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Tim Burke
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Tim Burke
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Tim Burke
Tim Burke
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 343 of 1043 players
Timothy Philip Burke
Born: February 19, 1959 at Omaha, Neb.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 205

Tim Burke was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on April 19, 2008, September 6, 2014, and December 24, 2015.


First Mets game: July 18, 1991
Last Mets game: June 8, 1992

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It's a recurring theme....yet another player the Mets got about two years too late. He was great with Montreal. The Mets never hit him. With the Mets, everyone could hit him.

Mr. Sparkle
January 3, 2001
Didn't he adopt a bunch of foreign orphans? He was pretty much a saint. Amazing how someone like him is not a role model to most kids but someone like Darryl Strawberry is. Wasn't the greatest pitcher but I certainly admire the guy.

February 7, 2001
I can't believe we traded Ronnie for this good two shoes nothing. A travesty, Ron went on to pitch well for Oakland for awhile.

Larry Burns
May 27, 2003
I always felt bad for this guy. He was a great human being and an outstanding humanitarian. He actually pitched well in Montreal, but at Shea he was awful. I guess this is a time where "nice guys finish last." Too bad.

Jeff In Florida
July 22, 2003
Sure he was a nice guy but how could we trade Ronnie Darling for him? Darling was had a tough 1990 season but he was starting to pitch much better in 1991. And besides, how could we allow him to get his 100th win with another team? He left us with 99 wins.

Gatto in California
September 14, 2003
Yes, he did adopt more than one orphan from overseas. We adopted from the same agency, Holt International Children's Services. I met his sister at a picnic somehow we got on the topic of baseball and she told me about Tim's adoptions.

July 23, 2004
A typical Met post-1986 trade: the colorful and controversial Ron Darling for the milquetoast Tim Burke. Tim pitched well for Montreal, but less so for New York. Then he hung it all up to raise his adopted kids.

I have Tim's book, which is an interesting work -- his wife wrote a chunk of it -- and it tells a lot about his internal battle between wanting to be a good father and his major league career. He decided in favor of his family, which I think was actually the better decision -- as a human being.

No father should be a stranger to their kids.

Jonathan Stern
February 27, 2005
I was at Shea for Burke's first appearance with the Mets. He pitched very well. After the game, I saw fans gathered around Burke for autographs. They showed him great affection and he returned it. Even when he said "that's all" to them and walked away, he did it very nicely and everyone thanked him and thought well of him.

The rest of the season was like a leak in the tire, for Burke and for the Mets, who were contending at the time they got him. Burke may not have enjoyed being a major leaguer too much. But rather than hang around cashing checks, he left the game and found other things to do with his life. Seems honorable to me. I just wish he had pitched better for us.

Tom Shannon
May 11, 2005
Tim was a great man and a hell of a middle-reliever. Although he had a rough year for us in 1992; his mind was obviously elsewhere. In 1987 however, he had one of the most dominant seasons of the 80's.

December 6, 2007
I used to go to see Tim when the Expos played the Braves at Fulton Co Stadium in the late 80's. We would talk before and after the games and we got to become friends. I've met lots of players over the years and none compare to Tim. He was absolutely the nicest guy and generous of his time. I have pictures and letters from Tim that I'll always treasure. I wish him and his wife the best and thank him for making one teenager very happy back in the day!

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