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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 816 of 1043 players
David Matthew Newhan
Born: September 7, 1973 at Fullerton, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 5.10 Weight: 180

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First Mets game: April 1, 2007
Last Mets game: September 29, 2007

Uniform Number:17
David Newhan also played for the following teams:
Signed with New York Mets as a free agent on January 5, 2007.

Signed with Houston Astros as a free agent on January 28, 2008.

David Newhan vs. Opposing Pitchers
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Hernandez, Livan 610000000001.167.167.167Details
Eaton, Adam 400000020000.000.000.000Details
Oswalt, Roy 420000010002.500.500.500Details
Gardner, Lee 310000000001.333.333.333Details
Webb, Brandon 310000010001.333.333.333Details
Messenger, Randy 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Madson, Ryan 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Colome, Jesus 200000010000.000.000.000Details
Dempster, Ryan 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Zambrano, Carlos 200002010000.000.000.500Details
Guzman, Angel 210000010001.500.500.500Details
Lohse, Kyle 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Yates, Tyler 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Hudson, Tim 100001000000.000.000.500Details
Clippard, Tyler 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Alfonseca, Antonio 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Spurling, Chris 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Sheets, Ben 1100100000041.0004.0001.000Details
Burton, Jared 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Thompson, Brad 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Valverde, Jose 100001011000.000.000.667Details
Carvajal, Marcos 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Williams, Woody 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Soriano, Rafael 100001000000.000.000.500Details
Pena, Tony 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Fogg, Josh 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Miller, Justin 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Obermueller, Wes 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Correia, Kevin 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Owens, Henry 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Bowie, Micah 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Keppel, Bob 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Gosling, Mike 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Vanden Hurk, Rick 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Cherry, Rocky 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Howry, Bob 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Geary, Geoff 1110000000021.0002.0001.000Details
Davies, Kyle 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Carlyle, Buddy 1101000000031.0003.0001.000Details
Speier, Ryan 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Wickman, Bob 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Hill, Shawn 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Arroyo, Bronson 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Villanueva, Carlos 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Lincecum, Tim 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Mitre, Sergio 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Proctor, Scott 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Smoltz, John 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Kim, Byung-Hyun 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Gregg, Kevin 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Cruz, Juan 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Garcia, Harvey 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Marmol, Carlos 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Wuertz, Michael 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Moylan, Peter 000001000000.000.0001.000Details

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