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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 538 of 1043 players
Donnell Lee Wall
Born: July 11, 1967 at Potosi, Mo.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 205

Donne Wall was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 5, 2009, and August 9, 2010.


First Mets game: April 4, 2001
Last Mets game: October 1, 2001

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Bob Hackett
December 11, 2000
This is subtraction by subtraction. Bubba Trammel is a pure hitter, maybe a good replacement for Matt Franco off the bench. Donne Wall makes me say "We got Donne Wall and he's 33 years old and in 10 years he's got a chance to be 43 years old". (Thanks Casey! with apologies to Greg Goosen.

January 8, 2001
This is a great pick-up, if we don't use him as trade bait to get a Johnny Damon or a Matt Lawton. If you look at Wall's numbers, he's been one of the most consistent middle relievers in baseball over the past three years. His ERA last year was better than everyone in the Mets' bullpen except for Benitez. The best bullpen in the National League gets better, and he'll be a more than adequate replacement for Rick White if he gets traded.

Won Doney
January 21, 2001
I'd rather have Wall than White or Cook.

Coach HoJo 20
April 25, 2001
The only thing he is useful for is to make fun of Yankee fans by calling him "Donnie Baseball"

May 4, 2001
What were the Mets thinking when they traded bubba trammell for this guy?

Mr. Sparkle
May 4, 2001
He was pretty damn good with the Padres. What the hell happened? Has been horrendous so far this season. He has time to turn it around. I hope!

May 9, 2001
Wall had shoulder problems at the end of last year. Looks like his arm still hasn't come all the way back. Too bad, because this guy was a pretty darn good set up guy for a few years in this league. I hope he comes back around soon, or else he's going to end up on the DL or on waivers. Right now he's nothing but a mop up man.

July 27, 2001
The only reason why he was a good set-up man in SD was that he "Set-up" save situations for Trevor Hoffman. He would turn a 7-1 game into 7-5 so Hoffman could get a save. Now the Mets gave up a power hitting OF for a guy coming off shoulder surgery last year. Phillips, a brilliant Christmas gift, huh? BTW, it's July and he's in the minors HAHAHA! Donne "watch the ball go over the" Wall for a HR.

August 29, 2001
Someone please gimme a break! I saw what this bum did last night against the Philthies, and I wonder, what in the hell did Phillips see in this bozo? We gave up Bubba Trammell for this guy, why? Wall is a bum, no other words can describe him!

Billy Taylor
August 29, 2001
I'm going to set the record straight on a little revisionist history by Chris up above. He seems to think that Wall was awful for the Padres. I'll show you some numbers I think will show you otherwise:

1998 - 70.1 IP, 50 H, 6 HR, 2.43 ERA
1999 - 70.1 IP, 58 H, 11 HR, 3.07 ERA
2000 - 53.2 IP, 36 H, 4 HR, 3.35 ERA

Three year totals
194.1 IP, 144 H (6.7 hits per 9 IP), 21 HR (0.97 HR/9 IP)

Now look at his numbers with the Mets:
39.2 IP, 49 H (11.1 H/9 IP), 8 HR (1.8 HR/9 IP), 5.22 ERA

He has given up almost twice as many hits and home runs per 9 innings with the Mets than with the Padres. His Padres numbers (especially the hits allowed, 50 less hits than inning pitched is phenomenal) are damn good for a set-up guy. His numbers with the Mets are horrendous.

Joe Figliola
August 29, 2001
Let's see... in the 1980s, there was Doug Sisk. In the 1990s, there was Jerry DiPoto... in the 2000s, there was Donne Wall. That about says it all.

November 13, 2001
We must never forget that Donne Wall made baseball history on August 23, 2001. With the Mets down 9-0 in the 9th inning, Colorado pitcher Jason Jennings, who was making his major league debut, stepped to the plate against Wall and proceded to hit a home run. Hitting a home run off of Wall this season was not such a monumental feat. But Jennings became the first pitcher since 1900 to throw a shutout and hit a home run in his major league debut.

The Mets putrid bats deserve a lot of credit for that magical night. But without Donne "Over The" Wall, history could not have been made at Shea that night. You'll live on in my memories, Donne.

He refused his minor league assignment and is now a free agent. The Mets brass must have let out a huge sigh of relief when Donne decided to walk away. I know I did.

Max Power
November 19, 2002
He played part of the year in Anaheim this year which means this disgrace of a pitcher has a World Series ring. There is no justice.

Mr. Sparkle
February 25, 2003
In his 3 years in San Diego he collected 2 saves and had 13 blown saves. That's pathetic!

Gregory Gewirtz
April 4, 2003
Save statisitcs mean nothing for set-up men who only stand to acquire blown saves from most of their outings, and never saves.

Nonetheless, SP took a risk in trading a young-ish OF for a damaged, but previously effective reliever, and it did not work out at all.

June 15, 2012
This guy was sickeningly bad.

My dad used to call him Donne "over the" Wall, since that's where most of the balls he pitched went when a batter made contact.

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