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Memories of
Joe Frazier
Joe Frazier
Joseph Filmore Frazier
Born: October 6, 1922 at Liberty, N.C.
Died: February 15, 2011 at Broken Arrow, Okla.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 180

Joe Frazier was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on February 18, 2011, and October 6, 2016.

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Manager 1976 - 1977

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Joe Figliola
September 28, 2001
Give the man credit; he never shied away from the media. Win or lose, I recall Joe always offering his thoughts on each game. He seemed like the type of guy that wanted to win; unfortunately, things fell apart in '77.

November 6, 2001
Great guy,very goal oriented.all I can say about the man is he was never a quitter,he was very dedicated to the game.

Jim Snedeker
November 21, 2001
Wow! How many Met fans remember them winning 86 games in 1976? Actually ten full games over .500! They wouldn't even come close to this until Davey Johnson arrived 8 years later. Weren't the '76 Mets in the pennant race at one point?

Well, who knows why they canned Joe F. He did well, certainly with what he had to work with.

May 11, 2003
No one gives him enough credit for the 76 season. I recall that he was a successful manager in Tidewater also. He must have had a falling out with the front office or something. Maybe he had some sort of radical idea, like winning, that M. Donald Grant couldn't deal with.

Bob Smola
January 4, 2004
Joe Frazier was my dad's team mate in the minor leagues. When I was a kid in Chicago, the hated Mets came to town and my dad introduced me to George Frazier. George gave me tickets to the Cubs-Mets games for three days in a row and I sat behind the 1st base dougout in 1976 amongst many Mets fans from New York. It was amazing (no pun intended) to see the Mets fans stand up and cheer every time the Mets did good on the field. I remember seeing Joe Frazier give my dad a big smile and a big hug. I was a die hard Cub fan in my youth, but for three days Joe Frazier was my hero and I cheered for the Mets in Wrigley field.

January 6, 2004
Frazier was a solid guy but he was completely unprepared to deal with the poison atmosphere that descended in '77, though that was no fault of his own. Middle-management was the wrong place to be when Seaver and the players faced off against Grant and the front office. Frazier was barely a consideration in those battles and his input meant nothing: It was all much bigger than him. He was relieved to have been fired and you can't blame him for that either. Things were going to get much worse before they got better.

Jonathan Stern
April 30, 2004
According to my father, Frazier was fired partly as a result of his having made racist remarks. I have not seen any mention of this in the history books. Anyone?

Also, what has this man been up to since 1977? Obviously, given the way 1976 went, Frazier knew more than a few things about baseball.

September 15, 2004
In the 1976 Mets yearbook, the story about him says, "When the Mets announced him as their manager, the hard-bitten Shea radio-tv-press corps said 'Joe Who?'"

30 years later, it seems they're right. Not many people remember he managed the Mets to win 86 games in 1976, only to get canned in early 1977.

Joe Frazier III
January 27, 2005
Joe Frazier Sr. is my grandfather and also my mentor. He has had quite an impact on my life over the years and still enjoys playing golf with me at the ripe old age of 83. It's a good feeling to read all of these positive remarks about his short career with the Mets. Thank you!

Eddie Z.
September 23, 2007
Hardly one of the worst managers in Mets history. He managed a 76 team that was injury riddled and lacking in relief pitching and bench depth. He was fired too early in 1977 with a 15-30 record. The Seaver-Grant feud didn't help matters.

October 14, 2008
Frazier was let go because he said racist remarks in the clubhouse. To give an idea: Let's just say, if Wilpon were there at the time, he would have been none too pleased, especially on a personal level.

December 10, 2009
Joe was a good manger. He did a lot with very little in 1976. In fairness, the Mets record was the result of a late season push. I think the racist stuff was pretext to ease him out and bring in Joe Torre, who undermined him for most of his brief tenure. Torre was essentially manager in waiting from the minute he joined the Mets in '75.

Tom Sullivan
February 20, 2011
Just found out about Joe's death on U M Database tonight. Did a good job with the 76 Mets. Rest in peace.

Old Fashioned Met
November 4, 2015
He had the same name as a famous boxing champion, but wound up getting knocked out in the middle rounds of a horrible '77 season. Joe did lead the Mets to 86 wins in 1976, which gave the team its second best record in history up to that time. It stayed that way until the Davey Johnson era began.

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