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Darren Bragg
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Darren Bragg
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Darren Bragg
Darren Bragg
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 610 of 1043 players
Darren William Bragg
Born: September 7, 1969 at Waterbury, Conn.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 5.09 Weight: 180

Darren Bragg was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 9, 2008.


First Mets game: May 16, 2001
Last Mets game: June 3, 2001

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May 29, 2001
Bragg hit a double in his first plate appearance as a Met leading off a game. True to the 2001 Mets team form, they couldn't drive him in. I don't think this team realizes that the game starts before the 5th inning.

June 29, 2001
With the Yankees signing Gerald Williams, Bragg looks to be the odd man out. Appears that he might get released by both New York teams in the same year. At this point in his career, he looks like a AAAA player. Too good for AAA, but not good enough for the majors.

Kennie G.
November 29, 2001
I think that the New York Mets gave up on Darren Bragg way too quickly. The Mets have kept players around for longer who had not produced much (think Butch Huskey, Bobby Bo for the second stint, Darryl Hamilton, Anthony Young). Anyway, it may not be as important now, but I bet Darren could hit in the 275- 290 range and score 80-100 runs and steal at least thirty bases per year, if he was given the opportunity. The best aspect of Darren is that he is a gritty player who doesnot think twice when it comes to getting the uniform dirty. Wherever Darren ends up, whether in MLB or elsewhere, I hope that he will succeed.

Chris Mog
January 9, 2002
When I think about Darren Bragg I think about the day he stole my favorite Mets pen. After another amazing comeback by the New York Mets against the most hated Yankees via a Mike Piazza home run I saw Darren Bragg walking out of the press box. I gave him a ball and a Mets pen to sign the ball with, he gave me the ball and took the pen. It was unfair because he never bothered to sign the ball. He owes me a signature and a new Mets pen.

January 18, 2002
Thank God Bragg is back!! Smartest move all off-season (well...)

Darren was like a bolt of lightening for those few games last summer, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play. Give him a chance to play 150 or so games and I guarantee that will solve our outfield offense problem. Of course, they'll never do that, but a girl can dream.

October 7, 2002
I got to meet Darren, in an Atlanta Braves uniform, during Fuji film day. Ever since then I have watched with interest. He has been a big impact to the Atlanta Braves bench. He now has a web-site (www.bench-dogs.com). He has been real nice. Sorry I'm not a Mets fan, but thought that I would share my encounter with Darren. I have many more but I would bore you with all of them.

October 25, 2002
He chose uniform number 56 as a tribute to Lawrence Taylor. It went downhill from there. Oh well, at least he didn't smoke crack. Then again, maybe it wouldn't have made Grant Roberts look so bad if he had....

Gregory Gewirtz
January 25, 2003
Bragg was just another faceless, generic bench player the Mets so often use because they have such a barren minor league system that they can never put anyone on the bench who might develop into someone.

I had no problem with him, or any particular attachment to him whatsoever.

Mr. Sparkle
February 6, 2003
He was a marginal player who showed a lot of hustle. Sometimes people over estimate a guy due to some small sampling of his play. That's why so many people thought Danny Heep was an everyday player- he wasn't! A lot of people loved this guy and he was a decent spark plug coming off the bench but he has bounced around quite a bit, like a Tony Tarasco, because he's just not that good. He was an exciting player and seemed to hustle which endears him to fans but guys like him are a dime a dozen.

Steven Gallanter
March 27, 2003
When Darren Bragg played in Boston I overheard someone say that when Beragg and Darren Lewis were in the outfield together the Red Sox had the BEWITCHED outfield. Two Darrens...get it? I know that's horrible.

April 28, 2014
I remember being disappointed when the Mets lost Bragg. Though he was with the team for only a short period, I thought he was pretty good and they should have given him more of a chance. Looking back, though, he wasn't as good as my opinion as a kid thought he was. When he wasn't getting a hit, he was striking out (38 of his 57 hits with the Mets were either a hit or a K). There wasn't much of an in-between.

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