the way around the bases.

July 28, 2001
Tommy O was my cousin, Bill Laskey's, roommate when both of the guys were in their rookie year with the SF Giants. As I recall, Tom was the youngest player in the history of pro baseball to play at the age of 18. More interestingly at least to this smitten school girl was that LA Dodger play-by-play announcer Vin Scully hit the nail on the head when he described Tom as a young Robert Redford.

August 19, 2001
Ill never forget the one memory I have of Tommy. I remember I was 15, I got to stay up late on a school nite to watch the end of an extra inning game. And I think he pinch hit, but he hit a blast and won the game...

November 16, 2001
Tom attended the same high school as Mike Mussina in Montoursville, Pa. Guess who had the better career?

Mike Bittles
June 29, 2002
My memories of Tom O'Malley go back to his rookie season in 1982. He homered off of Pat Zachry in Shea Stadium. I was 10 years old and instantly had a new favorite player. I followed his career through the majors and in to Japan where he was a star. I will never forget having him respond to a letter that I sent to him when I was 10 and meeting him at the 'Stick.

August 1, 2002
Tom graduated from the same high school as I did, but he was ahead of me. He came back to our small school and allowed his neighbor to borrow his Mercedes convertible to drive a homecoming contender around the high school football field. The other cars used for the other homecoming contenders were borrowed from a local car dealership. I was the lucky one that rode in the Mercedes.

Crystal Miller
March 11, 2003
Tom was on my dad's sr. little league team. I had the biggest crush on him. He was the best! And he still is. He recently visited my classroom of first graders.

Tom Shannon
April 20, 2004
I met Tom's cousin in an Ocean City, New Jersey department store in the summer of 1990. He actually approached ME (I was wearing a Mets jersey) and started talking up a storm. He eventually asked me if I had heard of Tom O'Malley. Since I was always a fan of Mets bench players (Sasser, Carreon, Miller), I replied, "I love Tom O'Malley, dinkee players are my favorites." The gentleman then proceeded to say that Tom was his first cousin, and I proceeded to apologize perfusely. Although I could tell that he was a little taken aback, we laughed about it after I said sorry. I was only 9 years old anyway!

The coolest part about this story is the fact that Tom O'Malley hit an extra inning walk-off home run the next week. It was a towering fly ball to dead center, that took about 10 seconds to get out of Shea. Actually, I beleive it was the first game of the Mets 11-game winning streak. It remember that it was also Buddy Harrelson's birthday.

July 18, 2005
After he left the Mets, Tom O'Malley became one of the most memorable American players to play in Japan.

He was such a fan favorite here, giving funny comments in interviews in Japanese language, and he had a CD of his own, singing "Rokko Oroshi" - a Hanshin Tigers' song (just like "Meet the Mets", except sung in a greater gusto), whose key was so off that Roseanne Barr may not be so bad of a singer after all. Unlike Roseanne Barr, O'Malley gave a great sense of humor and charm to the fans in Japan which made a CD as a "legend", as any human being cannot sing this bad, let alone have a CD. I am convinced that O'Malley is immensely versatile individual, considering he was know for his appearance in the States with his "Robert Redford" looks while in Japan his sense of humor won hearts of the fans, a complete opposite to what he was in the States.

Anyhow, he finished his active career in 1996, but he is so big in Osaka area, which is Tigers' home base, that he still appear on local commercials

July 21, 2005
I forgot to mention that O'Malley won two batting titles while in Japan from 1991 to 1996, and was a season MVP and Japan Series MVP in 1995.

Joe Green
August 20, 2006
Just wondering what Tom is up to these days. We played a few games together in Central Park. I knew he was managing the Newark Bears and mentioned it to a friend of mine, we googled the Bears and I see they have a new manager.

October 13, 2008
Big homer in the 13th inning of a game in 1990. I believe it was against Montreal. Then we won like 11 of 12 or something.

October 17, 2008
Good memory, Bill -- I remember watching that game. O'Malley (who had entered the game at 1B in the 10th) led off the bottom of the 11th with a homer off Montreal's Dale Mohorcic. The Mets were on a sizzling run after that: 20-3. Thank you, retrosheet,org.

June 16, 2010
I was at the game when O'Malley hit the homer over the centerfield wall to win the game in extra innings. It was getting late, it seemed like the game would never end and my friend Gary, who drove from Staten Island, wanted to leave but I said let's watch the Mets bat one more time - if they don't score, we'll leave. Then O'Malley hit it out and we went home happy.

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