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Rickey Henderson
Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, 2009
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 121 of 1043 players
Rickey Henley Henderson
Born: December 25, 1958 at Chicago, Ill.
Throws: Left Bats: Right
Height: 5.10 Weight: 190

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Non-playing roles with Mets
  • First Base Coach 2007

First Mets game: April 5, 1999
Last Mets game: May 13, 2000

Winner of American League Most Valuable Player award, 1990. (Oakland Athletics)

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Mark Maroon
I'm glad part of his career was spent as a Met. His knowledge of the game is awesome. Not only is Ricky a team player teaching the younger players how to play the game, Ricky can still do it better than anyone else!

Bernard Aguinaldo
Will always be remembered for playing cards in the clubhouse with Bobby Bonilla during Game 6 of 1999 NLCS.

Also for running through Cookie Rojas's stop sign. What was he thinking? Rickey will always be Rickey!

Rob Daly
Anybody ever been to spring training in Port St. Lucie? Go ahead and try to get the almighty Rickey Henderson to sign an autograph or even talk to you on the way in to the locker room. Almost every single player stopped to either say hi to little kids or sign autographs or take a picture. The ones who didn't said that they were too tired or couldn't right now. Rickey laughed at me and said he didn't have time to deal with fans. Uh, last I checked pal, we're the ones who puts the clothes on your back, food on your plate and roof over your head. Reality check Rickey. Stop hot dogging it so much, cuz I'm sick of it. You aren't what you were. If you would give 100%, you wouldn't be such a target for the New York fans. I wish you would just retire and let Mora or Agbayani play. At least they care.

flushing flash
Bye bye Rickey. Your arrogance earned you a one way ticket to early retirement. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

On Memorial Day 1999, the Mets played a day game against the Reds. It was my son's 7th birthday, and he had visions of getting all kinds of autographs before the game. We went early, and stood at the rail next to the Met dugout during their bp. Whenever a player came within earshot, some fan would try and get their attention to come over, but none did. I was beginning to think my son would suffer a huge disappointment, but then Rickey came out of the dugout and signed balls patiently for about 10 minutes. Notwithstanding everything else that he did with the Mets, he was a hero to my son and family that day.

Unfortunately, this punk will be in the Hall of Fame some day because of his unbelievable talent. Talent aside, this guy is one of the all-time dogs in the history of baseball. Rickey has been sent packing by every one of his former teams (Yankees included) after dogging it on the field. Whether it's his hamstrings or the 1,000 contract squabbles he's had, Rickey can go to sleep on the field like no other Hall of Fame talent. If I had a Hall of Fame vote, I'd never give it to this bum who always put himself and himself alone ahead of his teammates and the game itself. Take all of your leadoff home runs and go home you jerk.

Carney Vore
I remember when the Mets got Henderson I thought, "I can't believe they went after this idiot." After one season, he showed me I was right.

Coach HoJo
December 19, 2000
Henderson epitomizes The "Me First Attitude"

Mr. Sparkle
December 27, 2000
I cringed when one of my all time most hated ball players came to the Mets. OK he's a hall of famer but he's also in the @--hole hall of fame. I've never seen a player more taken with himself than Rickey. All he cares about is his dumb records. He didn't care about the Mets in the post season because non of his stats when toward any record. Thank God we finally got rid of him. When he went to Seattle he saw John Olerud and asked him why he wore a batting helmet in the field. When Olerud explained, Rickey told him he had a teammate on the Mets the year before that did the same thing. Unfriggin' believable that Rickey didn't realize that that was Olerud too!!

January 21, 2001
It's sad to see that fans of the game can't be a fan of one of the greatest players ever. Everyone set the expectations high on him because he could still run faster than most. WHile I won't agree with the "me- first" attitude, at least he can say he's been through the in's and out's of the game. Tell me, if you were in the game, wouldn't you want to break as many records as possible? He may not have given 100%, but remember, it's harder to give the 100% when you're around 40 years old. Sad part is that he could out play over half of the team if he tried.

Mr. Sparkle
January 22, 2001
Excuse me OmegaRed but talent is no excuse for being a jerk. No one's questioning his talent by it's a shame that someone with his attitude is as gifted as he is and someone like Benny Agbayani has to prove himself every time he takes the field. It's just no fair.

Won Doney
February 4, 2001
More than anything, Rickey Henderson falls under the category of grumpy old man.

February 14, 2001
There is no player I loathe more than this number- hanging, self-absorbed, self-promoting, disgrace. There is no player whose lack of effort could be more pronounced than this mutt.

The only hole in my argument is that his teammates have almost always raved about him. Tony Gwynn thought he was the best teammate he ever had.

Still, I hope no one signs him so he can leave the game just shy of 3,000 and his precious Runs record.

February 25, 2001
This is another example of the garbage the Mets have gone after throughout their existance. He has always been greedy and self-centered. Valentine should have taken this piece of crap out of the game the way gil hodges took cleon jones out of the game in 1969.I Hope henderson never gets in the hall of fame since this would be rewarding him for his bad habits and behavior.

March 18, 2001
Sure, he's a weenie but one of the most accomplished players many of us will ever see. A true original who sparked that exciting 1999 team and caught WAY too much crap for the whole card-playing thing.

Forcing his way off the team in '00 indirectly opened up career opportunities for Agbayani and Payton. I don't have any bad feelings toward him.

April 18, 2001
all in all, henderson is a bum, but an incredible talent. when he was on the a's and yankees he would get jumps on opposing pitchers going towards 2nd base that were unbelievable. theres probably never been anyone better at drawing a walk and winding up at 3rd base before the next hitter is done with his atbat.

Coach HoJo 20
April 26, 2001
Well, Henderson broke the Walks record yesterday. I could careless what that "nomad" Henderson does but it was great to see another Yankee record broken.

May 2, 2001
Now Rickey can go walk off a cliff. Piece of garbage.

July 12, 2001
As an unabashed fan of Rickey, I'm hoping like hell he doesn't hit another 4 for 62 slump en route to 2246 runs & 3000 hits. Imagine owning records for runs, steals & walks PLUS 3000 hits! It's undisputed this guy's the best leadoff hitter of all time but unfortunately won't get the plaudits of the quintessential All-Americans Cal & Tony largely because of "personality issues." I don't care about his personality - it's just great to watch a 42 year old guy who can still play (albeit with diminished hitting skills) & even make "web gems" - Go, Rickey!!

Chris Loosley
August 7, 2001
It's a lot easier to criticize than it is to play the game as well as Rickey has done consistently for over 20 years. Does Cal Ripken deserve to be in the Hall of Fame for "the streak"? If you answer "yes", then Rickey's accomplishments, which also required single mindedness and lifelong dedication to his sport, are no less worthy of acclaim. We should just consider ourselves fortunate to have seen record setters like Ryan, Henderson, Ripken, Canseco, and McGwire in action. Yes, Canseco, who should a lock for the HoF. But don't get me started on that debate!

Eric from the island
September 29, 2001
I laugh when I read about how fans hate Rickey because he wouldn't sign an autograh or something. Yah, you're paying Rickey's salary all right - you and about 10 million other people. If you've got a problem with Rickey not writing his name on a piece of paper for you and everyone else, you can stop paying Rickey's salary by not going to MLB games, and not watching it on TV, and not buying all kinds of baseball-related memorabilia. But until you stop doing all those things, Rickey's never going to care whether or not you think he's great because he wouldn't scratch his name out for you. He's got it where it counts - one of the greatest leadoff hitters ever and you're slamming him. Puh-leeeeze!

September 30, 2001
I have to say, I am not a Rickey Henderson fan. His antics when he broke the stolen base record was just short of ignorance. He tried to go after the fans in the left field stands on opening day 2000 in Philadelphia (a smart man would have ignored the boos and heckles) and his whole attitude is pompous and self-centered. This game needs men who are willing to be role models, as well as heroes. Rickey Henderson is neither. The Mets are well rid of him.

October 20, 2001
The majority of players I have come across the last 9 years have been class acts.But Rickey is a class jerk.Only see him sign autographs for women who dress like hookers.Saw him drunk in a bar once and making passes at every women in the place.This women was ready to slap him in the face.

Mark S.P. Turvin
December 26, 2001
I moved from New York City to Phoenix over a decade ago. In 1999, while attending a Mets/D'backs game at Bank One Ballpark, I found myself the butt of one of Rickey's jokes. I had gotten seats right behind the visitor's dugout, and arrived very early. I was sitting alone in my section with my Mets jersey on, a Mets cap, and a pair of round sunglasses. I had a moustache at the time. I guess I sat there with my arms across my chest and not moving for awhile. I noticed Rickey pulling various players up above the dugout and pointing to me, and they'd laugh. He did this first with Bobby Valentine, then Orel Hersheiser, and then Al Leiter. Finally, when he brought up Matt Franco, and they started to crack up, I yelled out to him, "What's so funny?" Rickey started to shout "Hey, Bernie!" A couple of the other players looked up, and started shouting the same thing. I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Finally, a man from the section next to me shouted out "You look like that dead guy from Weekend at Bernie's." They all started nodding and applauding.

January 19, 2002
OK, he's a Hall of Famer, but what a jerk!!!!!! Pete Rose(who I dispised as a player)deserves better than him......That's Right!!!!

Phil K
January 30, 2002
You can say all you want about Rickey, but without his great leadoff bat and base stealing abilities, the Mets wouldnt have even made the playoffs(?!- Jim Mora) in 1999. My favorite Ricky moment was early in that season when the Mets played the Marlins during the week in a night game. Rickey was 4 for 5 that night with 2 home runs. The 2nd one came off Alfonseca who watched the home run and made a face showing how impressed he was with the jack by Rickey. He crushed it to deep left and pulled a typical Rickey move when he threw the bat , hopped up, pulled his jersey, hit his chest then his helmet while watching his home run in awe. A spectacualar dance - I give it a 10. Ricky was the man that year.

February 18, 2002
I was sitting in the good seats by the Mets dugout, and Rickey trotted down to first base on a routine 6-3. As he peeled back to the dugout, a fan near me was hollering at him stuff like, "You gotta run those out, Rickey!" and to my astonishment, while the inning was still going on, Henderson conversed with this fan:

Rickey: "Why you say that?"
Amazed Fan: "Because--you just gotta run balls out!"
RH: "Why?"
AF: "Because--maybe there'll be a wild throw."
RH: "Then I'm safe anyway, right?"
AF: "Yeah, but Rickey, it don't look nice."
RH: shrugs, goes back into dugout.

Gregory Gewirtz
April 7, 2003
This guy couldn't buy a hit in spring training 1999, and then hits two homers and two doubles in the third game of the season on the road versus the Marlins. He told the people who thought he was washed up where to go.

It was a shame such a legendary player had his Mets career end in such an embarassing way. In a way, I'm not sure why the Mets would have expected that a guy who hadn't hustled in his first 20 years would start doing so on the Mets. But after he turned a double into a single one night, again versus the Marlins at Shea in 2000, he wrote his own release papers.

April 9, 2003
What do you expect? Instead of looking to their own minor league system, they trade for a fossil that was a head case before he became a fossil. Typical Met deal-making. Granted the man is in amazing shape and he did some good things while he was here like lighting a fire under Roger Cedeno's ass that one year. And when he wasn't being a selfish, pompous ass he probably did more in the lead-off spot than all of the other "lead-off" hitters they tried in the past, but still and all I would have shied away from getting him, but hey I'm just someone who thinks logically.

paul esmond
June 12, 2003
I remember at the beginning of the 2000 season going to Shea and seeing Rickey get booed because he wasn't in it so to speak. It was a shame because in 1999 this guy had a hell of a year for the Mets and I think the fans in Flushing really liked him. But after that 99 season a lot of things changed for people like Rickey. It got harder for players not to have their head in it. The 2000 team really was on a mission. Quite simply he's a player who performs for himself. Even now he's in Newark hoping to impress a team into signing him. It's not going to happen cause he's a good player, rather cause he may draw some fans to a second rate team who need the attention. Rickey's a crowd pleaser and a shoe-in for the Hall also. I wish him luck and I miss his exciting performance for the Amazins.

Jonathan Stern
July 20, 2003
What a strange guy. A little like Dave Kingman, I think, in that he truly had his own agenda, regardless of what the rest of the team did. One big difference between the two: Rickey is a Hall-of-Famer. No way he doesn't get in. First ballot.

He kept himself in shape. For over two decades, he worked his rear-end off day in and day out to be the best Rickey Henderson he could possibly be. That he was the best Rickey Henderson he could be cannot be denied.

And yet, teams couldn't wait to get rid of him. I certainly don't miss him and I don't think I'm alone. But the man did not go to pot when he got the big money. He put up the numbers, owns a few World Series rings. He was the weirdest HOFer of all time. And for a season and one-half, he was a Met. Hmmmmm.

Ron Epstein
September 13, 2003
I don't think any other Met was so easy to part with as Rickey Henderson. He absolutely drove the organization and the city nuts. But one has to admit that many of the other marquee players that come to Shea from out-of-town turn into busts, like Robby Alomar, no matter how good they were. Rickey was able to bat .324 in 1999. Anyhow, I think that it is amazing that at 41 he was able to turn on the jets, let alone today at 44. So many players can be power hitters, but only a few can be real speed demons on the base paths.

September 13, 2003
I always look at Rickey Henderson and and say..."Imagine what a career he would have had if he had just hustled."

And the irony is, he's going to Cooperstown anyway.

Mike Melioris
September 13, 2003
Rickey Henderson may not be the most pleasant person at times but, neither was Ty Cobb and like Cobb his stats speak louder than anyone’s criticizing of him. The 1999 New York Mets squad (better than the 2000 National League Champions, just look at the stats) was like an All-Star team and remember that Rickey Henderson won the job as starting left fielder on sheer performance. He beat out several younger players for the job and was a spark plug for the team. I was glad to have Rickey aboard as he did so much for the team. What an honor it was to have him play for the Mets! Rickey will be the Hall of Fame if he ever retires, as he is still playing with the L.A. Dodgers at age 44. Give em hell Rickey!

Steven Gallanter
September 21, 2003
Only a book-length biography could do justice to the "Rickey Saga."

I am a native Long Islander living in Boston who had the good fortune to tend bar at Fenway Park in '02. Rickey was given a Thunderbird at the end of the season because Rickey had told Sox owner John Henry that he wanted "his car."

When Rickey got his car he commented that what he had wanted was John Henry's PERSONAL CAR!!!

How about "I'm Rickey, Dammit," as a title for a direct-to-video biopic?

April 1, 2004
Rumor has it that in 2000, Rickey, after being released, was signed by the Seattle Mariners, who had recently signed Rickey's former teammate John Olerud.

Olerud, as we all know, wears a helmet in the field due to a brain aneurysm he suffered and subesequent migrane headaches.

Upon arriving in Seattle, Rickey noted that his first baseman always wore a helmet in the field. He approached him and asked "Why do you always wear that helmet in the field?"

The first baseman explained why.

"You know, I had a teammate in New York who used to do the same thing."

"No kidding, Rickey."

Classic Rickey. Off in his own spaceworld.

clubhouse report
April 10, 2004
As funny as the Rickey/Olerud story is I hate to point out that it just isn't true. I believe it was Mets equipment manager Charlie Samuels who started this tall tale. One big problem with it is the simple fact that Rickey & Olerud were also teammates in Toronto. Here is one Rickey story which also may or may not be day on either a team bus or flight in the early 1990's Rickey went to sit in the rear when one of his mates reminded him he should, as a veteran major-leaguer, sit up front; saying "Rickey, you have tenure." To which Henderson replied, "...tenure? Rickey got fourteen year!"

Chris NJ
April 15, 2004
Truly the greatest lead off hitter of all time.dangerous at the plate and on the bases at the age of 40 when most players would have been out of the game. It was a shame it didn't work out. You may question his character but no one can question his numbers and ability

Maxwell Kates
July 1, 2004
Here's a Rickey Henderson story which I know was true. How do I know? I was there. Amid a backdrift of a beautiful Orange County sunset, there I was, watching the Angels play the Red Sox at Enrico Palozzo Stadium. I was sitting along the third base side near left field, a few rows from the fence. You could practically touch Rickey Henderson. Some guys start hollering at him, and you know how Rickey is...during the game when there's no action, he starts hollering back. So I tried one on for size. "Hey Rickey! Is it true you were born in the back seat of a car!?" Rickey stops, stunned. He moves his head very slowly in my general direction. Here I am thinking he's gonna kill me, but instead, he just quips back "Y- YUP!"

Later on, I tried to trade my Angels cap for his Red Sox cap, but he nixed the deal. Big surprise. By the way, I've seen him sign autograph for male fans who look like truckdrivers.

July 5, 2005
Let's face it, this guy will go into the Hall of Fame. In '99, he pulled out an excellent season for the Mets, and he tutored Cedeno. However, he was dismal in the LCS, and was later caught playing a card game with Bonilla during crunch time of the playoffs. After his disgusting play in 2000, it was obvious that he was gone.

Jonathan Stern
February 12, 2006
What is going on here? First, the Mets hold a starting pitcher firesale. Then they hire Juan Samuel to manage in Binghamton. Now, they bring in Rickey to serve as a Spring Training coach? Six years ago, they exiled him faster than he ran around the bases. They didn't even give him a 2000 pennant ring. This has been an interesting off-season.

February 24, 2006
Sitting at Coors Field one night during the 1999 season watching Rickey stroll the outfield. A Man probably in his mid 70's with a Rockies jersey on was telling Rickey he has been his favorite player since Kindergarten. I can't even begin to tell you how hard I laughed. You could see a little smile on Rickey's face also.

Jamey Bumbalo
October 25, 2006
Like Pete Rose, Henderson put up undisputably amazing numbers, and like Rose, Henderson will be remembered as a complete a--hole. I always thought he was an utterly selfish jerk, and was so glad that when he broke the record for career stolen bases, he was overshadowed by Nolan Ryan pitching a no-hitter the same night. Henderson is on the all-time Met jerk team (along with Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, and Jerry Grote).

March 7, 2007
Greatest leadoff hitter ever! And one magical year with the Mets. Clutch hits, steals, and runs. To those who say he didn't try, I say he hustled his way to 3055 hits, 1406 stolen bases, 2295 runs, and two World Series titles. Best memory on Rick: The late, great Ralph Wiley:

July 12, 2007
Can't believe he is being signed as the Mets' hitting coach, if the news reports are true. A great player, but doesn't seem to communicate well and his own hitting stance was pretty eccentric. Still Willie played a number of seasons with him for the Yanks, so must believe that Henderson can contribute in this capacity. I'll believe it when I see it. Hope he doesn't get bored and go play cards during the game!

Jamey Bumbalo
August 5, 2007
I'm not happy to see this vainglorious malcontent coaching for the Mets. I don't care how great a career he had. Unless he's changed his personality, which I doubt, he shouldn't be coaching.

October 6, 2007
They brought back a selfish player who was playing cards in the clubhouse while the Mets were losing the most important game of the season. They brought this guy back to coach and mentor young players. I think we can all trace the demise of Jose Reyes this year to his arrival.

Feat Fan
October 6, 2007
I doubt that a first base coach has that much influence or even a role on a team but it sure went south when Rickey came to town!

Steely Dan wrote a song in 1974, Rickki Don't Loose THAT Number; in this case, PLEASE DO!

Shickhaus Franks
July 9, 2009
On his way up to the majors, he played one season in the Eastern League for the Jersey City Indians at the now long gone Roosevelt Stadium where Jackie Robinson made his pro baseball debut in 1946 for the Montreal Royals. Rickey lived in the rough and tumble Duncan Ave projects and when the team went on a road trip, a couple of his "neighbors" decided to clean house and I mean that literally as they stole everything but the kitchen sink. When he broke the stolen base record in 1991, the city of Jersey City gave him a plaque.

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