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Tom Herr
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Tom Herr
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Tom Herr
Tom Herr
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 289 of 1043 players
Thomas Mitchell Herr
Born: April 4, 1956 at Lancaster, Pa.
Throws: Right Bats: Both
Height: 6.00 Weight: 196

Tom Herr was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 11, 2009, and August 5, 2009.

2b of

First Mets game: September 1, 1990
Last Mets game: August 4, 1991

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Mr. Sparkle
You know he hated being a Met despite saying how much he liked it when he first got here. The next season, he was a reserve player and complained that he wanted to play every day and wanted to be traded. We sent him to, I think it was the Giants, where he was also a reserve player but happy. What a jerk!

Yet another player the Mets got three years too late. Keith Hernandez was the one and only former Cardinal to play under Whitey Herzog that did anything for the Mets. Herr and Vince "M-80" Coleman were monumental busts.

Ken Gerber
May 23, 2001
Tom never realy was given a chance. He started 1991 slowly and was in and out of the lineup. He was a solid veteran player who would have performed up to his norm if Bud Harrelson would have had some patience and confidence in Tom.

May 23, 2001
Knocked in 100 runs for the Cardinals in '85...with less than five home runs.

Heir to the potato chip fortune?

Mr. Sparkle
May 30, 2001
I refuse to buy Herr's potato chips because of this guy.

October 20, 2001
Had a crush on him when he was a Cardinal.Meet him a few years ago and he wasn't all that nice.Todd Zeile is a lot nicer.

November 9, 2001
Sent the guy a letter and a baseball card requesting his autograph when I was about 11 [figured, he'd be happy to have fanmail...]. Herr signs the card and along with it, encloses a ticket inside the return envelope. To my surprise, it wasn't a ticket to a Mets game, but a "God is Good" ticket that "redeemable for nothing". The ticket was "a sign of God's love for all of his children." I think next to his autograph on the card he put John 3:16 as well....who knew?

Tommy Here....religious nut.....true story!

January 18, 2002
First of all, all you Mets fans suck!

I have never seen such a cocky bunch of people in all me life!

Why do you have to put down the man? It is obvious that you got Tom when he was heading down on his career - and I'm sure he HATED to be with the Mets! Who would enjoy that???

I have met the man on several occasions and he is extremely nice - perhaps those of you who met him were not nice to him!

And as far as the God reference - SO WHAT? We all need a little "peace" in our lives!

Thank God he didn't end his career a MET!

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Sparkle
January 19, 2002
I agree with Gretchen, thank God he didn't end his career as a Met. We got rid of the loser after he whined all the time. It's too bad he was here at all. He made one great defensive play to help win a game and then did squat. The only reason he was thought of as good with the Cards is because of the team around him. He himself bit the big one.

And why are Cardinal fans even on this site?

April 15, 2002
I knew the Mets great run of the late 80's was coming to an end when they traded for a member of the hated Cardinals. I couldn't force myself to root for this guy. I even think the day the Mets released him may be one of my top Met memories. I miss the Cardinal rivalry, the Brave rivalry is great, but no where near as good as the Cardinal.

Larry Burns
May 31, 2002
A St. Louis Cardinal Skank-bag if there ever was one. He complained the minute he was not being used every day, even though his career was solidly on the decline. He truly was pond scum.

September 10, 2002
Anyone else notice that the decline of the late '80s Mets kicked into full gear in 1991 - the year that hated Cardinal tablesetters from our great rivalry yeats of 85-87 Coleman and Herr were reunited in our lineup?

I'm surprised we didn't sign Ricky Horton and Tito Landrum while we were at it.

July 13, 2004
Another guy that nobody remembers played for the Mets. Another professional player who came to Shea and did zilch. They figured that reunited with Vince Coleman, both would regain their 1985 magic. Sorry, 1991 and 1985 are six years apart.

I'll bet he was happy to flee Flushing.

February 12, 2005
Count me in the Un-Tommy Herr fan club! Hated him in St.Louis. Tough player on those good Cardinal teams! Tried every way to beat you...Until he got to the Mets! Then he became a whiner! Was glad when they got rid of him!

July 4, 2005
Wow. You Mets fans are tough! I was sitting here thinking of some of the past 2nd basemen that have played for the Cardinals when I decided to look Herr up on the internet. This site caught my attention because of the Mets connection. Tommy Herr was a very good player on some very, very, good teams. The team didn't make him look good...he WAS good. He came to your team late in his career, and was coming from a city that adores their team. All things considered, he never really had a chance to fit in there and to win the fans approval. Goodness knows you have to about walk on water to get a 'thumbs up' in your town. We STL fans remember Tommy and appreciate what a fine career he had.

Steven Gallanter
July 4, 2005
I had immediate doubts when the Mets acquired Tommy Herr from the Cards.

Herr had suffered an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear following a hobbled '88. It should be remembered that Herr knocked 105 RBI's with only 8 HRs while playing Whiteyball.

Herr's acquisition was contemporaneous with Kevin Elster's salary fight.

Yes, the addition of Herr and Vince Coleman began a dark era for the Mets.

Of course, it was made all the more painful by Messrs. Herr and Coleman being 2 of the prime exponents of Whiteyball.

However it should be remembered that orthopedic surgery was not as advanced 15 years ago as it is now. Herr was a truly exceptional player between '83 and '87.

His unfortunate tenure speaks loudly about the ineptitude of the Mets front office.

Jared K
April 28, 2006
The only thing I remember about this guy was watching a Phillies-Mets game one time when I was about 8 and Darren Daulton catches him asleep at the switch on second base and picks him off. How on Earth can any baserunner possibly let a catcher on his knees behind home plate throw the ball to second and pick you off? Wow, that's all I can say.

george krumm
May 19, 2006
The greatest memory I have of Tommy Herr was of him taking a throw from Ozzie Smith and pivoting to turn a DP to Jack Clark. As he received the throw, Tommy blew a bubble with his bubble gum, prior to making the pivot to 1st base.

This was on a nationally televised game. If anyone knows where I can find a picture, please let me know.

July 21, 2006
I guess I will be only one of a few to come to Tommy Herr's defense on this message board. I grew up as a diehard Cards fan and can say that it was a very sad day for St. Louis fans when he was traded. The man played his heart out for St. Louis and by the time he was on the Mets, was probably past his prime.

For those of you that mentioned him whining about not playing, try putting yourself in his shoes. Obviously, you have never played the game or you would be more sympathetic to the situation. He played all the time in St. Louis. Even though he was not the "big name player" or the thug with a bat, he showed up and did a pretty good job, although he did not get much recognition for it, but then again that is not the kind of player he was. He did a good job out of the sheer fact that he loved the game and loved playing for St. Louis. Try saying that about any major league ball players these days. You can't because it is all about the all mighty dollar, not loving the game.

He was one of the last of a dying breed that unfortunately was part of a better time in the world. Who are our kids gonna look up to? Look around the MLB, who would you want your little boy to learn from...someone who needs drugs to reach his peak performance or someone who played with heart and did the best that he could. No one has any right to knock someone for doing their best. So what if he didn't play to your expectations! The cold hard truth is, is that you didn't deserve him.

August 23, 2006
JuBu is right. We didn't deserve this washed-up ex-Cardinal. He was just one of many pieces of that bad puzzle I would like to call the Mets of the early 90's.

August 23, 2006
Jobu's post is why Mets fans hate Cardinal fans. They think they're high and mighty and they walk through life with rose colored glasses. Whatever Herr did with the Cardinals was irrelevant, when he was here, he was god-awful.

Jamey Bumbalo
November 1, 2006
Yes, he had fine years with the Cardinals (especially the year he had over 100 RBIs with only 8 homers). But he sucked as a Met. Just one of the many guys acquired by the Mets when he was over the hill. One of my friends always liked him because he was from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania--Amish country.

Jonathan Stern
March 9, 2007
Early in 1991, Buddy Harrelson mulled over playing or benching weak-hitting Herr in favor of Gregg Jefferies. Finally, in late April, he decided to play Jefferies at 2B, with Elster at SS and Hojo at the hot corner, rather than Jefferies at 3B, Hojo at SS and Herr at 2B. At the press conference, Buddy lost his cool with the media, then, several days later, quit his show with Howie Rose. This was the beginning of the end of Buddy Ball.

In Buddy's defense, while Herr would have provided better defense, he couldn't hit worth a lick during his time here.

Mr. Sparkle
July 22, 2007
I think Buddy, as bad as a manager as he was, was right. Yes, Herr would have been better defensively at 2nd base but so would Elster be at SS over Hojo. I'd rather have the better fielder at SS than 2nd. Plus, Tommy Herr was a malcontent anyway.

Gets by Buckner
January 26, 2008
It was always weird seeing him in a Met uniform. If only he played with the Mets in '89 instead of 1990- 1991 maybe just maybe we would be talking post season baseball. Oh well!

January 6, 2009
Of course Cards fans love this guy. He played with passion with them and was a dog when he got here. He did absolutely nothing when here, whether or not he was on the downside of his career. If he was so unable to perform, he should have retired.

St Louis Fans seem to think that they are the best fans in the world. Wearing red to every home game isn't how you do it.

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