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Jorge Toca
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Jorge Toca
Jorge Toca
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 522 of 1043 players
Jorge Luis Toca
Born: January 7, 1975 at Villa Clara, Cuba
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 202

Jorge Toca was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 22, 2003.

1b of

First Mets game: September 12, 1999
Last Mets game: October 7, 2001

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Bob H.
April 8, 2001
They're trying him as an OF fulltime now at Triple A He's got good instincts at the plate and fair speed, but my view is they've probably given up on him as the 1B of the future. Let's get something for him though, please don't give this guy away.

June 8, 2001
Right about now I think I'd rather have Delgado than Toca.

Toca's swing is too slow, too big, and has too many holes to hit on a consistent basis in the major leagues. Too many Mets fans are enthralled by the Toca myth, and they want him to replace Todd Zeile as soon as humanly possible. The fact is, however, that a guy hitting .235 at AAA is not the answer for this team now or in the future.

Mr. Sparkle
June 13, 2001
I'd have to agree with Murph. Why was Toca high on the Mets top 10 propect list last year and missing this year? He's not even listed after that as an up and comer. He's got potential, but so did Roberto Petagine.

Robert Sherry
August 23, 2001
If Toca was born in 1975 I weigh only 50 pounds not my 350.

January 22, 2002
Toca's age will always be a mystery, some said he's in his early 30's, anyways he has good power but poor average, he'll be a good pinch hitter along with Timo Perez for seasons to come

February 24, 2002
I have to agree with Mr. Sparkle and Murph. For a while this guy looked as if he had serious potential. Mr. Sparkle made a good point in saying that 1B/OF Roberto Petagine had potential also. I hope that Toca, another 1B/OF does not become another Roberto Petagine.

Gregory Gewirtz
April 1, 2003
Every year this guy would have a blistering spring training, and yet he has done almost nothing in the minor leagues, and has had almost no opportunity with the Mets.

September 3, 2003
Goodbye Jorge Toca. Sent to the Pirates last week for the ubiquitous Player to be Named Later. He went from a name Mets fans drooled over, to a total non-entity. I'll always remember him as Mr. March. He could crush spring training pitching, but couldn't do anything else on the major league level.

Brooklyn 539er
September 4, 2003
Every game was a Toca party. My most vivid memory of him was during a late season game in 2000 against the Braves the fans started chanting To-ca To-ca To-ca like they did in "Animal House." Unfortunately like John Belushi he will be lost in the annuls of history.

Joe Figliola
September 11, 2003
What was it about Jorge that prompted instant fan clubs and excitement during his brief visits to the Mets. Was it his last name? It's very chantable. Was it his potential? I think so; after all, he did look menacing at the plate.

Actually, it was just a double, a very special double against the Expos in Sept., 2000 that I think ignited Tocamania. That two-bagger cleared the bases and gave the Mets a combeback win over the Expos.

Jorge, by the way, was 6/14 in three years of scoring him. And that includes the double. TO-CA! TO-CA! TO-CA!

August 27, 2005
He would get called up from Triple-A every year in September. Sometimes I'd be at Shea and I'd stand up and shout "Toca! Toca! Toca!" when he came to bat. This would fail to arouse the fans near me and I would sit down and watch as Jorge would ground out.

Shorty Larson
December 3, 2005
It is a little known fact that Toca was a childhood friend of Rey Ordonez. That's why he lasted for so long. In 1999, his first year of pro ball, he hit 25 homers and was named the Organizational Player of the Year. After that, he hit that double in September and batted like .426 in Spring Training '01. Then kiss this guy goodbye he truly did nothing. On a somewhat comical note, Toca, while playing 1B at AAA for the White Sox, was one of those 77 minor leaguers got taking steroids in May of 2005. The scandal isn't funny. Toca's .259 BA with 0 HR's on 'roids in his career is.

Jamey Bumbalo
September 1, 2006
I always thought he was going to make it pretty big in the majors; he really seemed to have talent. Going into 2001 he was batting .400 for his career (granted, with only 10 at-bats). Then he flopped. I guess he's like Victor Diaz (and scores of other guys): lots of potential, but couldn't make it in the big leagues.

Paul Zibben
May 9, 2008
I remember a newspaper article about Toca written when the Mets first drafted him. Supposedly, he was such a huge star in Cuba that he was known only by one name. Just Toca. Like Ichiro, or Pele, or Shaq. Then the Mets brought him up and he couldn't hit a lick, even with all three of his names. Oh well. I still would have preferred him over Mo Vaughn.

Mike C
November 7, 2008
This guy was so highly touted and he turned into nothing. I really dislike when the Mets front office via the broadcasters/papers talk up ballplayers too much.

November 25, 2010
It's often the case that the Cuban players are older than billed, and from what I can tell after doing some digging, Toca is among them. He appears to have shaved four years off his age. I saw a Chicago Tribune article from 1998 that called him 27, and one the next year in the Daily News calling him 28. He played eight seasons in Cuba before defecting in 1998. Author Milton Jamail, in his book Full Count, said that the Mets were aware of his age when they signed him.

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