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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 608 of 1043 players
Kazuhisa Ishii
Born: September 9, 1973 at Chiba, Japan
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 200


First Mets game: April 7, 2005
Last Mets game: September 28, 2005

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April 14, 2005
What a gem he threw against Houston. Man he looked good hitting the corners and throwing that backdoor breaking ball for strikes. If he pitched like this all the time he'd win 20 games

April 14, 2005
When he pitched a nice game last week I thought it may have been a fluke, but I never would have thought he could go pitch for pitch with Roger Clemens and not give up a run in 7 innings. I am pleasantly surprised by his performance so far.

June 3, 2005
One good bad good bad game. Does Ishii mean "Inconsistent" in Japanese?

When he's throwing his fastball for strikes on the corners (like the last time out against the Marlins), he is very tough. When he completely loses the strike zone (like his previous start against the Braves) he is absolutely awful. There is no middle ground.

Mr. Sparkle
June 11, 2005
I thought it was a good trade when they got him. He's been a winning pitcher despite the walks. I've tried hard to root for him but he is making it awfully hard. He said he knows how to pitch out of a jam. He's been real good for 5 innings and then sucks big time in the 6th. Maybe he's a 5 inning pitcher. Willie needs to give him a quick hook if he gives up a hit after the 5th inning.

Mr. Met
June 18, 2005
Enough already. Get this guy on the fake DL along with Koo, and get Heilman back in the rotation. You can't ignore how bad Ishii has been and how good Heilman has been.

July 10, 2005
When they made the trade with the Dodgers for Phillips I was sad to see Phillips go but I thought it was a good trade. I really thought Ishii would be a success here but he has been a total bust in NY. It is near impossible to watch him pitch because you have no faith that your team can win with this guy on the hill. The Mets have no luck with Asian players. He makes Masato Yoshi look like an ace.

July 21, 2005
I'd rather keep Ishii than Glavine. I truly believe that Kaz will find control and will learn to trust his stuff. And I think the trade for him will eventually be seen as a good one.

July 25, 2005
Following Ishii's professional career since 1992 when he was a rookie playing for the Yakult Swallows in Japan, he reminds me of Sid Fernandez - great stuff (when they have it) but gives one bad inning which cost a ball game, but is immensely clutch pitcher, who is at his best when the stake is at the highest for the team. Ishii pitched a one-hitter in Japan Series (similar to the World Series in Japan) one year, also pitched a no-hitter down the pennant stretch when his team was suffering through terrible losing streak, shifting the team's momentum and literally carried the team.

The difference from Sid, though, is that whatever the stake that Ishii's Met team may have, is not as big as Sid's teams ever had, so far. If Ishii is traded to a contending team with a pennant at stake rather than a .500 team like this year's Mets, I am convinced that he will show his true colors and make an surprisingly immense contribution.

Mark my words.

October 13, 2005
I may be the only person in New York to feel this way, but I still believe that Kaz has a way greater upside than Glavine or Zambrano, and that they should not give up on him!

August 24, 2006
Is Kaz Ishii really worth having memories of? I think I remember him walking a lot of people then having this puzzled look on his face after he would walk 3 guys in a row.

September 15, 2006
Aside from being repeatedly shellacked by the opposing batters and being one of the least memorable Mets starters on the past two decades, there are two things that stick out about Kaz. The first is his no-windup delivery. He practically carbon-copied it off the first Japanese Major Leaguer, Masanori Murakami of the San Fransisco Giants. Watch ESPN Classic (they've shown Murakami facing Billy Williams, I think it was, and striking him out) and you'll see what I mean.

The second I can't confirm, but would be grateful if somebody actually did verify or disprove this. His grandfather, I think it was, was Hiroo Ishii. That guy was in charge of Unit 731, which was this hellish concentration camp (comparable to Auschwitz, although arguably worse) the Japanese ran in Manchuria where they performed experiments on the locals that would have made Josef Mengele's stomach turn. My girlfriend at the time was Chinese (hardcore anti-communist/nationalist type), and refused to watch Kaz pitch based solely on this. I like to say that even if it wasn't true, she didn't miss much.

December 20, 2006
The two numbers to remember about Kaz Ishii are 2 and 7.

He would either allow 2 runs in 7 innings or 7 runs in 2 innings.

A talented but wildly inconsistent pitcher.

NYB Buff
July 27, 2017
Kaz appeared in only 105 games over four major league seasons, but he is the answer to a pretty good trivia question. Which pitcher is the all-time strikeout leader among left-handers whose last name begins with the letter I? His total of 435 is tops in this category.

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