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Blaine Beatty
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Blaine Beatty
Blaine Beatty
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 641 of 1043 players
Gordon Blaine Beatty
Born: April 25, 1964 at Victoria, Tex.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.02 Weight: 185


First Mets game: September 16, 1989
Last Mets game: September 30, 1991

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Generic Mets Fan
In 1990, I remember buying over 30 of his Fleer rookie cards. I was like, "This guy is going to kick butt and his cards are going to be SO valuable." Little did I know...

June 8, 2001
The only thing I remember about Beatty is the Mets got him for Doug Sisk. That was all I needed to know.

August 8, 2002
Poor Blaine blew out his arm when he finally made it to the bigs with the Mets. I think he is the reason why I never get THAT excited about Mets pitching prospects, because if they have success in the minor leagues, something inevitably will happen to them and they never make it.

It's better to get established talent from other organizatins, and that's what we've seen...

October 23, 2002
Blaine Beatty was well on his way to a long career in the majors. But after an arm injury, he was not given the opportunity he should have been.

Judy Robinson
November 7, 2002
He actually started blowing out his arm the summer before his Senior year at Baylor, playing in the Dallas Amateur League. A Dr. found bone chips that summer. He had heart and determination.

Victor Santiago
May 10, 2004
I grew up and played opposite of Blaine Beatty in Little Leauge. He had a smooth motion on the mound that made his fastball very deceptive. Although I never had problems hitting him (of course I'm going to say that), my teammates and coaches were always weary of him when we faced him.

I discovered he made it to the Big Leagues in 1990 when I found his rookie card in my nephew's collection. My initial reaction was, "Hey, I hit two doubles in a game against him!"

Glad to see he at least had the ultimate opportunity to reach the big leagues.

Jeff In Florida
May 26, 2004
Blane is now a minor league pitching coach in the Mets system. I once thought that he would become a Bobby Ojeda type of pitcher but, yes, he did blow out his arm. I wish him well in his new job as a pitching coach!

Debbie Fisher
January 6, 2006
Although I never had the opportunity to watch Blaine in action, I do know him as an individual. He is the most caring, down to earth, well-mannered and most of all, family devoted man I ever met. He teaches from his heart. He never let it go to his head. If you ever have the chance to meet him face to face you will know what I mean. He will be playing with the Frederick Keyes baseball team this year in Frederick, MD so we hope to see you there. I love reading about his baseball life. Hope you do.

Joe Figliola
January 26, 2006
Just saw in the transactions section of one of the local newspapers that Blaine became the pitching coach of the Baltimore Orioles. It's always nice to hear the latest on those Mets who had a cup of coffee with the big club.

My memory of Blaine as a Met is not from a particular game. Whenever he was warming up in the bullpen or in a game, I used to call him "The Blaine Game." Yes, it's silly and has no definitive meaning, but I guess I called him that because the words sort of rhymed and at the time it sounded cool.

Jeff in Florida
February 4, 2006
Blaine had talent and was once thought of as quite a prospect. I had believed (as a teenager) that he would be a Bobby Ojeda type pitcher. He was not big on talent but a smart pitcher. I am not surprised to seem him get a pitching coach job.

Travis Dowdy
May 4, 2010
Blaine is my favorite Met of all time. I got to know him when he was in AAA and I attended every home game. He was so humble and fan oriented. He would know I was a fan and come over and sign autographs for me every game. As soon as he saw me, he would come up and ask, "What have you got for me today?" and sign every card I gave him. I still have the video of his first win in the majors and watch it periodically. I was devastated when he got injured and Wally Whitehurst took the roster spot he was fighting for. As a result, Whitehurst became a villain as far as I was concerned.

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