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Jay Bell
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Jay Bell
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Jay Bell
Jay Bell
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Jay Stuart Bell
Born: December 11, 1965 at Eglin A.F.B., Fla.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.00 Weight: 184

2b 3b 1b ss

First Mets game: March 31, 2003
Last Mets game: September 28, 2003

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Gregory Gewirtz
April 4, 2003
In 2002 we turned John Valentin, an aging and injury- prone former shortstop into a fair enough utility man.

The Mets appear to want the same thing in 2003 with Jay Bell. Bell is expected to be better defensively than Valentin, and should hit somewhat.

April 18, 2003
I remember attending a game a few years back in Florida. Jay Bell, then with the Pirates hit a 3-run game-winning homer in the 10th inning to beat the Marlins 3-0.

Ken Akerman
April 22, 2003
Jay Bell scored the winning run of the 2001 World Series, scoring from third base on Luis Gonzalez' bloop single over a drawn-in infield as the Diamondbacks came from behind in the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh game to defeat the Yankees, 3-2.

Mr. Sparkle
June 14, 2003
I hated him with the Pirates. He was pretty good and played well against the Mets. Did a good job with the D-backs until last year. Talked about retiring this year, too bad he didn't. I thought he was a nice pick up, good vet off the bench but when not injured he has been horrible. Time to retire.

June 19, 2003
I love the Mets, but they are notorious for signing people that only seem to excel against THEM. Bell was a pain in the ass during that play-off series with Arizona. Everytime I turned around he was on base. Now we get him and he carries a limp bat.

September 14, 2003
Well this guy is suppost to be one of the most nicest men in baseball. Apparently I don't think he is. I was at the game August 15, 2003 during batting practice him at Wiggy were taking infield practice and a ball got by Jay and a kid said, "Can you get that for me?" Bell answered with a mean saying, "Got anything for it?" I feel sorry for that kid.

Joe Figliola
September 16, 2003
Brian, I don't think Jay was being mean to that kid. I deduce that he was kidding with him. He does carry a reputation as a very nice fellow, so I'm sure there probably is a little more to this tale.

As for Bell himself, I'm a little surprised he only has one extra-base hit this year. Last time I checked, there was no kryptonite in or around Shea Stadium.

January 13, 2004
Joe, I don't think he was playing around with the kid. I think Jay Bell was having a bad day. That's all. He had a fine career and will probably mangage someday. Smart ball player. Oh yeah and Joe, I rethought Bell and I guess he's still considered one of the nicest men in baseball. But he doesn't have the best sense of humor in baseball like Jason Phillips.

February 2, 2004
I wish Jay would have been given more of a chance to play in his last 2 years. I do know he had some injuries, but I think some of those were from trying TOO HARD to play full time. He has NEVER sat on the bench and he needs to play a lot for his timing. I think he would STILL be a great player on ANY team if they would let him play! He can move runners over and get an occassional good hit. You can't judge the man's career by his last 2 seasons. NO WAY! I have met Jay MANY times at batting practice. He was always sweet, but rather shy! He signed my hat and let me take some pictures. I have sent him mail several times with pictures and cards to sign and he always signs them and returns them. I will miss him greatly and hope he DOES come back into baseball full time in a year or so. Any Jay Bell fans PLEASE feel free to e-mail me.

January 11, 2006
I never understood why the Mets signed him. Remember, he was supposed to challenge for 3B. A very good player for the Pirates.

Jonathan Stern
January 17, 2006
Not only was he supposed to compete for 3B, but he promised to make life unpleasant in the clubhouse if he did not win the job. Oh, and he was also brought in to be a role model for the younger players. Gotta luv those post-Subway-Series, early 2000's Mets.

Hebner's Shovel
October 29, 2010
Without question, the single-most worthless player the Mets ever carried for an entire season. Look up his 2003 stats if you care to differ with me. Once you've read them, consider this: He made the team out of spring training and lasted the entire season. If he was such a great role model, why didn't they just make him a coach? He was like Frank Catalanotto 2010, only over a full season.

November 3, 2010
Yep, I care to differ with you, Hebner's Shovel.

I looked at Bell's 2003 stats. 116 AB in 72 games. That means he was only used as a late-inning defensive replacement, or an occasional pinch- hitter. If you're used for late-inning defense, you're not going to produce a heckuva lot. And the stats listed for Bell's season don't assess his defensive ability.

Going by your logic, you'd probably think Al Weis was pretty worthless to the '69 Mets, based on his .215 average and 23 RBI in 247 at bats.

Hebner's Shovel
November 15, 2010
No, going by my logic, Jay Bell was the single-most worthless player who ever played for the Mets for an entire season. Because he never made one meaningful, worthwhile contribution to the team. Fielding a grounder and successfully throwing it across the diamond to first base doesn't count as worthwhile or meaningful.

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