Bill Shea
Inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame, 1983
William Alfred Shea
Born: June 21, 1907 at New York, N.Y.
Died: October 2, 1991 at New York, N.Y.

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October 2, 2008
I can't believe no one has ever posted a comment on this man! It was nice to the see the Mets include his kids in the finale last weekend. I wish the Mets had somehow brought his name over to the new park--they have a Jackie Robinson rotunda, why not do something similar for Bill Shea?

I did notice this year that his name is on the wall with the retired numbers; I trust they will continue that in Citi Field, as well (I hope).

Kevin C. Delahanty, MD
October 6, 2008
My brother and I had the distinct privilege of sitting with Bill Shea at the 1970 Mayor's Trophy Game. We were in his private suite. He showed me how to use a scorecard and bought a Mets cap. On our way to the Diamond Club for a meal I met Bob Murphy in an elevator. Mr. Shea towered over Murph, who furtively looked up and quietly whispered, "Hello Mr. Shea." Mayor John Lindsay attended the game briefly. We politely declined the offer to go down and sit with the Mayor, preferring Mr. Shea's lively company. We were told later that this gesture of fealty impressed Mr. Shea.

A young kid. Four + hours with this man at a ballgame who treated us like we were kings. I would have done anything for Mr. Shea.

Still would...

October 30, 2008
Thanks for creating the Mets or at least being the smartest guy on the committee that got things done. Apparently was very modest and was against having the stadium after him.

Shickhaus Franks
February 21, 2011
The centerfield bridge at Citi Field is now known as the Bill Shea Bridge; which is a good thing considering the Wilpons wanted to make Citi a 21st century version of Ebbets Field!!!

Jonathan Stern
July 6, 2012
Bill Shea introduced the 1962 Mets after the preseason parade down the Canyon of Heroes, then said to the crowd, "Wait until we get some players." And the players... were standing next to him at the time! Still one of the great New Yorkers, especially if you are a Mets fan.

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