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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 264 of 1043 players
Darryl Quinn Hamilton
Born: December 3, 1964 at Baton Rouge, La.
Died: June 21, 2015 at Pearland, Tex.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 192

Darryl Hamilton was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on June 22, 2015, and June 23, 2015.


First Mets game: August 1, 1999
Last Mets game: June 28, 2001

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May 9, 2001
Hamilton hit a home run at Enron Field in his first at bat back from the toe injury last year. The ball hit the wall on the side of the leftfield bleachers and bounced off over the wall. It was bizarre. That home run was enough to make me hate Enron Field. Playing at Enron Field is like Arena League Baseball.

Won Doney
April 6, 2002
I believe he was picked up by the Rockies after the Mets released him. He spent a lot of his time with the Mets with that toe problem. I think the Rockies said that gave up on him, because he wasn't producing and he always complained about his toe.

Gregory Gewirtz
April 5, 2003
His bat helped us in the 1999 playoff drive, but his contract was a burden thereafter. I was personally glad to see his grand slam off the late Darryl Kile late in the 1999 season.

His career as a Met ended in June 2001, after he had a confrontation with Valentine about his lack of playing time.

Bob P
August 10, 2004
Here's something that could win you some money at your favorite adult beverage establishment:

Darryl Hamilton got the first hit in the history of regular season interleague play. June 12, 1997 was the first day of interleague games. There were two AL games and four interleague games that night, with three of the interleague games played on the west coast. The other one was played in Texas, and Hamilton, who was leading off and playing CF for the Giants that night, singled off Darren Oliver of the Rangers for the first base hit of that game.

September 24, 2004
This guy is #1 in Mets history for one stat:

Highest ratio of quoted words in NY newspapers to runs batted in.

This guy was constantly being quoted in the press yet he barely played and barely produced when he did.

He saved us after the JT Snow playoff homer and I like him for that, but jeez, Darryl - if you spent less time giving good copy to beat writers and more time on your game you would have been a lot easier to like.

July 5, 2005
What can we say about Hamilton? He was acquired for Brian McRae in August of '99, which at the time was a steal for the Mets. He lost some playing time to Dunston, and put in a bad spot in the lineup as he was forced to bat sixth in the order. In 2000, he suffered turf toe injuries and got little playing time, but later proved to be a valuable bat off of the bench during the postseason.

August 15, 2005
If he didn't double off Felix R., then the Mets might not go on to beat the Giants. He can be thanked in some part for reaching the LCS.

September 15, 2006
Darryl Hamilton is very two faced now. He's now on MLB Radio's "Stayin' Hot With Seth and Bone" and he claims to have a "Hex" on the Mets, saying they will never win the World Series as long as this "hex" is on.

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