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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 415 of 1043 players
John William Valentin
Born: February 18, 1967 at Mineola, N.Y.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 185

John Valentin was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on February 18, 2013.

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First Mets game: April 1, 2002
Last Mets game: September 29, 2002

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Mr. Sparkle
April 3, 2002
A friend of mine lives near John. He's told me several time over the past couple of years about how Valentin is a jerk because he lets his dog dump on other people's lawns and when they say something about he tells them to go and f*** themselves. What a pisser.

April 14, 2002
Seems he is as good a neighbor as he is a first baseman. He has been a complete nightmare at first so far. We need Mo to stay healthy.

May 29, 2002
As bad as Valentin is at first base, when he comes back from his shoulder strain I hope Bobby Valentine plugs him in at first base for the next month. It's not because I love Valentin, it's because I hate Mo Vaughn. Valentin's putrid defense can't possibly hurt the Mets as much as Vaughn's atrocious offense has so far.

July 24, 2003
I like John Valentin. He was a good RH pinch hitter with a little bit of pop in his bat. We let him walk and replaced him with Jay Bell, who has one double & 3 RBI's to date.

Lorri Kennedy
June 14, 2004
I am a Red Sox fan. I wish we kept John on our team. At least he would have left baseball loved. But you can keep Mo. We can't stand the diva types. I really always enjoyed watching John play. Miss him!

Joe Figliola
June 19, 2004
Of all the comments I've read/written about Mets players on this line, the most absurd has to be Mr. Sparkle's blurb about John and his dog (Al Leiter's passion for "Sanford and Son" is another). I don't doubt Mr. Sparkle's information, but I must admit it purely is "Ball Four" material. I can imagine the scene outside the Valentin household whenever this incident occurred. Pretty bizarre!

This classic tale probably would've been more legendary had the Mets acquired a healthy Valentin in '02. Unfortunately, he was pretty beat up due to injuries by thetime he joined the Amazin's.

Mr. Sparkle
June 22, 2004
Joe, what's absurd about a pro baseball player being a jerk? It's a true story from a very reliable source. Let me know if you want to speak to the source and I'll hook you up. I liked Valentin as a player I thought he was a good bench player but that doesn't make him a classy guy.

February 3, 2005
Joh Valentin owns the Monmouth Baseball Academy down in Marlboro NJ. A few years ago I met him with Mo Vaughn, at the Mets shop on 54th Street. They were there for a book signing about their days at Seton Hall. Anyway, Vaughn is wearing about 10 heavy gold chains around his neck, and Valentin is wearing these small dark glasses. Both looked like they had a long night and did not want to be there.

November 3, 2006
He was awesome when he played for the Red Sox. I think he got the shaft when he got hurt. He was definitely an asset his last 2 years he played for them! I wish I was his neighbor. I'm a Red Sox fan and definitely a fan of John! Where is he now??? He is cute!!

November 8, 2006
I'm a Sox fan and I remember JV's unassisted triple play - and when he hit for the cycle - always a thrill to watch. He did a lot of charity work when in Boston and seemed like a nice guy. I wish he was back in Boston coaching.

The Giant Eagle
April 9, 2017
John was a member of a great Seton Hall team in 1987. It was a Pirates squad whose catcher was Craig Biggio and had a first baseman named Mo Vaughn. The team romped to a Big East championship that year. John's college athletic legacy has been passed to the next generation. His daughter, Kendall, is a standout gymnast at Eastern Michigan University – a team that just won its second straight conference title.

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