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Mike Bacsik
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Mike Bacsik
Mike Bacsik
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 380 of 1043 players
Michael Joseph Bacsik
Born: November 11, 1977 at Dallas, Tex.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.03 Weight: 190

Mike Bacsik was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 7, 2007, August 8, 2007, August 9, 2007, and September 15, 2009.


First Mets game: July 5, 2002
Last Mets game: June 19, 2003

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July 8, 2002
Great performance in his Mets debut, Mike was one of the nicest guy I ever met, his father used to play for the Rangers, and Mike made his debut last season when Cleveland came back 12 run down to beat the Mariners in the last 3 innings.

source guy
August 8, 2002
One thing about this guy is that he is for real. What the Mets should do is put him in the starting rotation for good and trade Jeff D'Amico.

October 9, 2002
If only the Mets had more pitchers like Mike. Only Al Leiter, Jaime Cerda, and Patrick Strange can compare. His dad (Mike Sr.) signed a ball for me. Is Mike Jr. as good with 'graphs?

October 16, 2002
Yep, Mike is a good signer and always talkative...

Joe Figliola
December 3, 2002
Mike has some good things going for him next season, the most pronounced being that he is a southpaw. I think it's mere coincidence that all three of his wins were against the Marlins. He had some pretty decent outings against other clubs, and the Mets did win two of the games where he earned a no-decision. I'm not saying he's gonna become the next big thing; right now, the Mets need as many servicable guys as they can get.

Lisa M. Lombardo
January 10, 2003
I have been a baseball fan since the age of five. My father first introduced me to the sport. I will be honest, I WAS a die-hard Yankees fan. However, over the past month I was given the opportunity to work with Mike of the New York Mets. Working with the amazing Mike and his awesome agent, Mr. Maurer - I cannot help myself but confess...GO METS!

The reason I was given the opportunity to work with Mike Bacsik is because I am the Public Relations Coordinator of VTeens.Org. My director, Benny worked with Mr. Maurer and Mike last year and we felt, as a "team" that Mike would be a great addition to our site. His positive attitude is one that needs to be experienced by EVERYONE.

Read the VTeens.Org Exclusive Interview with Mike. You can also enter to win a phone call from him.

Mr. Sparkle
September 19, 2003
Mike was the front runner in the fight for the fifth spot in the rotation this year but he pitched poorly and ended up in Norfolk. Since there, he has been horrible posting a 2-8 record and an ERA of 4.80. He was recently dropped from the 40 man roster meaning his future in NY is very questionable.

Frank Grimes
June 12, 2004
He pitched over his head for a while, looking like a nice pick up but then he fell apart in the minors and disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to him?

August 8, 2004
He's made it back with the Rangers, becoming part of their first father-son duo. He got called up in late July and pitched seven very nice innings in his first start on August 4.

I fear that Matt Ginter is the righty version of Bacsik.

Gregory Gewirtz
March 29, 2006
I thought Bacsik should have had Cone's spot in the rotation to open the 2003 season. When Bacsik had a chance to impress in long relief on Opening Day 2003, and instead gave up 9 runs including two Corey Patterson homers, that crushed my belief in Bacsik and young fringe pitching prospects, in general. Still, he seemed like a better bet than some of the guys we have run out there before or since.

Doctor Worm
June 1, 2007
Bacsik is back in the bigs with Washington, and in their starting rotation. Hopefully to stay.

The 26th Met
August 7, 2007
It would figure that a Mets connection would be made yet again to a historic Baseball moment. Former Mets hurler Mike Bacsik will forever mark his place in the sports history, albeit a footnote, as the pitcher who gave up home run # 756 to Barry Bonds on 8/7/07 in San Fran. ...and the fan who caught the ball in the stands? Well, he was wearing a Mets road jersey. In S.F. yet, opposing the Washington Nationals. You just can't make this stuff up!

Jonathan Stern
August 8, 2007
Unbelievable. The single season home run records were all given up by Mets - Tracy Stallard (Roger Maris #61), Steve Trachsel (Mark McGuire #62), and Chan Ho Park (Barry Bonds #72). Last night Bonds broke the career record with #756... off former Met Mike Bascik. Steriods or no steroids, looks like we have a monopoly.

August 8, 2007
Mike Bacsik deserves some major kudos for the way he has handled allowing Barry Bonds's 756th HR. Many other pitchers might have folded under the media crush. Bacsik seems to be genuinely enjoying his moment in the spotlight. Good for him!

August 9, 2007
Mike gave up Barry Bonds' record breaker home run. In a class move as Bonds rounded the bases Mike tipped his cap to Bonds, even after Bonds grandstanded at home plate when he hit the ball. Class (Mike) and trash (Bonds).

August 9, 2007
Well, he's got a place in baseball history now--he gave up HR # 756 to Barry Bonds with the Nationals. Tainted or not, he's now the answer to a trivia question forever.

As far as his Met resume, to be honest, I can only really recall that one game he pitched in those '86 throwbacks for that woeful 2002 Mets club where he flat out dominated.

Shickhaus Franks
November 25, 2010
Mike was a pretty decent lefty out of the bullpen for the Amazins but will be remembered for two things: 1) He's the Al Downing of the 2000's by surrendering Barry Bonds Home Run No. 756* and 2) His politically incorrect comments on Twitter about Mexicans got him fired from a Dallas sports talk radio station recently. My advice to anyone in media: The 1950's are over and any uncalled for comment in the wake of the Don Imus incident where he slandered the Rutgers womens' hoops team will be taped and recorded in the age of YouTube. I also got some future employment for Mr. Bacsik: I hear that plenty of fast food places are hiring!!

Hebner's Shovel
October 19, 2011
This guy gets my vote for being one of the all-time tools to ever play for the Mets, and here's why: In 2007 while serving as a starter for the Nationals (and they must have been desperate for pitchers), I watched a post game interview of his on the Nat's network. He was talking about his father, who pitched in the majors in the 70's. He said that, when his father tried to give him advice/pointers on pitching, he told him to shut up and get lost.

Now, that isn't an exact quote, but that was the essence of what he told the interviewer. Even as a tongue-in-cheek, flip comment, this was a moronic thing to say. He showed zero respect for his dad. If my dad ever pitched in the bigs and tried to help me, I'd be all ears. What a moron this guy is.

Not sure how he managed to get so many chances to pitch in the bigs, but even Art Howe was smart enough to cut him, at last, in 2003 with the Mets. Again, what a tool. Never disrespect your father like that, even in jest. Take it from me, Hebner's Shovel. I know my tools.

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