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Danny Garcia
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 508 of 1043 players
Daniel Joseph Garcia
Born: April 12, 1980 at Riverside, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 174

Danny Garcia was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on April 12, 2015.

2b of

First Mets game: September 2, 2003
Last Mets game: October 3, 2004

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November 1, 2003
A very nice person who approached for autograph when he was down at AAA, even tell me have a good one after signing which not many players do (some don't even look at you) Dan is gotta be the best prospect Mets' have that's not getting any publicity, hope he'll do his best next season as he'll battle for the starting 2nd basemen job.

Phil Thiegou
April 30, 2004
When he came up in early September 2003, they (the Mets broadcasters) made a big deal about his family coming out from California for his major league debut. During the game they kept putting them on tv and interviewed them on how excited they were for Danny. Before a game in Montreal later that month, I asked him if they were coming out for that series as well. He said no, and I told him that during his debut they were on TV more than he was, so they had more air time during his ML debut than he did, you think they were making THElR ML debut as well (in a way they were) and he got a kick out of it.

Later that game he snagged a line drive for the 3rd out of the inning and when he came to the dugout, he threw me the ball. Now, I've been going to games for over a quarter of a century and have never caught a foul ball, so I figured in the barren and deloate wasteland that is Olympic Stadium, it would be a foul ball buffet. No luck. But I did catch a live fair ball thanks to Danny Garcia.

Thank you Danny! I hope you snag more line drives for the Mets in the future.

Mr. Sparkle
May 10, 2004
Shot through the minor leagues last year with good average. When he got up to the Mets he looked a little overmatched. Has shown a spark this year and had a nice dinger recently against the Pods. Since anytime I say anything nice about a new player it comes back to haunt me, I'll just say Danny appears to have potential but at this point is a little wet behind the ears.

Lee Harmon
September 24, 2004
Danny Garcia hit his first career home run just 10 minutes before my first grandson, Gavin was born. (09/10/03) I know because I was in the waiting room watching the "Amazin's" battle the Marlins in an afternoon game on ESPN. I have since had opportunity to talk on many occasions with Danny as he progressed through the minor leagues. Terrific guy. NOBODY plays the game harder than Danny Garcia. He plays without any fear. I just wish he would get an opportunity to play regularly. Unfortunately that may only happen on another club. All Mets are special and Danny is even more so to my family.

Mr. Sparkle
March 9, 2005
Interestingly, he has been hit by a pitch 12 times which is tied for 38th on the Mets list but he has had only 193 at bats. Ron Hunt who is #1 with 41 HBP had over 1600 ABs. At that pace, if he has any kind of career with the Mets, he should be able to hold that record.

Mr. Sparkle
March 21, 2005
I was wrong. They just released him. Why not send him back to the minors or trade him? Why release him? He wasn't going to be a star but he's young enough to have some value, isn't he?

Phil Thiegou
May 21, 2005
As of May 2005 Danny is platooning at 2nd with the Cleveland Indians Triple A affiliate Buffalo. Hopefully he'll grow on the Jacob's Field faithful as he did here.

June 13, 2005
The Buffalo AAA team released him. He was hurt and on the DL most of the year. Mets should re-sign him and keep him in AAA just in case. A nice kid who plays hard! The fans really liked him in New York.

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