Memories of
Wes Westrum
Wes Westrum
Wesley Noreen Westrum
Born: November 28, 1922 at Clearbrook, Minn.
Died: May 28, 2002 at Clearbrook, Minn.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 185

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Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Manager 1965 - 1967
  • Coach 1964 - 1965

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Howard Levy
April 13, 2001
Wes was a catcher for the Giants when they played in New York. As Mets manager, whenever Wes walked out to the mound to remove or talk to a pitcher, he always had his right hand in his back pocket. Every time.

Gus Bumbol
May 21, 2001
Wes spent much of his free time skeet shooting in Flushing; right on Kissena Blvd.

rich edwards
March 14, 2002
If you think Bobby Valentine is dragged over the coals by fans on radio, then you missed Bill Mazer's radio show in the mid sixties. The fans just hated Westrum. I think it was the Met home opener in 1966 against the Braves. The Mets are down a run in the bottom 9th. They have a man on second and Wes puts in Dick Selma to pinch run. He had a bench full of players (the early rosters pre June 15 were 28 back then). Of course Selma gets picked off. Next day people want Wes' head.

May 30, 2002
I heard Howie Rose mention Wes Westrum's passing last night on MSG. I have a couple of his old 1960's baseball cards when he managed the team. Howie said what a very nice man he was and that the Mets obtained him in a coaching wwap from the Giants. The Mets sent Cookie Lavigetto to San Fran because of an illness he had and the doctor felt becouse he lived in the Bay Area he'd be closer to home.

Jessica Bowser
August 3, 2002
I wanted to thank the people who have come on this site to pay tribute to Wes Westrum. He was my grandpa and I am sure he would be very flattered if he could see the things you have written. Thank you for your thoughts. If you would like to contact me about my grandpa, feel free to do so... I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where my grandpa would spend his winters. He moved my mom and aunt down here when the Giants moved to San Francisco.

July 2, 2003
When I was a child I remember my grandmother telling me about "Wes." She went to school with him in Clearbrook. Her name was Grace Saari. I had the honor of knowing him and whenever I went up to what is now the cabin, I had to make sure to stop over at his home by the dam. I remember playing catch with him. The last time I was up there he was still alive, however not very healthy. I made a decision not to say hello that time up there. I truly regret not stopping to say hello. He was a hero to a small boy and still is to a grown man. He will never be forgotten.

Jonathan Stern
December 17, 2004
A friend of mine was voted "World's Greatest Mets Fan" in 1969. In 1993, I asked him if he thought Jeff Torborg was the worst Mets manager ever. He offered Wes Westrum instead.

I wasn't around then, but looking over the record (and remembering Torborg as I do), I respectfully disagree. Westrum was not a great manager. He wasn't Hodges or Davey or Bobby V. But the laughter ceased in 1966 as the Mets went from being historically bad to professionally bad (not to mention ninth place with less than 100 losses), and Westrum deserves some of the credit for that. He also helped nurture some of the youngsters who Hodges later took to the next level. I don't think the Mets win the 1969 series with Westrum, but they don't win it without him either. It sounds like Westrum was a nice guy and a good baseball man, but was not managerial material.

Westrum liked to post inspirational messages on players' lockers. One of his aphorisms: "Baseball is like Church. Many attend, few understand."

Amen, I guess.

August 28, 2008
I met Wes Westrum in 1973 at Wrigley Field. One of the coldest human beings on a hot summer day. He asked me if I was a Mets fan and refused to sign me an autograph when I told him yes. Word has it, he was vying for general manager of the Cubs in those days and wanted nothing to do with the Mets who cut him loose.

Jim Eckert
February 15, 2011
Wes became known for a making a Yogi-ism about a close game, remarking, "Well, that was a cliff- dweller!"

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