Ted Robinson
Ted Robinson

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Broadcaster 2002 - 2005

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April 25, 2002
So far, so good. I'm relieved to hear he doesn't try and get by with signature catch-phrases. On the radio broadcasts, he seems to make a better partner with Gary Cohen than Murphy does.

Brian T. Colton
May 26, 2002
I have enjoyed listening to Ted's play by play thus far. His even-keeled manner makes for good radio - quite the antithesis to the "John Sterling / Gary Cohen" model of constant excitement (not that I don't like that too) but with Ted, you know you will get accurate play by play. With Bob Murphy seeming like his best days are WAY behind him, I certainly look forward to the Cohen / Robinson pairing for years to come.

Paul G
July 4, 2002
Having had the benefit of listening to Ted for many years in San Francisco doing play by play for the Giants on KNBR68 The 50,000 Watt Blowtorch, and sports on KCBS, I will tell you he provides a very cool presence on the air. I miss his insightful perceptions. A very good aquistion fo you Mets fans.

Jason A. Miller
September 1, 2002
The only Ted Robinson signature phrase I can think of is "He gobbles it up". Every infielder "gobbles" up a routine grounder to second or short. Ever think about combining him with Michael Kay? "Swung on and hit sharply to short!" "Ordonez gobbles it up and fires to first". Times fifty.

Robinson is, oddly, at his best when the Mets are awful. I live for the 7th and 8th innings of 7 to 3 defeats, when Cohen and Robinson start plumbing their memories to describe afternoons at Shea in the late '70s. Robinson may be the last man alive to remember when Gil Flores was batting leadoff for the Mets before 5,000 fans every night.

On the whole he's a good #2 man in the radio booth, and he came with a great reputation from San Francisco. I wouldn't mind if he stuck around with the Mets for another decade.

September 17, 2002
Ted is ok, however I think its funny to listen to the silent feud that Ted and Bob Murphy have going. I still think Bob is the greatest!

November 13, 2002
Absolutely dreadful. Where's the spark? The life? He sounds like he didn't sleep in 4 days. Let's get zip in the booth!

David Gentner
November 22, 2002
As a Giants fan I was very disappointed to lose Ted Robinson as the voice of our team. I personally was in radio for almost 20 years and know people that know Ted. He is sensitive, deep, family man...you'll notice that he has high praise for players and will almost never criticize. He has a love and respect for the game the equals any other announcer. He values and professional- isn shine, especially compared to those that would dare to trash our beloved national pastime. I was thrilled this fall to have Ted back on Stanford Cardinal football broadcasts...I was born on the Stanford campus and have been going to games since 1957...Ted is an excellent football analyst as well...we are blessed to have this decent man elevating our sports! God love ya Ted!!!

June 17, 2003
Ted Robinson is so...bland. For the entire 2002 season, I couldn't even remember his name, he is so bland.

June 19, 2003
I think that Ted Robinson is extremely dull. Overall, I am very disappointed in the quality of the Mets announcers on both TV and radio. Gary Cohen and Ralph Kiner are their only decent announcers. I would have liked to see them hire Sean McDonough as was expected.

July 8, 2003
If Met fans had been previously pleased with their club's broadcasters, the situation has only improved since 2002 with the acquisition of Teddy Robinson.

This guy is a very rare breed of announcers today, who has his act together.

He realizes he is not part of 'the show,' and unfortunately, there are too many 'wanna-be- somebodies' out there.

Keep up the good work, T.R.! I'm sure the people of San Fran. miss having you work the Giants games.

Steven Davis
October 23, 2003
A little bit of a dull voice but a quality announcer. I prefer listening to him on radio and think he makes a better fit with Gary Cohen then Fran Healy. Hopefully he can call most of the games on radio next year with the immortal Bob Murphy gone.

Ralphy Wiggum
January 19, 2004
Ted is a professional. Ted's one of those guys like Bob Murphy, he understands that the broadcast is about the game and not the broadcaster! Pass that word on to the miserable armchair quarterbacks Keith Hernandez and Tom Seaver!

Kevin Long
February 28, 2004
Until you've heard Ted do an impersonation of legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell, you don't know what funny is.

Dave Rasmussen
March 17, 2004
Ted was a broadcaster, along with Jim Kaat (also very good) for the Twins in the early 1990's. Ted left at about the same time the Twins started to lose again. I wasn't sure which bother me more-- losing Ted Robinson or losing games. (At least we kept Puckett a few years more.)

At Boston, Gary Gaetti threw to Al Newman who relayed to the first baseman (perhaps, Hrbek) twice the same game for around the horn triple plays. The runner was out by ten steps at first on the second triple play, which was as beautiful a play (it was a TV game), and as beautiful a call, as you'll ever hear.

Rick Craycraft
March 22, 2004
I wondered what happened to Ted when he disappeared out of San Francisco. He and Jon Miller made for great counterpoint and his absence was obvious immediately. He seems like a smooth, knowledgable, up and coming young broadcaster and you are lucky to have him.

Jonathan Stern
May 22, 2004
In an era of gross ESPN excess, it is refeshing that the Mets hired someone who is wonderfully free of such affectations and just calls the game. Unfortunately, he's forced to share the booth with Fran Healy. I do not hear Ted Robinson too often these days because I no longer have cable and he is no longer on radio. The day he's paired either with Hernandez alone or with someone else remotely competent is the day I might consider reinstalling.

Anthony Cafaro
April 27, 2005
Ted Robinson has twice made reference to two of my favorite bands. A few years ago he talked about a "great New Jersey band called Yo La Tengo" on his iPod and this season he made reference the the Smiths song, "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before." Music and the Mets are the two loves of my life so Mr. Robinson will forever have a place in my heart. Does anyone happen to know his email address? I'd love to talk music with him. Email me if you do. Thanks!

Jonathan Stern
April 28, 2005
A 1992 Tom Verducci article commemorating the 30th anniversary of the 1962 ends with a reference to the Jersey band Yo La Tengo. Do you suppose, as did Verducci, that there was a connection between the band's choice of a name and the legendary Ashburn/Chacon/Thomas misplay?

Ted is a local guy who grew up rooting for the Mets. Maybe his admiration for Yo La Tengo stems in part from the misplay as well.

June 28, 2005
I am not at all impressed with Ted on the tube. I think he brings Fran Healy down. When is his contract up? Cohen and Rose do great job on the radio, I listen to them.

Shickhaus Franks
January 6, 2008
I happened to like Ted; he was a breath of fresh air on Mets broadcasts especially when he made the remark after David Wright's bare handed grab in San Diego saying "He just guaranteed that play will be seen on baseball scoreboards for the next 20 years" and then his handling of the horrible Beltran/Cameron collision two days later where he acted with professionalism and restraint. Currently, Ted is handling the play-by-play duties on Pac-10 football (and now basketball) telecasts.

Shickhaus Franks
January 12, 2013
Here's a Ted update: He's now working for the new Pac- 12 Network. Last Saturday January 5th, he did the play-by-play for the Stanford-UCLA basketball game with none other than Bruin great/NBA champion/Mr. Deadhead himself Bill Walton providing color. Let's hope that Ted will add "Sugar Magnolia" and "Box of Rain" to his playlist in the near future!

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