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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 305 of 1043 players
Roberto Antonio Petagine
Born: June 7, 1971 at Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 170

Roberto Petagine was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on February 8, 2005, February 9, 2005, February 22, 2005, August 13, 2005, August 14, 2005, and February 5, 2008.

1b of

First Mets game: May 31, 1996
Last Mets game: September 28, 1997

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May 2, 2001
Petagine had the worst acne scars I ever saw on a major league player. And he couldn't hit worth a damn. They always talked about his power, but all I ever saw him do was strikeout. Sort of like Mark Johnson.

Jersey Joe
August 30, 2001
A real life Crash Davis. He was a guy whose baseball abilities could really only carry him to AAA, where he was an All-Star. Kinda' like having "warning track power".

I guess that he was the first real star from the NORFOLK Tides. I liked it better when they were TIDEWATER ... a real minor league place. When you got sent down by the Mets, it wasn't to a real city (Norfolk), but, rather, some mythical second rate, minor league kinda place ...."Tidewater".

Ahhh, those were the days.

john d
October 16, 2001
i am a huge Mets fan living in tokyo and have become a big tokyo yakult swallows fan. yes, petagine was no star in NY and but the guy is clutch over here and a real professional. I watched him tie the game last week in the top of the seventh with a three run blast that never got higher than 20 feet. the swallows went on to win and take the central league pennant that day. heading to the japan series next week...go-go let's go petagine, as they say over here.

November 12, 2001
He was the worse hitter I had ever seen. In '97 he batted like .062 or something. He was supposed to be a real futuristic, but he never ammounted to anything.

Gary from Chesapeake
April 7, 2002
He is the (Norfolk) Tides' all-time single season home run leader with 31 in 1997. I'm glad to hear he is succeeding in Japan.

Bubba Agbayani
June 12, 2002
Quite possibly the most dominant minor league player produced during the Steve Phillips Administration. What a find, Steve!

July 23, 2002
Sorry Bubba, but Petagine wasn't a product of the Phillips Administration, he was acquired while Joe McIlvane was in charge. Phillips didn't become GM unitl July 1997, and the Mets got Petagine in 1996.

Mr. Sparkle
November 5, 2002
I was reading on about the next great Japanese free agent that everyone is salivating over, Hideki Matsui and they followed it up with the #2 to Matsui in most categories with a .322 average, 47 homers and 94 RBIs- Roberto Petagine. Has Petagine finally come into his own the way everyone thought he would or is Japan baseball so much like AAA that this Matsui will fizzle out once he gets here? I think the latter.

Tampa Mets Fan
December 10, 2002
Petagine just signed to stay in Japan for two more years, and he is already 31 years old. It looks like he probably won't be coming back to the States again. I remember him with the Mets, and I always thought he'd hit for average, but with little power (too little for a 1st baseman). He has a lot of power over in Japan, but who knows what he would have done over here. He'd probably still be in AAA or warming the bench on a Major League team. Nice to see him have success in Japan though. Something tells me Steve Cox, who the Devil Rays just sold to a Japanese team, will be the next former MLBer to make it big over there.

Joe P.
September 24, 2004
His name was my nickname on my old softball team because I was a lefthanded firstbaseman.

March 18, 2005
This guy put up some monster numbers in Japan, year in year out. He's back in the USA trying to make it with the Red Sox. Fenway just might be the place for him here. Short R.F. porch and all. He's also excellent with the leather so he's got a shot. Could be interesting to see what he'll do with a little confidence. He never got that from the Mets.

Shorty Larson
December 4, 2005
I am surprised Petagine never signed with some second-rate team and got a chance to play. He crushed the ball in the minors and in Japan, and given what Hideki Matsui (he had similar power numbers as Petagine) has done so far, a small-market team in need of a 1B should give this guy a chance. Or he could become a type of Designated 1B, like the Yankees use, to play some games in light of defense. He could do what Nick Johnson did with the Yanks.

January 4, 2006
Talk about a player too good for the minors, but not good enough for the majors. I'm surprised none of the small market times ever bothered to take a flyer on him.

John Reilly
November 4, 2006
I saw this guy play for both the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Boston Red Sox and absolutely can't believe that he is not a superstar. His numbers in Japan are staggering! Petagine had better numbers than Yankee star Hideki Matsui in Japan.

In 2005 with the Red Sox he replaced John Olerud for about 2 weeks when Olerud was injured and had 7 rbis in his first 7 games. He started to get hot but Kevin Millar the long lost son of Red Sox manager Terry Francona complained that he was not getting his playing time. Millar the slugging 1b/dh was putting up his usual power numbers of.260-12-45 and did not care that Roberto was helping the team win. Olerud on the other hand was glad for Roberto and said he was glad the Red Sox were winning and it didn't matter to him who was at first. Olerud a class guy was having a great year and was glad to be back in the big leagues and like Petagine is a great team player. [Petagine did offer to pitch for the Sox that year in a blow out but Francona declined.] Millar it should be noted is a great teammate when things are going good for him. If not he bashes fellow teammates secretly in the media.

Petagine did not get a shot last year in Seattle mainly because Mariner manager Mike Hargrove was afraid of dh Carl Everett and stuck with him way too long. Petagine had a great spring training hitting .450 but the M's let him go. My question why can't this guy get 250/300 at bats?

February 11, 2007
Looking at his stats (which are atrocious, obviously), I realized that he only had one hit and 2 RBI in 1997, and I remember when he got them. It was in the bottom of the 9th in that miraculous comeback win over the Expos (when Everett tied it with a grand slam). At least he made them memorable.

john reilly
April 21, 2008
Petagine is back! Well, sort of. He is playing 1b for Mexico [in the Mexican League] and hitting .345 with 3 hrs and 14 rbis. And of course getting those walks. Will MLB notice? Only time will tell. But in Petagine's case time may have run out.

john reilly
August 14, 2009
As of May 25, 2009 Petagine is crushing the ball for the LG twins of the Korean baseball organization. He is hitting .438 with 12 homers. He recently hit 3 homers in a row! When he was with the Red Sox David Ortiz was very critical of Petagine, but the way Big Papi is swinging the bat for the Red Sox he'd be lucky to be playing in the Boston Park League. The Mets looked awesome this weekend at Fenway!

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