Jeff Wilpon
Jeff Wilpon

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Chief Operating Officer 2002 - 2016
  • Senior Executive Vice President 2002 - 2008

Son of Fred Wilpon

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August 28, 2008
He looks like Prince Charles.

Menachem G. Jerenberg
October 6, 2008
Somebody please get this team out of the Wilpons' incompetent hands.

You know what this guy had to say after giving Minaya a four-year extension?

"We need to find out what was wrong with the team last year."

Gee, that's a toughie. I'll give you a clue: it starts with B, ends with N, and rhymes with hen, men and wren!

Honestly, there are people who have been living in caves for 20 years who know more about baseball than this guy.

Kevin C. Delahanty, MD
February 5, 2009
How much did he lose to Bernie Madoff?

How much did The Mets lose?

Will he meet the payroll and will we have a season?

Lets Go Mets!

January 30, 2010
Absolute incompetence.

He was given a Ferrari, but has proven he can't drive a stick. The sooner this clown and his father sell the team, the happier Mets' fans will be.

John L.
January 31, 2010
Quickly becoming the most despised person in the history of this franchise, not named Don Grant. Nelson Doubleday was correct when he spoke of the arrogance of this twit. One can only hope that Bernie Madoff did in fact take the Wilpons to the cleaners, freeing Mets fans of another 40 years of this faux baseball man's rule.

Shickhaus Franks
February 15, 2010
He did say one thing right when he said back in October when he was on Mike Francesca's radio show on WFAN: "Being a Mets fan builds character." I agree considering the woes of this franchise since '06 and all of the garbage we loyal Mets fans have to put up w/ from those arrogant and somewhat "real" Yankee and Phillie fans.

B Morris
September 21, 2010
Let's hope Jeff Wilpon doesn't have children because if he does, this franchise might never see another championship ever again. Terrible owner, only cares about putting butts in seats, regardless of where his team is in the standings. Almost makes me question why I am a Mets fan. This man truly has no shame. After the past four embarrassing seasons, you'd think he'd have some dignity and want to put a winning team on the field but he has yet to show any signs of doing so. I hope Mr. Wilpon reads this and realizes what a terrible owner he really is, maybe all of us Mets fans might get our wish. Here's a solution: since you and your father love the Dodgers so much, why don't you just sell the Mets to someone who cares and buy the Dodgers? I'm sure the fans in Los Angeles would be "thrilled" to have the Wilpons as owners.

July 11, 2011
I enthusiastically cry foul when it comes to Fred Wilpon's meddlesome kid, Jeff. He looks like Prince Charles and acts like Frank Burns (M*A*S*H).

His eyes are too close together and his good ideas, like obliterating a toolbox, are too far apart. In short, Jeff's a tool, and, not the brightest in the woodshed/dugout/whatever either!

His halfwit shenanigans (interfering with player evaluations, medical reports, and trades) are coming full circle. I can't wait to see him join Madoff. Hope the bum gets life, so there's no chance of a Wilpon returning to dethrone my Mets from future "meaningful games!"

Make no mistake about it. Mets fans hate Wilpon!


Jonathan Stern
September 29, 2011
I cringed whenever Jeff declared on WFAN that he would get more involved in the running of the organization after the debacles of 2007, 2008, and 2009. He did not say that before this season. Was that a factor in the Flushing Bisons' surprisingly good play?

Reportedly, behind the scenes he is contentious to the point of being physically overbearing when he demands his way. Nelson Doubleday said some pretty damning things about him on his way out the door. I don't remember what year it was, but I don't think the Mets were horrible at that point. However, before the first day of that year's Spring Training, Wilpon was shown playing catch in most of the tabloids. That was the picture the Mets chose to promote the upcoming season? They couldn't have shown one or two of the players instead? Mike Piazza may have still been with the team at that time.

jim corsair
September 15, 2012
Jeff is much like Mitt Romney: born on third base, thought he hit a triple.

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