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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 425 of 1043 players
Lastings Darnell Milledge
Born: April 5, 1985 at Bradenton, Fla.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 185

Lastings Milledge was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on November 30, 2007, December 1, 2007, December 3, 2007, July 21, 2013, and February 8, 2015.


First Mets game: May 30, 2006
Last Mets game: September 30, 2007

Winner of Sterling award, 2006. (Norfolk Tides)

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Edgy DC
May 30, 2006
I remember when Lastings Milledge got called up. It was to replace Xavier Nady, who had suddenly come down with a case of appendicitis. The Mets had just won their opening game of a series with the Diamondbacks at home, which they had been doing all year. Met fans were feeling good, but had no idea that a blue chip prospect was about to get called up during a home stand, while the team was in first place.

No idea.

He was named "Lastings" because he was intended to be the last child. We had such lively discussions on what his number would be, where he would bat, how long the Mets intended to keep him up...

Phil Thiegou
June 2, 2006
I was at his second game. He was getting the royal treatment during pre-game warm ups. Anyway, he drops the last out of the inning on a routine pop-up and already people are calling for his head. Two innings later he throws out a runner at third on a strike to David Wright and everyone were ready to annoint him as the second coming. I just hope upper brass doesn't trade him for another Victor Zambrano.

June 2, 2006
I was at his first game, the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation before his first at-bat. He blasted a sharp line drive about as hard as a ball could possibly be hit, but it was right at the shortstop. He wound up going 1-4 with a double in his debut, which was a 7-2 Mets loss. He was starting in right field once again the next night, and he dropped an easy fly ball in the second inning. He made up for it later in the game by unleashing an absolute bullet from Right Field to Third base to nail the runner. Looks like he has the best arm I've ever seen in a Mets uniform. He ended up going 0-4 with 2 Ks and getting taken out of the game on a double switch in the 9th or 10th inning. The Mets would go on to win the game in the bottom of the 13th on a walk-off hit by Endy Chavez.

Anthony R
June 8, 2006
Looks like a real deal. Big clutch homer to tie the game of Armando at Shea is a great way to open his NYM career. I loved how he slapped the hands of the fans as he went out to the outfield too.

Dave in CT
June 8, 2006
I like him.

He made a mistake and heard about it from the fans but since then has done a great job. I think he may need a little more seasoning at triple A but then again, he might be ready for the show. The HR he hit to tie the game was huge. His play in the field has been good on the diving catch he made in RF. He shows a lot of poise for a young guy, and I really DON'T have a problem with his high fiving the fans after his big hit. It's called fan relations.

I hope he stays grounded because he has a rep of being a little self serving.

Flim Flam
June 8, 2006
This guy looks pretty talented, but in a few games he's already generated a ton of press over his "bling" (playing his first game wearing a gold crucifix of a size comparable to that of the original) and deeply offended the San Francisco Giants with some bush league high-fiving of fans over a game tying home run (in a game which the Mets ultimately lost, no less -- btw, I'm calling it now: in his first game against SF in 2007, he will get decked).

Granted, he's a young guy, and people can change, but if he turns out to be as big a star as he seems to think he is, I'm not sure I see him toning it down (he developed a pretty bad reputation in the minors over his attitude). I'm afraid that Lastings may be precisely the kind of kid who needs desperately to not play in New York, not because he can't handle playing in the spotlight that New York brings, but he'll enjoy that spotlight too much. The comparisons to Strawberry and Gooden will be impossible to avoid. I think he may be best served by sending him to a nice boring out-of-the way place where there's nothing to do but focus on driving the baseball and the Mets may be best served by trading him for another young player of value (Dontrelle Willis?) before Lastings self-destructs.

Phil Thiegou
June 23, 2006
I was also at the game where he hit his first home run off of Armando Benitez and was outraged that he high 5'd fans on the way back to right field. I was outraged 'coz I didn't high 5 him 'coz I was sitting in a different part of Shea. And Willie had the gall to call him out for it. I hope Wilpon realizes that Lastings is going to sell A L0T of tickets, so if he wants to have a little fun, so what? It's not like he did a Barry Bonds or a Manny Ramirez and just stood and stared at it.

July 1, 2006
Can this guy catch a friggin ball in left field? I mean, c'mon, stop dropping em! Ok, nice arm, but nothing to write home about at the plate - yet. As usual, more Met fluff about the next up and coming "star."

September 8, 2006
The guy has potential, period. The question I'd like to ask those criticizing his fielding is "what rookie didn't have fielding problems?" Ted Williams, with the old Pacific Coast League San Diego Padres and into his first two years with the Red Sox, used to pretend he was swinging a bat in the outfield and sometimes missed fly balls because of it. No, I'm NOT comparing him to Teddy Ballgame, I'm simply pointing out that fielding ability during your rookie year is not an indication of your entire career. Likewise, while he's batting .239, many very good players started out with horrendous batting averages. I wouldn't go so far as to say Reggie Jackson's depressing .178 was a harbinger of things to come. Again, no comparisons to a Hall of Famer, I'm simply saying that a first year batting average is not necessarily a preview of the future. And Milledge has shown that, in Minor League ball, he's more than capable of doing what's asked. So far, he's also shown that he has Major League promise, as well. He can also hit both fastballs and breaking stuff, though he does need to learn plate discipline. Unless he suffers some catastrophic injury or has some mental block like Jorge Toca, I think the guy is going to turn into something.

Jamey Bumbalo
September 28, 2006
I realize Milledge is just a rookie and it's too soon to accurately pass judgment on him, but as far as I'm concerned, his playing has been inauspicious. He definitely isn't ready for the big leagues; he needs more time in AAA and never should have played so much this year (then again, his competition was losers like Michael Tucker and Ricky Ledee). His immaturity is obvious in his home run shenanigans and his "bling" persona. Whatever happened to a heralded rookie coming to the bigs and being quiet and humble and just trying to do his job? Remember Dave Magadan in 1986 with "I just didn't want to screw up"? Milledge acts likes he's already a star. He's not, and I don't think he ever will be (and if I'm wrong, I'll apologize in a later posting). I am really down on this character. Comparisons to Gooden and Strawberry are frightening.

October 1, 2006
It appears that Lastings is following in the long tradition of the Mets over-hyping a prospect and not living up to the hype. I love it when I hear that Lastings is always learning from his mistakes. The problem is that he makes way too many and different type of mistakes.

Omar was willing to trade Lastings for Manny Ramirez and Roy Oswalt. I don't expect Lastings will be around in 2007.

Mr. Sparkle
October 4, 2006
The Mets clearly rushed him when there was no need to. In a season where they are head and shoulders better than any other team in the league, why bring him up when he clearly is not mature enough to handle it? He shows flashes of brilliance but who knows if he'll be the stud prospect we've heard about. I haven't soured on him but I just think he came up too quick and can't handle it right now. He hasn't had the same success on the field, but he appears to have had the same success in the locker room as Gregg Jeffries. Lets hope he learns from his locker room mistakes the way Jeffries never did. Let's hope he has a better career too.

The Ghost of Bad Met trades Future??
December 8, 2006
I don't think so. Millege hardly arrived with the splash that Reyes and Wright did before him. But who know what sort of prospect.. Is he Amos Otis.. Jay Payton... or Alex Escobar.. We'll see what Omar does

March 16, 2007
Don't ask why, but Lastings is my favorite '06 Met. He's just... hmmmm... cool! That game at Shea in 2006 vs. San Fran was classic. In the 8th, Milledge ripped a long one over the most hated guy in sports ecxept for T.O., Barry (steroids boy) Bonds! Milledge, I gotta tell you something: U R AN ANIMAL!!!!!!! (I'm 10!)

Shickhaus Franks
May 28, 2007
First of all, a lot of athletes have a 2nd career in music (Former NBA player Wayman Tisdale comes to mind playing jazz guitar) but to use racial and sexual lyrics is very wrong!!!! My late mother would slap me into the middle of Christmas if I ever said stuff that Lastings Milledge put on record. He better realize that being a professional athlete in any sport is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a RIGHT. Are we seeing MLB's answer to Adam "Pacman" Jones? For God's sake, lets hope NOT!!!

August 6, 2007
Well, it looks like he's learned both plate discipline (ever notice how he takes almost every first pitch?) and has a better off-the-field demeanor. With the addition of Rickey Henderson as a coach, that should help. He idolized/idolizes Henderson. Supposedly, he views his failures as failures not just to the club, but to Rickey, as well. Keep Rickey a few more years as the first base coach and he should straighten out. He's also tearing it up with the bat right now, and the dreadlocks are a thing of the past, as well.

Jamey Bumbalo
August 6, 2007
I ripped into Milledge in a posting last year, but now I want to give credit where it's due. He has been hitting wellv(over .300 as of Aug. 6)vand playing his position well. Just as important to me, he's doing so quietly and humbly; gone are the funky hairdo and, it looked last night (when Glavine won his 300th), the heavy, flashy chains. When Milledge stole second with Glavine batting (and then scored on Glavine's single), Jon Miller and Joe Morgan kept praising Willie Randolph's daring in sending Milledge. I cracked up when Randolph shortly thereafter said Milledge went on his own. I hope Milledge proves me wrong and continues to shine.

September 16, 2007
Amazing whatta a difference a year makes other than his first week up in the majors last year he struggling mightily on the field, and in the clubhouse. This year he's done everything right, it's too bad he missed so much time with a leg injury.

October 1, 2007
If he doesn't learn how to handle the breaking pitch, he will not have a long career.

Took my girlfriend to a game and she saw Milledge. She said that player has some attitude on the field and he is not even good.

October 11, 2007
Milledge is a talented but immature player who, like many of his teammates, seems to think that styling is more important than substance on the ball field.

November 21, 2007
It seems to me that the onset of the Mets meltdown this past season was the night Milledge went crazy with the umpires over balls and strikes. It made Willie look like he was losing control and that the team was too tight.

ramblin pete
November 30, 2007
Lsstings... he was my "Dawg" ... the first professional athlete to earn this dubious designation since Latrell Sprewell...

At least Scott Kazmir was dealt out of the league, not within the division. This folly shall come back to bite us in the ass, mark my words.

"Mc Millz" was immature, but added spirit, life, and excitement to a clubhouse that often seemed moribund.

Good luck in Washington, Lastings. You shall be missed. "Bend Ya Kneez!"

November 30, 2007
Bye, bye Milledge. You made your cup of coffee with the club fun for the fans.

Bob Inzerillo
November 30, 2007
I'm glad they made the trade. You can see this guy becoming trouble already. Now they got a catcher and rightfielder for him before his stock dropped any lower.

Mr. Sparkle
December 1, 2007
If Milledge's trade value had fallen so much that all they could get for him was a defensive catcher and a 4th outfielder, wouldn't it have been better to hold onto him and see if maybe he could have become the player they once thought he would be? If he ended up sucking and they traded him for less, would it really have mattered? He at least still has potential, whereas the players they traded him for do not and they are a dime a dozen. Milledge may not pan out but he still COULD be a special player. Church and Schneider we know will not be. If the Mets thought anything of Paul LoDuca, Milledge would still be a Met. Lo Duca wasn't great, but Schneider sucks. I hope Milledge does become the all-star player that the Mets thought he would be. I just hope he doesn't beat the Mets that often.

Mike B
December 1, 2007
Gave up on him too soon. Nice going Omar. He seemed to take the heat for every small deed. Good luck Lastings and prove Omar wrong.

December 2, 2007
Fare thee well Lastings. You never seemed to get a fair shake from the media or some of the fans. Next year when this trade is firmly biting the Mets in the keister, I can at least say "I told you so" to people!

Jonathan Stern
December 17, 2007
I'm with Mr. Sparkle. The Mets have put themselves in the position of having to root for Milledge to fail. It's like the Kazmir-Zambrano deal. The players the Mets received are never going to be great, while Lastings might be. With Millege and Paul "STER-OIDS" Lo Duca in D.C., Mets-Nats games are going to be interesting this season.

Tom L
January 4, 2008
I have no problem with our parting ways with this hotdog, but dumping him in a deal that did not include a Johan Santana or a Dan Haren is beyond me. Now we are short on ammo to compete in a deal for any quality starting pitching. Brian Schneider and Ryan Church? Looks like potentially another looooooong season. I hope I am wrong...

March 31, 2008
I was at the game when Milledge hit the home run off of Benitez. I thought it was the coolest thing when he slapped five with all of the fans. I wish he was given a better opportunity. Being placed in the 8 hole for the majority of the time in 2007 did not really put him in a position to flourish. Also, I found it strange that Randolph gave him the starting job in mid August only to yank it back a few days later. Is this how to cultivate young talent? I loved his passion and fire. For some reason, I find this opening day victory bittersweet. I wish he were here.

April 20, 2009
As of now, the trade is looking pretty good. LM did not develop in 2008 and the guys the Mets got for him have contributed. Too early to write LM off, but the quick hook to the minors from the Nats in 2009 with LM hitting below the Mendoza line doesn't appear to be a huge vote of confidence in him. Hopefully, for his sake, he will take the demotion as a wake-up call and reach his potential. We shall see.

Shickhaus Franks
April 22, 2012
Gary Cohen recently said that Lastings is playing in Japan, of all places!! I'll bet you dollars to donuts that he causes controversy over there and by July he's either playing for the Rockland Boulders or the Long Island Ducks in indy ball or he's working the graveyard shift at Wal-Mart or taking up some form of mixed martial arts.

June 24, 2013
I met Lastings many years ago when he was playing in Binghamton. Great guy, which surprised me as I heard the reports about his attitude.

Diamond Dave
July 24, 2013
I remember when he came up and hit a homer that first year and then high-fived fans in the stands when he ran out to the outfield. So he got a lot of critics on his back for that. He turned out to be a lot of hype and the Mets sent him packing to Washington, but with the state of the Mets now, a little excitement like that would be welcomed at Citi Field. Lastings didn't last but at least he is remembered for something!

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