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Robin Ventura
Robin Ventura
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 111 of 1043 players
Robin Mark Ventura
Born: July 14, 1967 at Santa Maria, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 198

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3b 1b

First Mets game: April 5, 1999
Last Mets game: October 5, 2001

Named Third Baseman on the National League Gold Glove team, 1999. (New York Mets)
Winner of National League Player of the Week award, August 1, 1999. (New York Mets)

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Happy Recap
Robin Ventura came to the Mets in 1999 as a free agent, and had a terrific season. He was a clubhouse leader, a sparkling third baseman in the field, and second only to Mike Piazza as the club's top run producer. By October, though, he was battered and bruised, and struggled in the post-season against Arizona and Atlanta. He didn't even get an LCS base hit until late in Game 5. To their credit, the fans at Shea understood the contribution Ventura had made during the season, and didn't boo Robin at all despite his lack of hitting. Ventura rewarded their patience, big time, in the bottom of the 15th inning in Game 5. With the Mets down 3-2, and the bases loaded, Robin Ventura hit a game-winning blast over the outfield fence at Shea. It would have been a grand slam, but the mob of teammates surrounding Ventura prevented him from finishing his tour of the bases. No matter. Had the Mets lost, their season would have been over. Robin Ventura came through when it counted, and the Mets' improbable wild ride continued, as the Mets were alive and optimistic heading back to Atlanta for Game 6. After six hours of tension and suspense, Robin's outfield drive had me, and my three-year-old son, whooping and hollering with joy. It was one more great moment in an incredible, memorable, 1999 season.

Robin Ventura is my all time favorite New York Mets player! I am his biggest fan! I remember the first time seeing him thinking he is realy awesome. I collect all the newspaper articles he was in. I was at game 5 of the NLDS when he hit the grand single that I will never forget.

My favorite memory of Robin Ventura is when I got to meet him. I remember the day he gave his autograph. I was speechless. My dad told him I was his biggest fan and stood in the rain for all of the 15 innings and it was worth it and he said, "Really. I wouldn't have stood in the rain for me." After he signed my picture of him and we took a picture together I said to him, "Good luck in tonight's game against the Yankees" and he said (and I will never forget this) "Thank you very much, that was very sweet of you!" I will never forget the day I met Robin Ventura!

Also every playoff game I have been to, Robin has hit a home run. He did not have the best season last year, but still I love him and he is my favorite Mets player.

To happy recap only one error in your summation.The game was already tied when Robin hit the grand slam single.Todd Pratt had walked with the bases loaded to tie the game.

I think Robin Ventura has the softest hands for a third baseman that I've ever seen. He picks short hops in his sleep. Compare his feather pillow hands to Melvin Mora's frying pan hands...unbelievable. He's having a lousy year at the plate, mostly due to his shoulder problems, but those soft hands are worth their weight in gold.

Aside from Gary Carter, Robin Ventura is my all time favorite Mets player. He's got more Gold Gloves than Chipper Jones, has done so much for the Mets, and has the best personality of any baseball player in the game. As a diehard NY Mets fan since I was 6 years old, I am so glad to see Robin and the Mets going to the World Series, and I have confidence they will win!

My favorite memory was this season when he dressed up as Mike Piazza when the Mets vs. Yankees game was cencelled. I was there, it was just so funny. The other Mets, including Piazza, watched him in awe and laughter. They called him safe on every slide. I stayed there watching and laughing with a bunch of people I didn't even know!

December 19, 2000
Robin is one of the best players on the team. He pulled through when we needed him and he's so determined. LET'S GO METS!! METS IN 2001!!

March 17, 2001
Is there another player in the game that you want coming up with the bases loaded?

Seems to be one of the more decent people in the game.

Coach HoJo 20
March 22, 2001
Robin "The Body" Ventura, hit the longest single in the history of baseball. He is almost God like.

Coach HoJo 20
April 4, 2001
THE BODY IS BACK!!!! The road to the World Series has begun and the Mets have started the defense of their NL championship in grand fashion. Robin "the body" Ventura proved all his detractors wrong by hitting not 1 but 2 Home runs to put the Mets in the W column against the Braves in Billionaire Ted field.

The Mets and the Body are going to the World Series and HELL is coming with us.

Shea Stadium is the official home of the Body Shop!

April 4, 2001
i hope the Mets opening day symbolizes ventura's season as a winning,hitting machine!

April 5, 2001
One of the best acquisitions the team ever made. What makes him special to myself is the things he does in the dugout that most fans don't see. He usually is the first person to give a high five,or a 'did your best' gesture to his teammates after their at bat. He is constantly upbeat and gives the team such positive vibes-always a great cheerleader. That is whhat make him-Ace4Mets " in my heart!

Coach HoJo 20
April 25, 2001
This memory is from Ventura's days as a ChiSox and Ryan's days as a Ranger.

Does anybody remember when Ventura charged the mound when Ryan hit him with a pitch? I bet Ventura didn't expect to be humiliated by an "old timer." Ventura charged the mound, Ryan gets him in a headlock and pounds on his head and then boom he hits him with a powerful forearm shot.

Pretty embarrassing for Ventura. Just goes to show that you should never underestimate your opponent.

May 5, 2001
Robin Ventura is an ecxellent fielding and hitting third baseman. Remember that game-winning grand slam he hit a few days ago and the Mets won, 5-7? I was unbelevably happy.

Won Doney
July 28, 2001
I just saw today's game. It was the bottom of the 9th with the score tied 3-3. Turk Wendell is making his first appearance as a Phillie with Todd Pratt catching against the Mets for the first time since he was traded. Robin Ventura, who was 0 for 3 at the time, is up at bat. He pulls Wendell's first pitch over the right centerfield wall at Shea to give the Mets the win.

Mr. Sparkle
July 29, 2001
His first year with the team was absolutely awesome. Last year he was hurt and didn't do all that much other than introduce LA Woman to the locker room (good to hear a rock tune rather than a rap tune being motivational)although he did have enough clutch hits to help out not to mention grannies in both ends of a double header. Was doing great this year in April and May but has slumped ever since other than his game winner off of Wendell. I do like this guy alot but in order to get competitive for next year he is a logical guy to salary dump despite his sub par year. He would be great in a stronger line up.

jonathan booth
July 31, 2001
my favorite memory of the great robin ventura was two years ago against the braves in the league championship series when he hit the longest single of his career I was there to witnesss the best memory in Mets history besides Mookies hit. that was great I loved it I stayed the whoile time. I hope that magic carries over to the rest of this year

August 15, 2001
Robin had been my favorite Met until recently; I can no longer tolerate his poor production. All the "great guy" stuff aside, as well as his occassional long ball, since his good first met season in '99, he has done so little. His power numbers are terrible, and he seems like a very very old 34 year old. Still one of my favorites, unfortunately I think he may be done, at least as a Met after this year.

September 1, 2001
heya!! yeh..robin isn't doin so well, but the Mets should give him sum more time, I mean he does have good at bats, plus he's a very nice guy haha he signed my baseball at spring training : ) yeah robin! I think he's a great 3rd baseman and batter, who cares about his average !

September 3, 2001
Robin is clearly worn out from carrying that piano on his back all the time. He has gotta go, along with his opposite corner man Zeile. Desi Relaford would be a more than adequate replacement at a bargain price. I sure hope Ventura doesn't have a long term deal with the Mets; I mean, he's stopped playing but we're still paying him. Steve Philips is about a box of rocks...

September 4, 2001
i agree that ventura may be washed up, but I really don't feel like listening to people complain next year when relaford is playing 3rd base and 1) is inconsistent defensively, and 2) hits .220, like he did last year when he got a chance to play every day. like mark johnson, relaford is not an everyday player. hes a great spark off the bench and as an occasional starter, but i'd rather not give NL pitchers a chance to pick apart all the holes in that big long swing of his. steve phillips, please go out and get scott rolen, and lock him up. HE would be a great person to have over there for the next 6-8 years or so.

Danielle VENTURA
September 15, 2001
Robin is just such a terrific player and person! Sure hes struggled immensly after his sparkling season in 99! But being a Mets fan is all about beliving!!!! Ventura obviously has shown he is a power hitter and a awesome fielder but lets not even get into fielding...he got more gold gloves that chiper jones.He is my most favorite player ever and it doesnt matter to me if he hits 230 or 240 because you just never knew. Before the Mets were a million games under .500 and now there just 2 games under in 3 place! I have a great feeling about the Mets reaching post season 2001. all the metys bats have sprung to life and his will too. If your a true Mets fan you believe! and baby I belive!!!!! Robin is the bomb..by the wya im his wife. =)

Joe Figliola
October 5, 2001
Hey, Danielle, even though your husband is struggling, he is still is DA BOMB to us Mets fans.

Everyone, of course, talks about the grand slams and the "grand single" he struck in the 1999 NLCS against the Braves. Here's a great personal memory: July 28--the Mets are deadlocked against the Phillies going into the bottom of the ninth. I had to leave in the middle of the 6th inning from Shea because I was going to my 20th high school reunion. I deliberately kept my car radio off because I was (of course) scoring the game and I had the VCR going at home. How great was it for this Met fan to hear the following call on FOX of Robin's game-winning blast:


My other memory of Danielle's husband was at Photo Day 2000. Before I took his picture, I was wearing my 1980s White Sox jacket with the white block SOX lettering. I said to Robin that I was wearing his colors. "Wrong colors," he replied, referring to his present-day Mets uniform. "Yeah," I said. "But you gotta admit this is a cool jacket." "That's true," he said.

Yes, he may hit .230; but Robin Ventura will always hit 1.000 in class and graciousness.

October 20, 2001
For years before I meet Robin.I heard a lot of nice things about him.The first year of Interleague play.When he was still a White Sox.I meet Robin at Busch Stadium.All the nice things I heard about him where true.I like Robin because the way he treats fans.But I like him more for the way he treats his teamates.His temate Todd Zeile is a acquantance of mine.Todd told me what a great teamate Robin is and I have seen for myself how true that is.

November 3, 2001
Classy guy, but he's done. Time to move on. Thanks, Robin, and good luck. Too bad you weren't here when you still had gas in the tank.

Leonard C.
November 7, 2001
VENTURA IS GOING! I don't care what it takes! He stinks!

December 7, 2001
Supposedly it is a done deal. Ventura for Justice will be announced in an hour. Goodbye Robin. I hate that you will be in Yankee pinstripes.

Andy from Rego Park
December 7, 2001
Gone! And to the Yankees no less. Well, hopefully the trade will revive a career that faded much too soon. Ventural leaves with the status of having briefly been the Mets best all-around third-baseman ever. Granted Hojo's offense lasted longer, no Met third-sacker ever had the clutch hitting and stellar fielding ability that Ventura had. Thanks for the great memories Robin. Good bye and good luck.

Mr. Sparkle
December 7, 2001
I certainly can't say I wish him well. After all he is going to the Yankees. Still, despite his two bad years, I still like thig guy. He's a class act and was great that one year. Kinda like Gilkey had one great year. Anyway, here's to a great 2003 with a team other than the Yankees.

December 10, 2001
Well Phillips did it again. He traded the wrong person for crap. He should have traded Zeile instead. Ventura while he has had a couple of slow years should have been kept for these reasons 1) he is in his walk year of his contract (so he will have a decent year), 2)he is a very good fielder, 3) his performance over past 2 years was down but not awful, 4) he is a very good clubhouse personality (remember Coleman, Bonilla), 5) he walks a lot and scores runs for the Mets (OBA .370)-how many Mets do that well? This is an area that has been sliding since Olerud left-you need people on base to score runs-look at Piazza's puny 90 rbis- that tells the story 6) who is going to play 3rd base?(look for Phillips to screw with Alfonzo and mess him up)

Look for Ventura to have a good year with the Yanks 20- 25 Hrs, 80-90 RBI's, .280 avg. and probable Gold Glove. The bottom line... this trade sucks. Justice will be traded for crap and the Mets will have gone down AGAIN as a team, while the Yanks return to the W.S.

I wish we could send Phillips to the Tora Bora Caves.

December 11, 2001
Good point Patrick. The Mets Clubhouse in Menlo Park mall has a lot of Yankees crap in it too. It's an insult to me. F!@# the Yankees and Fred Wilpon for that matter.

Robin was the best third baseman I ever saw play for us. It hurt me to see him slump so bad, but I'm sure he'll put it together and have a good year for the Yanks (that will probably hurt even more). I'm sure he's happy to still be in NYC so that's cool. He'll always be a Met to me no matter what happens. I saw him hit a Grand Slam at Shea early in 2001 that wound up winning the game for us. I never cheered so loud at Shea before. I thank him for that, and many other Amazing feats as #4 the Batman named Robin. Peace Out.

Coach HoJo 20
December 11, 2001
Fare well Governor Ventura; Robin didn’t deserve the fate handed down to him by the baseball God’s. Robin may have hurt the team his last 2 years in Queens but he gave me something that I will never forget, the feeling of victory. Mets fans rarely get this feeling but when we do we never forget it and I will NEVER forget the longest single ever hit in MLB history. Thank you Robin “The Body” Ventura you are a class act!

December 12, 2001
I hated to see Ventura go, but without jettisoning his salary, NO ROBBIE ALOMAR!

December 16, 2001
One of my favorite Mets ever. He will be missed a lot, but I understand why Phillips did the move - to make room for Robbie. I hope he does well for the Yanks, but it will be hard to root for him...

February 5, 2002
Great guy. Great Met memories. Say what you will about the subpar seasons that ended his Met career, but Ventura was money with men on base. There's nobody I'd want up with the bases loaded more than Robin Ventura. I'll miss him, but it'll be hard to see such a nice, personable guy on the Yankees held to George's stifling rules about talking to the media.

February 15, 2002
Best third basemen defensively I have ever seen. The 99 infield was such a joy to watch. I will always remember Ventura in orange and blue. Even if he does wear pinstripes now.

Cono Isernia
March 1, 2002
One of the classiest ballplayers around and genuine all around good guy. I put him in the same catagory as Adam Graves of the Rangers.He will be missed by all Mets fans and he gave me some unforgetable thrills. We'll miss you Robin.

Danny Erickson
March 10, 2002
I can't believe how lousy this guy hit the past two years. If he doesn't hit in Yankee Stadium, he better call it a career.

May 14, 2002
Well we had a real thirdbaseman, then he was traded and as anybody could have guessed he flourished as a member of the Yankees and hit several game winning homers for them. Figures. Everybody flourishes AFTER they leave Queens.

June 8, 2002
I know he had more bad seasons than good with us, but I have heard from a source close to the team when Robin was with the Mets that he was by far one of the nicest guys on the team. Of course we traded him and now he is on fire, but if it's true that he was that nice a guy I'm truly happy he's doing well (Even if it's for the Cross Town Rivals)

Larry Burns
June 17, 2002
A clean cut, classy guy. He usually started seasons strong, and then tailed off, but I think that was due to injury more than anything else. His movement to the Yankees hurts more than usual, because I really liked him as a professional ballplayer. I don't mind a dirtbag like Strawberry going there because it was hard to root for him on the Mets, but a good guy like Robin going to YankMe land--that's tough to swallow.

Diehard Mets Fan
July 23, 2002
I am truly upset that the Mets traded Robin Ventura. He has the softest hands at third base. No one does it better. I am truly happy that he is doing well with the Yankees. He is a top notch guy. Last year my husband and my two children attended the barbecue that Rusty Staub has for the widows and children of the police and fireman. My son and I had the pleasure to meet Robin Ventura and had a picture taken with him. All the adults were trying to push my son out of the way, when Robin said no I want to meet that young boy. My son was so excited and happy. He really is a first class guy and we really miss him as a Met. After meeting him last year he will always be one of our favorites and really do miss him as our third baseman. Good Luck Robin even though you went to the Yanks, but I'm sure you didn't ask to.

August 4, 2002
Robin Ventura is quite possibly the best Mets third baseman in the entire history of the team. He had the softest hands and a great bat. He was not only powerful on the field, but a great clubbouse leader. Had he not been hampered with two injury-plagued seasons, he would still be a fixture at the hot corner. So sad that he was traded to those cross-town bastards.

Mr. Met
August 5, 2002
I wasn't at any of the big post-season games in '86 or even '88. But unquestionably the greatest in- attendance event in my life was the Grand Single game. I remember fans were filing out after the top of the 15th. With my rally cap on I did my best Belushi yelling at them: "Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor?!" Sure enough, the inning was a classic. When Robin came to bat, the fan noise was deafening. The outfield moved in with a runner on third to guard against the cheap single, so I was busy watching the outfielders after he hit it knowing that if they started walking in, the game was over. When that happened, the place went nuts. It wasn't until I got to my car that I found out it was a grand single. It seems that everyone I talk to who was there says the same thing. It was unbelievable.

Jim Snedeker
August 22, 2002
I didn't follow the Mets TOO closely in the last few years--even thought they won a lot of games--but Robin seems to have been Da Man. And I feel nauseous when I accidentally tune in to a Yankees game on the radio and hear him announced. It just ain't right.

And you have to admire a rookie who tried to pick a fight with Nolan Ryan (and promptly got his head bashed in).

September 23, 2002
I was at a spring training Met Vs Baltimore game in late March in Fort Lauderdale. Robin was up to bat in the 2nd inning I was chatting with the people behind me and from the corner of my eye I see a foul ball heading right for my 5 year old sons face. At the last second I stuck my left hand out and nailed the ball before it nailed my son. The crowd went wild on my one handed stab. My son started to choke on his food but I got him to take a drink and swallow it. The people behind me said I should go to the Medic. I said he was fine and they said not for him but for your pinkie. I didn't even realize it, I dislocated my pinkie when I caught the ball. It was pointing away from my hand, blown up fat and purple. So ended my day at the game. Thank goodness my wife works for Orthopedic Doctors.

October 4, 2002
My favorite memories of Robin were when he dressed up as Mike Piazza and when he hit that grand slam single. I am a big time Met fan and we all miss Robin a lot. Luv ya Robin we won't forget everything good you did for us. Have a great season next year.

December 18, 2002
I don't know who took my comments away from a year ago, but here are some similar ones. I said trading Ventura was a mistake. It was and Robin had a good year with the Yanks. We could have used Robin's bat and good eye at the plate in 2002. Instead, Phillips brought in Alomar who sucked and screwed up Fonzie by putting him at 3rd base. Now Alfonzo is gone, Ventura has re-signed with Yanks and the Mets don't have a 3rd baseman. Simply put, Ventura was one of the best if not the best 3rd basemen the Mets ever had. If the Mets had kept him, he would have decent seasons (20 Hrs, 80 RBIs, .270 avg and .370 OBA). Plus being the class character he is, he would have signed with the Mets again for less $$$ as he did with Yanks.

December 30, 2002
Probably the best at playing the bunt since a kid named Brooks. (Uh, that's Robinson, not Hubie.)

February 24, 2003
It been over a year since that awful trade, and pathetically I am still not over it. With all the new players and with so many old players gone the Mets just don't seem the same anymore. I defintely miss watching Robin at the hot corner. It kills me to see him in a Yankee uniform. I miss the grandslams and the Piazza mocking. Ventura was great.

April 19, 2003
During a pregame segment in 2001 (I think) various Mets were asked what they would be doing for a living if they weren't playing baseball. Robin's response: "I would be a blimp pilot." Classic.

Excellent fielder, great hitter. It's a shame that he was hampered with injuries in his last two years with the Mets. Despite his struggles, he still came to play everyday with hustle.

May 27, 2003
I still hate the Mets for trading him away....and to the Yankees of all teams. About a yr and a half later, its still unforgiveable. Phillips is a moron

Jim Snedeker
May 29, 2003
Still hurting from The Body being traded. But I still never understood what happened to David Justice. What did the Mets do, automatically trade Justice to someone else for a couple of minor leaguers and a player to be named later?

Don't know know why the suits felt the need to rid the organization of a classy star. It reeks of Rusty Staub being traded in 1975, right after he set the Mets club record for RBIs.

July 10, 2003
I have mixed feelings about Robin. He could have been in my top 5 favorite Mets for all the memories other people have already covered (above)and for one of my own - I saw him hit an awesome grand slam at Candlestick in August of 1999. It's up there with a Strawberry blast I saw in '87 as the most impressive HR I've seen.

However, here's why Robin bugged me: 1)During that comeback in game 2 of the 2000 World Series, he was out at the plate on an grounder to the infield. That was the year Clemens drilled Piazza, and it was the World Series, so Ventura had two very compelling reasons to hit Jorge Posada with all the (clean) force he could muster. He really should have laid a ferocious hit on him, even hurt him if necessary, because that's what someone would do to Piazza if the situation were reversed. Instead, Ventura went into Posada like it was the family softball game and his little sister was catching. SO WEAK!!

The second reason I'm down on Robin is the way he prepped for his first season with the Yankees. Said he lifted and worked out during the offseason for the first time ever. GREAT!!!!!! So you took your Mets salary, which comes out of my pocket, with no regard for your physical fitness. Put in a lousy season for us. But he sure worked hard to get in top shape for the Yankees, and his numbers showed it!

In the end, I viewed Robin as Kevin McReynolds disguised as someone who cared.

April 1, 2005
I know it was months ago, but Robin's retirement is worth mentioning. He was my favorite player of all time. I wish he could have stayed healthy and been more productive, and I REALLY wish Phillips never traded him to the Yankees, but what can ya do? He provided us with some good memories, most notably the grandslam single, and definitely represented this organization with class.

I really enjoyed watching Robin play the 3 years he was here. He seemed like a great guy and a great teammate. I wish there were more guys like him in MLB.

Shannon Luke
April 14, 2005
Robin Ventura was an inspiration. He showed that with a little bit of HEART the METS could go a long way. His defensive skills would take us to the Series! We will always remember his Grand Single; Todd Pratt running at him and Robin screaming "NO, NO!" It was a classic moment in the history of baseball! It was sad to see him go, but sometimes injuries like that will not allow a great player to play the same!

Robin's girl
May 20, 2005
I just wanted to say that Robin has always been my favorite baseball player. Ever since I saw him hit that grand slam single, I have followed him. I went to a game at Shea Stadium, the last one in 2000, and had a poster with a message dedicated to Robin. I was even on TV! I was extremely disappointed when he was traded to the Yankees. Since I didn't have the Yes Network, I couldn't see Robin play, and thus, stopped watching baseball. Today I learned that Robin had retired a few months ago. To him I say, thank you for all that you did when you were a Met, I will never forget you.

tom mac
July 11, 2005
I was always a fan of Robin since I saw him play for Oklahoma State. I took my son to the Mets/Phillies game at Vet Stadium to see him play live for the only time. As my luck would have it since we were down there all day it got cold and at 8 years old my son wanted to leave. I told him "Okay, after Ventura bats we'll go." The Mets had 1st and 2nd and Piazza up, Ventura on deck. Things are looking good until the runners took off and Mike hit a line drive. I'm the only person I know to be mad that they saw a triple play live. We get out to the car and as I'm pulling out of the parking lot Robin leads off the top of the ninth with a home run and I missed it. I would have rather seen the homer but, anyway at least I got to see him play live and I was sorry to see him retire but I think he'll stay in the game in some way. You folks are lucky you got to see him play every day.

July 11, 2005
Ventura signed a big contract with a Mets as a free agent after the '98 season. After a monster season offensively and a sixth straight Gold Glove, Ventura proved to be a powerful bat in the Mets' lineup. When he was traded I was sad to see him go. The Grand Single highlighted his Mets career.

September 27, 2005
During the 2000 season, the rubber game of the first Mets-Yankees interleague series in the Bronx was in a rain delay (it was eventually rained out, to be made up in the classic Shea-Yankee Stadium home-and-home doubleheader later in the year, where Clemens beaned Piazza in the head). There were some fans still around hoping the game would get played, when Robin came out of the dugout wearing a Piazza jersey and a fake mustache. He walked to the right-handed side of the batters box, held his hand out backwards (like Mike does to the ump whenever he steps in), and copied Piazza's stance and swing perfectly, belting an imaginary shot to the gap in right field. He ran around the bases awkwardly and slowly, chugging hard, as Mike always does, and belly-flopped across the tarp at home plate to score. It left everyone in stitches. Amazing.

Jonathan Stern
November 10, 2005
He was too good to be true in 1999! And so disappointing afterwards. If he had had even ONE more year like 1999, he'd have been our all-time 3B. And he's a funny guy, too. Unless David Wright proves me wrong, we are cursed at the hot corner (Thank you, Mr. Zimmer).

The "Grand-Slam Single" is a little overrated, in my opinion, since it did not, unlike Todd Pratt's blast, end a post-season series. But, what the heck! If you want to overrate it, go right ahead. If that wasn't New York Mets baseball at its best, what is? Besides, my brother was there that night, and he'll tell you.

May 12, 2009
I still miss him! So much fun to watch. Would love to see him come coach or fill some office position for the Mets. His personality and charisma is missed.

September 6, 2013
Ventura was by far the most gifted third baseman to ever play for the club. His defensive gifts rivaled that of any great at the position (including Brooks Robinson) and he was productive at the plate for many, many years.

He is now manager of the White Sox. I wish him the best!

October 9, 2017
Robin was an outstanding college player before his career in the major leagues. In 1987, he set an NCAA record with a hitting streak that lasted 58 games – two more than a guy named DiMaggio – during his sophomore season at Oklahoma State. The streak was snapped in the College World Series, which was televised on cable nationally. The next year, Ventura was named the Golden Spikes Award winner (best amateur player in the nation) and given the Dick Howser Trophy (top college player) as a junior. He became a member of the inaugural class of the College Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006. Met fans remember Robin mainly for 1999, when he hit grand slams in each game of a doubleheader and got mobbed by his teammates on what became a “Grand Slam Single” in the post-season. But he is a college baseball legend.

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