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Dae-Sung Koo
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Dae-Sung Koo
Dae-Sung Koo
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 668 of 1043 players
Dae-Sung Koo
Born: August 2, 1969 at Daejeon, South Korea
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 185

Dae-Sung Koo was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 17, 2005, May 18, 2005, May 21, 2005, May 22, 2005, May 23, 2005, May 24, 2005, and August 2, 2011.


First Mets game: April 4, 2005
Last Mets game: August 20, 2005

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Professor G
April 6, 2005
On Opening Day, we won't be booing, we'll be yelling "Kooooooooooooooooooo." Nice start for him on Opening Day.

Frank Grimes
April 13, 2005
A 35-year-old middle reliever from Japan with a mediocre record....hmmmmm. Now how could this possibly be good? Plus, what's with everyone calling him Mr. Koo? I hate that.

May 20, 2005
When called upon to get out a lefthanded hitter in a tight spot, Koo gives up a walk. Randolph still seems to have a lot of confidence in Koo even though Koo has shown no ability to perform in the clutch.

May 21, 2005
Well on 5/16/05 vs Cincinnati, he had his first MLB plate appearance...he stood as far away from the plate as possible and just stood there, no intention of swinging. It was a disgrace.

Then on 5/21/05 vs the Yankees (Randy Johnson pitching nonetheless)

Koo safe at home after manufacturing a most unorthodox run.
he is up again and stands far off the plate again, takes a ball, and a strike, you're thinking not again, and out of nowhere, his first ever swing, hits the ball into the RCF alley just shy of the track for a double!

And to make matters more interesting, Jose Reyes sacrificed him to third with a bunt as the next batter, and he runs through the stop sign of Manny Acta at 3rd and takes off for home due to Jorge Posada (C) backing up the sacrifice bunt by Reyes. He was out, but the ump didn't see the tag applied. He snuck the tip of his finger onto the plate, and got credit for a run. One of the most bizzare plays I've ever seen.

Choo Choo
May 21, 2005
Mookie Koo!! Mookie Koo!! Drats, I just saw the replay and he was out. Still, he had that double off the Unit. When players put on that Mets uniform, it seems they lose their fear of facing Randy Johnson.

May 21, 2005
Koo's 1st AB wasn't a disgrace. The Mets were winning 9-2 with half inning left so they didn't want to use another reliever so they let Koo bat and tell him DO NOT swing. So by saying it's a disgrace, do you mean Willie Randolph's managing style is a disgrace?

Dae Sung Koo's "Rounding Third" style is the best one I could've remember, the double was exciting, but his base running IQ possibly scored the most exciting Mets' run in this first half of the season.

Go Dae Sung! It's Cool to be Koo.

Phil Thiegou
May 23, 2005
Dae-Sung playing possum in his first at bat and then almost went yard on Randy Johnson. Now that was a ''Koo d'etat''.

Won Doney
June 3, 2005
I must say that Koo is probably the best hitter in all of baseball after his at bat against Randy Johnson last weekend. This is a guy who hasn't gotten a hit of any kind since he was in high school, and in his second at bat of the season, he almost takes Randy Johnson deep. And then there was his decision to try to score on a bunt. I'm still in awe.

Professor G
June 3, 2005
OK, Mr. Koo made his mark against the Yankees. His double of the Big Unit and his sprint to home were amusing. Now, get him the hell out of here. He SUCKS! I am watching his pitiful performance against the D-Backs - which included a bases loaded walk - on the heels of his putting one on a batting tee for Carlos Delgado to hit all the way to the Caribbean (Last I heard, that ball is hovering somewhere over Curacao). I'd like to nominate Koo for the Satoru Komiyama Award for being the worst pitcher ever to wear a Mets uniform. Also, I'd like to issue Koo the Satoru Komiyama-Mike Bordick Award for worst performances while wearing Keith Hernandez's once-hallowed No. 17.

Gregory Gewirtz
April 28, 2006
It was a great feeling to listen to the radio broadcast of the Mets-Yankees game in question, when one moment Cohen and Rose are joking about Koo's total batting ineptitude, and the next moment one of them barks into the microphone something like "AND HE HITS IT TO DEEP CENTER FIELD..."

Regrettably, Koo let on too many of the lefty batters he was supposed to retire. Though he was invited to Mets camp for spring 2006, he returned to the Japanese leagues after a few days in camp.

Koo was also known for his sense of humor, his love of poker, and his nickname "Mr. Koo."

Angel in Pagan's Outfield
July 13, 2010
When he slid into homeplate against the Yankees, I knew the Mets were starting to turn it around... I miss this guy.

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