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Paul Gibson
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 341 of 1043 players
Paul Marshall Gibson
Born: January 4, 1960 at Southampton, N.Y.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 185


First Mets game: April 8, 1992
Last Mets game: June 10, 1993

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Big E
March 27, 2001
A lefty who simply could not pitch. Made it to the majors after 10 minor league seasons, strictly on hanging around. His last pitch for the Mets went about 425 feet off some guy's bat. End of story.

May 31, 2001
One word for Gibson...putrid. The Mets traded Mark Carreon, who was a fan favorite, to the Tigers to get him. He was Rich Rodriguez before Rich Rodriguez. As bad a lefty reliever as you could find. The fans took to hating Gibson pretty quickly.

June 2, 2001
Struck me out on 4 pitches in high school. We laughed at him warming up -- this skinny lefty with thick, black-rimmed glasses. But what a hissing fastball! You could hear it. He no-hit us that day.

Joe Novellino
December 16, 2001
Didn't they trade Lee Gutterman to get Gibson? Both of threm looked more like CPAs than pitchers.

Mike Oxmall
June 19, 2002
I remember hanging out at Shea with Gibson after a game he had just blown. The fans were really giving him a hard time. I bought him a Sunkist soda and said "cheer up little camper, you'll get em next time"

Mr. Sparkle
June 7, 2003
An earlier version of Allen Watson. A local kid who played for the Mets as well as the other NY team, except I think Paul might have actually been a Met fan growing up. He wasn't very good with the Mets and just like Watson I think he was around more because he was a lefty than anything else.

Joe Figliola
June 17, 2003
True story: My friend Jimmy Wells was waiting on line at a deli located in eastern Long Island. He got into a conversation with someone about the '92 Mets, and Jimmy said that "Paul Gibson sucks."

The guy in front of him on the line turns around and gives Jimmy a hard look. The guy was Paul Gibson.

Jimmy could not care less. What he said back in '92 was true. Paul Gibson sucked.

AJ Stanis
October 10, 2003
As an old neighbor of his when he was with the Tigers, I don't care what you all say about him "sucking." He was a good guy and had a good family. He was never a flashy player, he always just went out and did his job, he just caught some tough breaks.

April 15, 2005
I got his autograph when I was 12. He was pretty weak with the Mets, but seemed like a cool guy.

Dave Shaw
April 19, 2005
I remember laughing when we saw him warming up for Center Moriches HS; this skinny freshman with black-rimmed glasses. He struck me out on four pitches, the last one a hissing fastball.

Jonathan Stern
June 13, 2005
I don't think I ever saw Gibson pitch well. Not even once. A lefty who was reportedly a good clubhouse guy. Lasted nearly a decade in the bigs. Local boy made good, sort of.

Michael Padden
February 4, 2006
Great guy with a big heart and killer fastball. He works hard and never gives up.

Ricky Piliero
August 2, 2006
I went to high school with Paul and I remember him pitching against Mattituck High and he fanned the first 6 batters, then he hit a triple, but still lost the game due to lack of help from the rest of the team. I guess you could say he was a great high school star but just never caught his niche in the majors. Still he was an all around good guy. I wonder if he remembers the class of 77's senior trip.

December 29, 2007
He didn't do too much with the Mets, but he opened up a sports facility in Center Moriches with indoor batting cages and the works. I remember in 1996, after his release from the Yankees, that he would spend a lot of time there. I used to go there to take swings in the batting cage and he was always asking me how my hitting stroke was going. Nice guy!

March 18, 2008
Paul Gibson's claim to fame is probably his 1989 Score baseball card with the Detroit Tigers. That year also saw the infamous Billy Ripken "F--- Face" bat handle card by Fleer, but Gibson's card was just as funny. It was actually a normal picture of him pitching, but in the background was a guy on second base scratching his crotch. Score edited that out some time later in the season and if you look closely, the player in the background on the corrected card has only one arm (thanks to airbrushing).

March 3, 2010
My memory of Paul Gibson comes from his tenure with the Yankees. He came over near my seats before a game and started talking to some people next to me that he obviously was very close to. Some kids pushed down and started thrusting paper in his face begging for autographs. He turned to them and calmly said, "Not now son, I'm talking to my family." I don't know why I have always remembered that, but it seemed like an honest, simple (effective) response to some annoying kids. A few minutes later, he happily signed the autographs.

Not a great pitcher with the Mets, but seemed like a nice guy, who got to play with both of his hometown teams.

Max M.
August 14, 2011
My brother and I watched way too many games in 1992 where Paul Gibson seemed to cough up the lead, usually by giving up a titanic blast. To this day, he has the nickname Paul "Touch 'em All" Gibson in our family.

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