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Paul Wilson
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Paul Wilson
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Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 436 of 1043 players
Paul Anthony Wilson
Born: March 28, 1973 at Orlando, Fla.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.05 Weight: 235

Paul Wilson was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on July 28, 2008.


First Mets game: April 4, 1996
Last Mets game: September 26, 1996

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Mr. Sparkle
April 6, 2001
After he was drafted he went to rookie ball and went 0- 7. People were still raving about him. I couldn't understand it. I don't think he ever did much in the minors but everyone loved his "stuff." His first year in the majors was lousy too. Injuries set him back but I don't think he would have ever been better than mediocre.

May 2, 2001
I remember when Wilson was pitching a masterpiece against the Cubs in Wrigley. Took a lead into the ninth. Ended up giving up an absolute monster of a home run to Sosa to lose the game. It broke a window in one of the buildings across the street from Wrigley. Still, it was probably his best start as a major leaguer.

August 4, 2001
Why does it seem like Met prospects never really work out? Wilson, along with the other 2 K Kids, will be the answer to an obscure trivia question someday.

Mike Ondreyko
September 6, 2001
Another prospect to play for my hometown Binghamon Mets...domianted here...ah well

February 1, 2002
Saw his MLB debut as a vendor who wasn't picked to work that day. It's too bad he never made it in Queens--I rooted hard for him to, especially after Izzy and Pulsipher were gone. Makes me wonder about the Mets system that all these youngsters seem to have elbow problems. Hmmmmm...I also have that Generation K poster, and I got laughed at for it for having it up in my college dorm room. And they were Met fans laughing at me. Painful.

Bob Murphy
May 2, 2003
I agree with Mr. Sparkle. A complete waste of a 1st pick in the draft. Never really showed anything even before his arm injury. Typical Mets' pick.

Joe B.
June 19, 2003
I also remember that masterpiece against the Cubs that Sosa hit the homer in the 9th inning. I think Wilson has 14 K's to that point.

After the Mets selected him # 1 I recall watching him pitch for Florida State in that year's College World Series, and thinking he had terrible mechanics. It was obvious he put too much stress on his arm. All those arm injuries were no surprise. Why couldn't the Met scouts figure that out?

flushing flash
June 24, 2003
I'm honestly not sure if he's much of a pitcher anymore, but I am sure of one thing after watching his brouhaha with Kyle Farnsworth last week: he sure ain't no fighter.

Mr Topps
March 22, 2004
The Mets had an opportunity to draft a shortstop named Nomar Garciaparra. Instead they picked Paul Wilson. I guess the draft is a crap shoot. Wilson was to be the next Tom Seaver instead he was the next Tim Leary.

Jonathan Stern
December 14, 2004
He's still pitching today, which would seem to indicate that he is, and always was, a quality arm. As far as Generation K was concerned, were they pitched into exhaustion? Or were they over-hyped into near-obscurity?

January 10, 2005
Wilson never really reached his potential. He puts up number 5 starter stats, and stuff, yet due to Cincy's awful rotation he's the number 1 guy by default.

March 15, 2005
I'm glad he's having some success! If he was healthy back then, we all would have seen something special! He's a classy guy! Remember, he too was rushed! He never complained about being the next great hope at Shea! Never copmplained when they kicked him to the curb after the 2nd arm injury! Worked hard to get himself back to the Bigs when a lot of other guys might have packed it in. Good luck, you worked hard enough for it!

vince l
July 12, 2006
Thank you Mr Topps. There were reports that Wilson had a sore arm in college, Garciaparra was available and the rule of thumb is a team should never take a pitcher with the number one pick. The Mets screwed this one up probaly due to the belief in the sportswriters fantasy that pitching is everything. Garciaparra at shortstop for the Mets during the 1999 and 2000 seasons would have made a bit of difference over Rey Ordonez.

scott r
August 14, 2009
i always liked him, felt for him always injured, did ok as a rookie in 96, hurt for most of 97-98, only played a few minor league games, missed all of 99 and was in aaa when traded in 2000 had decent career with rays and reds but like most met prospects couldve been better

July 27, 2012
Became the poster boy for the damage that myopic college coaches can do when they overuse a top pitching prospect.

October 9, 2017
I saw him strike out ten batters in a game at Binghamton in 1995. He looked like the real deal – and he probably was – but injuries got in the way of progress. Why do the Mets always have problems with the health of their players?

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