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Dave Mlicki
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Dave Mlicki
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Dave Mlicki
Dave Mlicki
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 245 of 1043 players
David John Mlicki
Born: June 8, 1968 at Cleveland, O.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.04 Weight: 190


First Mets game: April 29, 1995
Last Mets game: June 1, 1998

Winner of National League Player of the Week award, June 22, 1997. (New York Mets)

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Mr. Sparkle
Everyone always said what great stuff this guy had. Who cares! He couldn't win a game to save his life. "Sure he lost but he had good stuff!'

Not a total bust however as he did beat the Yankees convincingly in their first ever meeting. You hafta like that!

I don't know how he could pitch with that chronic case of whiplash he had from watching all those home runs he gave up. I will always love him for "The Shutout," though. It shut up the Yankee fans for 24 hours.

March 18, 2001
I thought he would eventually become a decent starter. Had good stuff. The 6-0 shutout over the Yankees must have had Steinbrenner ready to pull the plug on Torre.

May 24, 2001
I just noticed they forgot to list the trade where the Mets acquired him from the Indians along with Jerry DiPoto and Paul Byrd in exchange for Jeromy Burnitz.

June 27, 2001
What are the Houston Astros thinking? I realize they needed to trade Lima Time away, mostly due to his penchant for giving up the home run. But Dave Mlicki? He's the only guy I can think of who might actually give up more home runs in TenRun Field than Lima. The gopher balls just fly against Mlicki.

July 6, 2002
"Dave Milicki has such great stuff" Really? because every time I watched him pitch he was getting batted around more than my 2 german shepherd's toys. He had one great game as far as I was concerned the 1-0 nothing shut-out at Yankee stadium. Other than that he was a big-time loser.

Gregory Gewirtz
January 27, 2003
Who remembers the first game Valentine managed as a Met, against the Cardinals?

Valentine takes Bobby Jones out of a 3-0 game in the sixth or seventh with two on, to bring in Mlicki. He gives up back-to-back homers, one of them to Ron Gant, and the Mets are down 4-3, and go on to lose the game.

The talk after the game was that Valentine relied more on pitch counts than Dallas Green, and that Green may have kept Jones in the game at that spot.

January 29, 2003
"MLICKI HAS GREAT STUFF" Crowed Ralph Kiner constantly............Well we're still waiting to see it. I often thought he left his "GREAT STUFF" home when he pitched, aside from a flash of brilliance in that one game against the Yankees I thought he stunk on ice, plus he had this annoying habit of pulling his jersey around after each pitch he threw and it drove me nuts. I hope Traschel didn't ever see that, so he can add it to his repitoire of how to slow a game down to the point that its actually painful.

Joe Figliola
February 5, 2003
Another of a long line of Mets pitchers that had potential but could not turn that corner. But Dave was lucky enough to put together a gem in the first official Mets/Yankees game in '97.

Dave also couldn't hit a lick, but I had the good fortune to score three of his hits (.375 in eight at-bats!) that year, including a ringing double against the Reds that I saw at Shea in July '97 (10-1 win).

Phil Thiegou
August 3, 2004
Dave was a one hit wonder for the Mets. He did just about nothing for the Mets, but the one thing he did when he pitched that shutout against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium in their first interleague game. Like DeNiro said in King of Comedy, "Better to be a king for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime."

David Mo
January 10, 2005
True, in the long run Mlicki would never harness his "stuff," but he pitched well enough in 1995 that he should have had a spot in the '96 rotation. Then Paul Wilson might not have been rushed and subsequently injured. C'est les Mets. I have some friends who are Yankee fans who still shake their heads in bewilderment at the mention of Mlicki's name.

Jonathan Stern
January 27, 2005
I was at the first regular season game between the Mets and the Yankees. It was neat hearing chants for both teams at Yankee Stadium. And, of course, the good guys won, courtesy of Mlicki's masterpiece. I remembered thinking as soon as it was over "Career Game." Hey, I wouldn't mind something like that being my sole claim to fame.

Anthony fowler
October 20, 2007
Remember when he pitched that shutout against the Yankees? That to me was his best moment as a Met.

April 26, 2009
A pitcher with the killer instinct of a tulip.

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