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Ed Coleman
Ed Coleman

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Broadcaster 1996 - 2006

Share your memories of Ed Coleman


Glen Slater
April 23, 2002
I like Ed Coleman. He doesn't take the Mets too seriously, whether doing play-by-play (which he does nicely when called upon to do so), or doing the pre-game show or post-game show on WFAN. He's low-key, and doesn't take himself too seriously. I like him. Plus, he has a similar voice to the late Bill Bixby. And everyone liked Bill Bixby, including me, and Ed Coleman liked him too, I'll bet. And I think that Bill Bixby would have liked Ed, too. So all in all, I think that Ed, Bill, and I would have all gotten along just fine. I knew you'd be interested in knowing that.

April 24, 2002
I just love Ed Coleman. I grew up listening to him on wfan. When he was on with Dave sims. I thought they had a great show going together. However, I'm glad that he is now doing stuff on the Mets because they are my favorite team. Although, I'm not nuts about this Ted Robinson guy. How the heck did he get here?

Mr. Sparkle
May 1, 2002
I love Eddie, especially when doing a report for, as LT would say, "Mike and the Mad Daaaaaawwwwwwwwgg." But I can't help but think of him reporting during the 1993 season how depressing it was to cover the Mets since they were, in the words of those *!@#$%^s Bob Klapisch and John Harper, the Worst team Money Could Buy. It was a painful season. But I would have killed to cover the Mets regardless of how bad they were. A week after that season ended (in a six game winning streak) I was yearning for a Mets game. And he was so depressed about covering a loser. Please, I could only be so lucky. I think Eddie C. is great but I was really upset after that particular report.

May 18, 2002
I did not appreciate his sulking in 1993 either. He seemed to take covering the Mets like being stuck in Siberia, back in those days. He does a fairly good job on Mets Extra (Cheese). However he seems lost doing play by play.

Joe Figliola
March 21, 2003
The thing I like about Mets broadcasters like Ed and Keith Hernandez is that they don't hold back. If they don't like something about the team or a particular player, they'll make their feelings known. So what if guys like Vaughn get upset

Also, Ed's beat reporting is honest, as opposed to Suzyn Waldman when she used to cover the other New York team. She sounded like some overaged teenage groupie. (Remember when she "attempted" to announce a Mets game in 1993? That was one of the darkest moments in the team's history.) Unlike Waldman, Ed gives a pretty good call on the radio and offers plenty of personality.

Joe Figliola
January 4, 2004
On 27 December, 2003; Ed was hosting Mad Dog's Saturday show when Joe D., this loud-mouthed, arrogant Yankee fan (probably the second most-hated FAN regular caller after the equally obnoxious Yankee lover Jerome) calls up and starts raking the Mets over the coals. He criticizes the signing of the "unknown" Kaz Matsui and said Mike Cameron will strike out "130 times a year and hit .230." He predicted a fifth place finish for the Amazin's in 2004, adding that Leiter "is another year older."

Without batting an eye, Ed calmly says to Joe D., "And when was the last time your Yankees won a championship, Joe D.?" To which, Joe D. starts stammering and stuttering on how the Yankees did not need to win championships; they just need to put a good product on the field. Coleman, again staying calm, pointed out who the Yankees owner was and what he normally expects, adding that whenever the Yankees lose a World Series or playoff, Joe D. disappears for about four months before he starts mouthing off.

I thought Coleman's handling of this meatball was professional and music to my Mets ears. I can't wait to hear how he'll handle Jerome if he is man enought to call him.

Jonathan Stern
May 10, 2004
Ed Coleman's greatest moment was the Mets Extra before the first Mets game after 9/11. He wrote and read over the air an extremely moving elegy in memory of that terrible day. His voice cracked a couple of times during his reading.

For a very brief time, I felt that Coleman praised too many Met moves (among them, Kent and Viscaino for Baegra and Espinoso) and was concerned that he was turning into a Teflon company man. As it has turned out, he did not fall into Fran Healy territory. Also unlike Fran Healy, he has become an excellent announcer. He, Gary Cohen, and Bob Murphy, confirmed for me that baseball is best enjoyed on the radio. Indeed, the Mets radio team (with the very fine Howie Rose having replaced Murph) is still the best thing about this team and may well be the finest in the entire sport. All in all, it has been a pleasure following Ed Coleman's career during the past decade and one-half.

August 18, 2005
The best. Honest, tells it like it is, and roots for the Mets but also is not a homer. When he and Gary do radio games it provides for GREAT listening. Though I also have grown to love Howie and Gary.

November 6, 2005
I love listening to Ed's interviews on Mets Extra before and after the game. It's obvious that he has the respect and trust of the players, but he never comes off as a homey.

He is smart and funny and really adds to the excellent radio team. I always go straight to the radio after a Met win to hear Mets Extra. Thanks Ed for doing a great job! Will never forget his clubhouse report after the 2000 NLCS win, it was funny and really communicated the crazy joy of that win.

Inz 41
December 28, 2005
Ed Coleman does a great job announcing Met games, one of the best they've ever had. But, when he gets on WFAN as a guest of "Mike and the Mad Dog", it's almost like someone is attacking his obviously dysfunctional family, and he has to soften the blow. They'll say something like "Kaz Matsui has been a huge disappointment, what are they gonna do with him?" Ed goes into this "Yea, yea, well, yea, but, he has been hurt, but I see what you're saying, I don't know, I mean I'm not sure, that, well, yea, yep, no question, the injury has made it tough, and he's played through it, but, yea, uh-huh, I see what you're saying... look, it's a problem they'll have to address, I mean what, when you think about it, what other options do they have right now." C'mon Ed, stop the defensive hedging, just say, "You're not kidding, that guy's been a huge bust so far! Why they paid him $8M a year is beyond me, but until they can unload him, they're stuck!" You'll see, it feels good to let it out.

December 12, 2006
I think Ed Colman is a nice guy. He happens to be the father of one of my best friends, Julia Coleman. I never actually heard him on the radio before but he is a good coach of the basketball team I play on. And he funny.

mary reilly
April 19, 2007
Ed Coleman has to be one of the best sportscasters out there. He is so kind to all the true lunatics that call in to the program. I have never heard him put anyone down or be condescending. He is what the true sports fan wants when they listen to sports. I think he should get his own show back. Some of these guys we are forced to listen to are just full of themselves. Ed is just what the fan wants and needs these days.

February 29, 2008
One of the nicest guys I've ever known!!

Mike F
April 10, 2008
Really nice guy... I was riding in the elevator with him at Shea tonight and he answered all my Mets questions and was very cordial. When we arrived on the Diamond Club level he greeted all the staff in the lobby, and everyone was very happy to see him.

August 6, 2008
Ed seems like a nice guy, but my problem with him is that he does not do his job. The way I see it, he is the WFAN beat reporter on the Mets. But listen to any of those morning or afteroon updates, when he speaks with Evan and Joe or with Mike and the Mad Dog and see if he doesn't dodge every question.

Just this morning, Evan and Joe asked him whether Church was going to come back. He said he didn't know. They asked him why Beltran was moved back to the 5 hole from the 2 hole in the lineup. Ed said he could only guess that it was because Tatis did not produce in the 5 hole and so they moved Beltran back there. They asked him why minor leaguer Niese is not being brought up to pitch on Saturday when they need someone to fill in on the rotation and he said he didn't know.

Isn't it his job to add at least a bit of insight into questions like these? If this was an isolated instance, I would understand. But I have noticed that his favorite answer to any question about what is going on with the Mets is something on the order of "your guess is as good as mine." Well, what does he do all day? Does he have any sources? Does he talk to Minaya and Manuel? Does he sniff his way around the clubhouse looking for answers? I thought that was the job of a beat reporter.

May 20, 2011
A classic fake, phony and fraud broadcaster. His utter contempt for the audience is obvious.

His constantly complaining about the length of games is sickening.

Demonstrates no love of the game or enthusiasm. Only gives minimum effort. A woefully miscast Bostonian whose arrogance is supreme. A disgrace and a miserable listen.

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