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Bill Monbouquette
vs. the Mets
Game Log Memories of
Bill Monbouquette
Bill Monbouquette
William Charles Monbouquette
Born: August 11, 1936 at Medford, Mass.
Died: January 25, 2015 at Boston, Mass.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 190

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Pitching Coach 1982 - 1983

Share your memories of Bill Monbouquette


cliff murphy
April 23, 2002
My Health teacher in High School was Monbo's cousin. One day in class we were learning about the dangers of chewing tobacco. She said that when she was a kid, Monbo was making his national television debut, and the whole family got together to watch.

During the first inning (this was while he was on the Red Sox) he called the infield around him on the mound. Eventually they went away, and nobody seemed to know why he wanted a meeting on the mound.

Turned out he was so nervous about being on TV, he'd swallowed his chew and was about to throw up. So he'd called the infield on to the mound so he could hide behind them while he ralphed all over the mound.

Feat Fan
April 24, 2002
Monbo was a good righty on some pretty bad Red Sox teams, once won 20. I remember him as a control pitcher who was hittable but kept you in the game. In '67, he had a low ERA with Yankees and I think I witnessed a cg shutout tossed at the Stadium.

May 30, 2003
I have read that "Mombo" had issues with Dick Stuart when they played with the Red Sox. It seems "Mombo" questionned Stuart's commitment to defense and it was he who monicked Stuart with the nickname "Dr. Strangeglove. Stuart of course later played for the Mets.

Larry Schaefer
February 6, 2004
Each year I umpire the Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament in June. On one of the few evenings I had free 2 years ago, a number of us decided to go to a Oneonta Tigers game in nearby Oneonta, NY. Monbo is the Tigers' pitching coach and I had a new ball in the trunk. So I approached him as he was heading to the bench before the start of the game. When I asked Monbo for his autograph I think he was a little startled that someone recognized him. He was very kind and autographed a ball for me which now sits atop my desk in my office alongside his framed baseball card.

Feat Fan
February 10, 2004
Monbo was a hard working bulldog of a right hander on some pretty poor BoSox teams. Somehow managed a 20 game win season thanks to The Monster, Dick Radatz.

If I am correct, he was on the mound in '65 vs the Yankees when Mel Stottlemyre went 5-5. Or was it that he surrended a Stot inside the park home run that dribbled behind the monuments?

A crafty righty who had some success in New York with the Yankees as a spot starter and long reliever. Great name!

Bob P
February 10, 2004
Feat Fan, you come up with some great memories! On Tuesday, July 20, 1965 Stot and Monbo faced each other at Yankee Stadium and Mel hit an inside-the-park grand slam off Monboquette in the bottom of the fifth inning. The Yankees won the game, 6-3.

Feat Fan
April 1, 2004
Monmbo took the mound on 9-25-65 vs the KC Athletics and tossed a cg win, his 10th of the year for the lowly Bosox. He was opposed by a veteran that day.

Satchel Paige pitched his first major league game at age 42 and threw a shutout at age 46. And as far as anyone could tell, Satchel was 60 years old when he came out of retirement to make his final big league appearance in this game. He pitched three scoreless innings against the Red Sox and allowed only one hit to fellow future Hall of Famer, Carl Yastrzemski.

August 27, 2005
I was a White Sox fan (pathetic, I know) in 1962, and saw "Monbo" no hit the White Sox in Comiskey Park on August 1st, 1962. It was a major thrill for a 15 year old. He allowed only one walk, and one deep fly ball to right field, both early in the game. I think Nellie Fox made the final out, and Little Nell almost always made contact with the ball. That was a tense moment. Thanks, Monbo, for giving me, and all of us, such a thrill.

Pete Hamner
August 28, 2007
I played for Monbo in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1976. We were pretty much horrible, but boy we had a good time. Monbo was a tough s.o.b. That big right forearm, the stories he had were priceless. The one thing he taught me which I've passed on to my son is "the hitter is there to take money out of your pocket, so screw him." Also, "the best 0-2 pitch is right under the chin." Monbo, if you read this, I'm doing good. Those were some long bus rides huh?

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