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Tom Thurberg
Tom Thurberg
Thomas Thurberg

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pete hamner
December 18, 2007
I played with Tom in Wausau, Wisconsin in 77 and Lynchburg, VA in 78. As an outfielder Tom had 26 assists in Wausau. Course he used to boot the ball on purpose, let it roll away from him about 4 feet or so and then when he saw the runner was trying to go to second, he'd gun him. No lie. As a pitcher Tom could throw 100 mph for strikes. Why didn't he pitch in the bigs? I'll tell you why. He couldn't be controlled off the field. He just didn't care about anything. He had a saying he used to say all the time "I won't be saddlebroke by anyone." God love ya Tom.

Pete Hamner
January 2, 2008
I recently tracked down Tom. He has a car dealership in the Boston area, is married with a 6 year old daughter and says he is making big bucks. He also said he does not miss the minors and has no regrets for anythng he did

david lozano
September 12, 2008
I played with Tom in Lynchburg, Va. Converted outfielder, live arm. Almost made to the big leagues. We had a good team. Won the Carolina championship.

neil f. clark
May 21, 2009
I read the stories of Tommy's MLB career (I met him today. I fixed his lawn tractor.) I introduced myself by asking him, "Do you still have that nasty fastball" because I happen to remember playing park league ball against him in Weymouth, MA about 1971-1972. This kid was scary back then, facing him as a hitter. I had heard over the years he had been drafted by the Mets but never followed up. Now I see him today and ALL THE GREAT MEMORIES CAME BACK. My 17-year-old wants his autograph so bad. I wonder how much he'll charge. (Only kidding.)

Diana Garner
May 20, 2011
I met Tom in 1982 while he was playing in Arkansas. I loved to watch him pitch. I hope he's having a great life. I would have liked to see him in the majors playing for the Mets. I credit him for my love of baseball.

September 6, 2013
The Mets just buried Tom cause they didn't like him....period. Just check his stats from 78 to 83. He was frickin nasty. With all the crap the Mets had on their staff in those days, it's a crime they never brought him up.

August 11, 2015
I was an usher at Smith-Willes Stadium in Jackson in 82. Tom was either optioned or traded to the Cards and was playing in Little Rock. So now Tom comes back into Jackson, playing against his old teammates. Little Rock brings him in to protect a 1 run lead in the 9th inning. There are no outs with the bases loaded. Tom is throwing aviation fuel....I swear it must of been 100 mph. He blows 3 guys away and then as he's leaving the field he pops off to the Jackson manager who is crossing the field. The manager goes after Tom and the benches empty. That was one wild night in Jackson.

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