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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 368 of 1043 players
Allen Kenneth Watson
Born: November 18, 1970 at Jamaica, N.Y.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 212

Allen Watson was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 20, 2007, December 21, 2007, April 4, 2011, and April 5, 2011.


First Mets game: April 6, 1999
Last Mets game: June 14, 1999

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So happy that this guy crossed the river to freeload off the Bronx bums. My memory of him was early in the 99 season against Montreal (you know how explosive they are offensively), he started a game, and four pitches into it we are down 3 or 4 to nothing. Then he had the nerve to complain that he wasn't starting, and when he was traded to Seattle, he said he regretted ever coming to the Mets. That makes two of us.

We traded Watson to the Mariners for Mac Suzuki, who's having a pretty decent season in Kansas City. Suzuki was released before ever reaching New York. I still think we got the better of the deal. Watson gives up tons and tons of home runs. And he's been awful for the Yankees this year.

Dave A
December 15, 2000
Allen Watson had his best years at Christ the King. Not a bad basketball player either...

November 3, 2001
A Yankee fan from Queens who grew up hating the Mets, and he sure pitched for the Mets like he hated them. Has fallen on his face after becoming a Yankee. Looks like he's done, but that's implying he ever had any ability to begin with.

Mr. Sparkle
November 13, 2001
Here's another good example of a guy getting a major league job just because he is a lefty. This guy had no talent, why else would so many teams give up on the lefty after seeing him pitch. He had two wins as a Met but then again so did Mel Rojas, sometimes you luck into a win. Plus, if he grew up in Queens and hated the Mets he is truly evil.

Mike Michela
November 19, 2001
He went to NY Tech a few years before I did. I was excited to see him come to the Mets. Man was I wrong

Mr. Sparkle
November 3, 2002
I received an angry e-mail from, who I didn't realize at first was, Allen watson's cousin. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about (only around because he's a lefty) because Watson was 4-0 with the other NY team, his favorite team. He was also upset about how I ripped Watson. I reminded him that not actually knowing the player personally, you really can't take any of this too seriously and that professional players should have a thick skin. reading everyone else's comments, I'm not alone in not liking this guy. And the fact that he belly-ached about being a Met could hardly endear him to the fans. So, nothing personal, but he's an all time anti-Met.

Also, when you look at his career stats, he pitched in 892 career innings and gave up an eye popping 979 hits. That is atrocious! His career ERA is 5.04 and his best ERA for any one year other than than 34 innings he pitched for HIS team, was 4.61. I was told that he had talent because he was the 21st pick in the nation. That made me believe that he was even more of a bust than I had originally thought since usually a first rounder contributes more to a career than 51-55 record. His walk/hits per inning ratio is 1.49. That's comparable to Dave Mlicki. Need I say more?

November 11, 2002
Allen Watson ruined my birthday. My husband and aunt got us tickets for the April 18, 1999 game (the actual day of my birthday), where Watson blew it. He sucked. If I remember correctly the game was a blow-out and Mike Piazza wasn't playing due to an injury. Watson pitched awful, then So if Allen's cousin would care to email me with any nasty comments I say bring it on, I was a first hand witness to his suckiness that day, and I'll tell him where it was at with no holds barred.

Frank Grimes
November 11, 2002
Mr. Sparkle you are 100% right. Watson is a total loser. He pitched liked crap for years. So he was a first round draft pick, who cares?! If he was so good why was he never a starter. He was just a mop up man who spilled the bucket more times than he cleaned the floor! He couldn't get my grandmother out if he had to!

Pablo Marier
November 18, 2002
Shari, Sparkle and Grimey---you are all wrong and have exceedingly thin skin to boot. He was a tough Brooklyn kid who was a first round draft pick. He was not great but he helped the Yankees win a couple of championships which is not a bad thing. The Mets never gave him any support or put him in a postion to win. He gives quality innings to quality teams which I guess the Mets are not in this case. I remember he pitched some excellent ball against the Phillies and I saw him at an autograph show---he was total class. Too bad he never got an opportunity to shine with the Mets.

Larry Burns
November 19, 2002
Allan Watson has family that brags about him. They must be really proud of their third cousin who can pee and not hit the seat. This guy was awful. He was a hittable lefty who was a complete waste of space on the team bus. I know he was 4-0 on the Yankees--- everyone on that team posted a winning record, but he has not been too impressive lately. Shari I was at the same game and you are completely correct he was a waste of talent and worse he completely packed it in.

Max Power
November 25, 2002
Pablo, stats don't lie. His career ERA is over 5.00. He may have had his moments but over the course of his career his one redeeming value is that he pitches from the south side. I'd rather have Anthony Young, that's right Anthony Young, on my team than Allen Watson. At least AY had a good attitude!

Marvin Monroe
December 4, 2002
This guy might have been the biggest stiff in the history of the Mets. He has lasted this long in the major leagues simply because he has a left arm that can throw a baseball above 60 mph. He was guaranteed to allow any team he pitched against to get back in the game or extend their lead. I cannot even be objective when I hear his name---my blodd pressure rises and I want to smack him---he was that terrible.

December 4, 2002
Pablo I think you take Frank Grimes, Mr. Sparkle and myself a bit too literally. It's nothing to us that he stunk up Shea, we were just metaphorically demonstrating how much it sucks when you go to a game, and you see a lame- ass pitcher like Watson. I didn't think he deliberately set out to pitch bad and screw up my birthday if that's what you're getting at. He just can't help pitching bad because he sucks.

Cletus Spuckler
December 6, 2002
I don't undertand the big deal about Allen Watson. I remember him pitching for the Cardinals and the Giants and he was pretty lame. He sucked with the Mets too. I grew up in Alabama and he's the type of guy we would have cleaning out the chicken coop.

John Frink
December 13, 2002
I saw Watson at spring training once for the Yankees and he was at a bar one night and he seemed like he was feeling no pain. He acted like he was a super star. He pitched well for the Yankees that year but it's pretty clear from his career stats that he hasn't been very good anywhere else. What I saw from him on the Mets it was like he was a different pitcher. The only time he found the plate, someone hit a line drive.

Herb Powell
January 1, 2003
Everyone says he hated being a Met but he did sign with the Mets as a free agent. Maybe he just wanted to be close to home...

He didn't pitch that poorly for the Mets although he never was going to be a major contributor since he was just a borderline major league pitcher in this age of expansion. If we still had only 24 teams, Watson probably would be a batting practice pitcher instead of a major leauger.

I went to one of his starts in 99 against the Expos and he gave up 3 runs in the 1st and one in the 2nd to put the Mets out of it. It was too early to say they were out of it but they couldn't muster much against the Expo pitcher that day. I forget who pitched for them but he really shut down the Mets. Watson settled down after that but that wasn't good enough. That was typical for Watson- he didn't suck that day but he wasn't good enough to win either.

Max Heiliger
January 27, 2003
WoW! I thought I was the only one who even remember Allen Watson, and I never knew he would bring out such heavy emotional responses. Sure he was terrible and was lucky to be a left handed, but I never wasted too much emotion on him either.

Murray Langston
February 5, 2003
I agree with the majority of the above that Watson was an over-rated run of the mill pitcher. He bounced around from club to club and was just another member of the revolving door known as the Mets bullpen of the 90's. Like my friend Chucky-baby used to say when ever Watson came in a game "Gong him!"

Gregory Gewirtz
April 5, 2003
He was a marginal swing man for the 1999 Mets, but his early-season trade to the Mariners, and subsequent release by the Mariners, baffles me to this day.

Who was the pitcher when Mike Kinkade caught his one Mets inning? Allen Watson.

Barry Duffman
May 5, 2003
I remember Watson was supposed to be a great pitcher when he came out of college. He was a first round pick but he never lived up to his potential. He did start a few games but was more of a long man and didn't do anything to help the Mets. Overall he was a major disapointment.

Carl Carlson
November 10, 2003
I was at that game too in April of 99 where Watson blew it. He was really pretty bad. It was my birthday also and I was so mad that I have hated him ever since. Whatever happened to him?

November 11, 2003
Carl-at least I wasn't the only Met fan that had to suffer on their birthday...Watson's last year was the 2000 season which I believe he finished with the Yankees. Now hopefully he's cleaning up crap after the Elephants in the circus where he belongs.

Steve Perry
December 6, 2003
I do not understand all the vitriol leveled at this guy. He was a servicable pitcher for both New York Teams and a really nice guy. I think the Metropolitans could have utilized a talent like his this past year. Besides I was at a game in 1999 against the Padres when the Mets were behind and he was brought in. He held the Pods scoreless for 2 innings and the Mets made an inprobable comeback----I will always love this guy.

Barney Beaugareaux
December 11, 2003
Steve, I agree the amount of hate for Watson is a bit much for such a nothing pitcher, it's not like he is to the Mets what Journey was to rock and roll. Allen was a blip on the screen of Mets history like Josias Manzanillo an Lee Gutterman. I don't think he was very good, but neither was Toby Borland or Ricardo Jordan and no one hates them as much.

Jared Raskin
December 19, 2003
Allen Watson taught me how to pitch - I haven't played baseball in years so maybe he doesnt have a future as a pitching coach, but still a great guy

Bob Sagget
July 13, 2004
The Mets made his signing sound like the second coming of Tom Seaver. instead, he couldn't stick in the starting rotation and was gone in less than a year. A total flop, like so many other long relievers they have had.

Joe P.
September 24, 2004
Did more for the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League than he did for the Mets. (And he was injured practically his entire tenure with the Ducks. He looked great on the cover of their magazine, though.)

Sid Farcus
February 1, 2005
I saw his only win at Shea, where he pitched very well for 5 innings giving up 3 hits and striking out 8. It was his best appeareance of the season as the rest of the time he was very unreliable. Glad he moved on, other than this start he was pretty lame.

March 8, 2005
Nobody listed this guys hitting ability. As a pitcher he was one of the best hitters around! Mets should have made him an outfielder. I remember when he broke in with the Cardinals. I thought he was going to be a good one. Guess Not!

March 25, 2005
I met Allen Watson in 1995 in Nashville, TN. He was playing for the Louisville Redbirds. Where is he now? Is he still playing baseball? He was a very nice guy. We lost touch after a couple of years.

Jay B
March 5, 2006
I know Allen personally and not only is he a great guy but he was a good pitcher for many years. People forget he won his first 6 career starts with the Cardinals. All you Met fans just don't get it.

March 19, 2006
We get it Jay-but he stunk on ice during his tenure with the Mets, and that is the plain truth. New York is a what have you done for me lately type of place when it comes to baseball and sports in general-and Watson was a bust for the Mets-he gave up 6 runs in a game I went to on my birthday April 18, 1999. I should have stayed home and watched Wayne Gretzky's retirement that day instead.

Dwight Schrute
March 25, 2006
Not only did Watson stink up the place during his tenure on the Mets, he never panned out as a player, period. He had great potential as a #1 pick and had a very good college career and I'm sure was a good pitcher and a nice guy but he just couldn't cut it at the major league level. He got more wins than I ever did but he'll never sell as much paper as I can sell. He's one of a million guys that did a little but never really amounted to very much.

November 13, 2006
Please check Watson's stats out with the Mets and Yankees in 1999 before you start ripping the guy. He was the third best starter for the Mets statwise and he was 4-0 with the Yankees the same year with a 2.04 ERA and went on to win a World Series with the Yankees. There are a lot more ex-Mets you should be getting on that did nothing, not Allen Watson.

Lamar Vanoy
November 17, 2006
Watson wasn't with the Mets long enough to have been horrible, but he certainly wasn't memorable. He did next to nothing and wasn't a real dependable guy. Overall, his career was a diappointment since he was a first rounder with great promise. It's too bad injuries ended his career before his crappy pitching did him in.

February 14, 2007
Allen Watson was one of those guys who just came along with a load of promise and absolutely fell apart. In 1991, he was touted very highly as a lefty finesse pitcher. I remember when he was drafted. Big hype (just like Bill Pulsipher or Brien Taylor). But it soon became evident that he couldn't fool righthanded hitters. So, he was made into the lefty spot starter/long reliever. Bad idea.

His stats show that he wasn't all that bad against left-handed batters (.238 BAA). But the guy had a huge ego, I don't care what his relatives say. He not only refused the "lefty one out guy" role that would've kept him in the Majors longer and kept his ERA low, but also demanded to be a starter.

People think Aaron Heilman is potential clubhouse poison because he wants to start and the organization won't let him...he's nothing compared to Watson. Watson threw a huge tantrum with I think the Mariners when one of his starts was canceled, causing him to be released.

All in all, a sub-par reliever who hated the management of virtually every team he played for. Not a winning combination.

October 27, 2007
I used to cringe whenever this bum came in the game. It was like throwing gasoline on the fire. Even in APBA I refused to use him. He is a guy who blames everyone but himself for his failures and the fact that he was simply a horrible pitcher never crossed his mind.

Mr. Sparkle
December 29, 2007
Now he has been accused of steroid use. What a shock. He's one of those guys that took steroids just to hang on.

hardball hottie
October 27, 2008
I worked in the media and met Allen personally during his last stint with NY. He was a classy guy and was well respected by his teammates and management. Did he have an ego? Absolutely, haven't met a ball player to date that didn't have one. You have to be a bit of an egomaniac to play a sport where at least 2 out of every 3 times you step up to the plate you're expected to fail. He had some good stats and a few good years in the beginning. Too bad he had an off year for the Mets. Truth be told he had a bum shoulder that had him playing in pain for years which you never heard him "belly-ache" about. The Yanks paid to have him operated on post season 99, hoping he would recover fully. He did not.

July 20, 2010
One of the delightful aspects of this site is going back over the years and reading some of the postings from days gone by. For a really good laugh, go back in the archives on Mr. Watson here and read about the one fan who complained about him wrecking her birthday. It seems he gave up a bunch of runs on her special day at the ballpark, and it bugged her so much she came back and grumbled about it a year later, and three more years after that! I hope by now she's at peace.

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