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John Cangelosi
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 280 of 1043 players
John Anthony Cangelosi
Born: March 10, 1963 at Brooklyn, N.Y.
Throws: Left Bats: Both
Height: 5.08 Weight: 160

John Cangelosi was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 18, 2010, and July 8, 2013.


First Mets game: April 5, 1994
Last Mets game: July 7, 1994

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I remember he charged John Smoltz after getting plunked in 94. He tooks his lumps, but showed heart. He was a real scrapper in the Wally Backman mode, but lacked the talent to stick aorund.

I've been a friend of Johnny's since High School, and I can say that "JC" is pretty much an easy going guy who is well liked; but of all the teams for who Johnny played, and for the number of times he's been traded, waived, or demoted, the only team he holds a grudge against are the Mets!

Won Doney
December 22, 2000
Is there a logical reason why Mets fans who go to a Mets website need to hear that a former Met holds a grudge against only the Mets?

Paul Sullivan
January 7, 2001
Even when JC was a toddler in his crib, he was referred to as "light-hitting John Cangelosi"

May 7, 2001
I remember Cangelosi had a huge rookie year for the White Sox. Stole a ton of bases that year. Had almost no big time talent, but was too tough to let that stop him. I always loved watching litte scrappy ballplayers. I just wish Cangelosi had some talent to go with that toughness.

Joe Figliola
February 25, 2002
When John was released by the Mets, Dallas #$@#$! Green's comment was that John didn't supply enough power. Hey $%#$!, with that roster full of leadfoots, you needed speed, and John was able to provide it, along with a pretty good glove.

My nickname for John was "Midget Man" because he looked like he could still play in Little League. He was feisty and a competitor. Wish he would've stayed around a little longer. Thanks $%#$%#! Dallas Green.

February 28, 2002
My memories of John Cangelosi include his being photographed standing next to Randy Johnson. I think he fit between the Big Unit's legs. Also, he looked like Gazoo from the Flintstones with his double earflap helmet, much like Craig Biggio does, though Cangelosi kept his helmet cleaner. My only vivid memory of his tenure with the Mets was sitting along the first base line in the loge and watching him charge John Smoltz after Smoltz drilled him in the back. Earlier in that inning, Smoltz had given up a grand slam to Ryan Thompson, after Ryan Klesko slipped and fell in left field, dropping an easy pop up, and thus extending the inning. I can understand why he was pissed.

michelle arizona
July 20, 2002
Cangelosi is a great ballplayer! I love his spunk and power, and enthusiasum for the game! Mets chose the right guy, sorry it ended so soon.

January 16, 2003
I remember Cangelosi because of one time when he charged the mound after being hit. Here he was about 5'8" and he charged the mound against Jeff Juden who was about 6'8". He put up a pretty good fight. He seemed to get into a lot of fights.

Taryn Blanchard
February 1, 2003
On my 10th birthday, May 7, 1994, my parents took me to a Cards/Mets game in St. Louis. The score was 0-0 with a player on base and Cangelosi up to bat. He kept fouling the ball over and over again. Eventually he hit the ball for a double, which broke the bat. Well, sure enough the double drove the runner home winning the game for the Mets 1-0. After the game, my dad spotted someone with a pro bat. My dad offered the guy $ for the bat so he could give it to me for my birthday. The guy refused. My dad tried and tried. Eventually the guy took the $ and gave us the bat. It was the broken bat that Cangelosi had used. To top it off, the guy gave me the $ and told me to go buy some ice cream and enjoy my birthday! Thanks T.Roberts!!!!

Tom Shannon
June 27, 2005
Was one of the few Mets to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated in the 90's. It's funny looking back though....the 2 most vivid recollections I have of Mets being on the cover of SI in the 90's both conjure up some really bad feelings.

The first was the depressing Doc/Darryl Cover from '94....It hit shelves right after they had BOTH been suspended for cocaine. The caption under their photo said "The Dead-End Kids"...

And then there was the picture of Cangelosi in a head- lock...brawling in spring training. The caption there said "Enough is Enough"....

Typical 90's Mets.

Jonathan Stern
December 21, 2005
I liked Cangelosi. Ya gotta root for the underdog. That's why many of us are Mets fans. But I had to laugh when, at the beginning of the 1998 season, the Marlins raised their 1997 World Championship banner and Cangelosi was almost the only 1997 Marlin present.

May 16, 2010
It's funny people are blogging he didn't have enough talent etc, etc. He was in the majors for over 10 years. Always a team player, just not utilized. Aside from that, while many "big-time" players were rushing past fans after the game, John never turned away anybody. Always humble, never embroiled in the scandalous workings of America's pass time. He just loved the game period. Bravo to him. More players with the "so-called huge talent" should be more like him.

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