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Omar Minaya
Omar Teodoro Antonio Minaya
Born: November 10, 1958

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • General Manager 2004 - 2010

Share your memories of Omar Minaya


Won Doney
April 1, 2005
One thing that I like about Omar is that he isn't doing that thing that Steve Phillips did that really annoyed me. Steve Phillips had a habit of being too cautious when it came to making deals for some players but not cautious enough with others. That's why we never got A-Rod and why we ended up with Mo Vaughn. We'll see how Pedro performs, but Steve Phillips would have never been able to sign Carlos Beltran.

April 6, 2005
Never should've let him leave for the Expos in the first place

original mets
June 3, 2005
Omar's moves have brought the Mets back to respectability. His foresight in bringing Pedro and Beltran have given the new Mets a new image. Keep it up Omar! You are great!

Rich K
June 16, 2005
I think getting Omar Minaya was the best move in Mets history. He is a guy who is bringing the Mets class, chemistry and respectability. Not only that but his moves this past winter are in the process of knocking off those hated Yanks and making the Mets New York's team!

Putbeds 1986
April 8, 2006
So far, so good in 2006 (except for Wednesday night). I am a life-long Mets fan and Omar has to be the best GM the Mets ever had since Cashen, period. I talk baseball with people and some of them don't like the fact that the Mets have too many Latinos on their roster. I get into arguments with them and I tell them, I don't care what color their skin is, or what language they speak. I look at talent period. I have told them if they don't like the changing face of professional baseball, they can watch NASCAR or lacrosse.

Jose Caputo
July 28, 2006
My memories of Omar Minaya go back to the Little League Baseball with the Corona Red Wings. Even then Omar was a great Leader also was the team captain. Omar will bring us the Latin Dream Team. Omar I am very proud of you. Keep up the great work.

Elizabeth C
August 16, 2006
When I was a little girl Omar and my brother were best friends and they played on the same baseball team. I remember him as being as gentle as a lamb, sweet as honey and passionate about baseball.

fred devito
October 20, 2006
I played rookie ball with Omar in Bend, Oregon. We were roommates. Great person.

February 4, 2007
I happened to meet Omar Minaya on his first ever goodwill tour to Ghana at a ceremony in the port city of Tema, in Ghana. Omar watched little kids and senior boys play baseball in Ghana and he promised to help develop the game in Ghana.

This is the first time a personality of MLB has ever come to Ghana. If he (Omar) maintains his promise to develop the game in Ghana then I think Omar will be a hero not only in Santo Domingo or the U.S. but far away in Africa. Because you can find good baseball players in Ghana (from 6-27 years of age).

It's my wish that Omar Minaya will bring happiness to the baseball players of Ghana. I had the chance to tell him "bienvenido Sr. Minaya a Ghana, le deseo una feliz estancia." He requested for some fresh coconut which I offered him. It was great to meet Omar Minaya in Ghana.

March 16, 2007
Whether playing touch football or basketball on the asphalt surface of PS 19 in Queens, or watching another runner getting thrown out as they tried stealing second base at Newtown High School, Omar Minaya was always a massive star locally. Once named Newtown's Iron Horse, the "Big O" delivered regardless of his circumstances and upbringing!

Omar makes us proud of all his accomplishments. He has placed Corona on the world map and will certainly help place the Mets in the World Series, as they one day will become World Champs!

Omar Minaya: The Man on a Mission!

william vazquez aka mr met
March 31, 2007
Omar, thumbs up; you are doing a great job. I remember Omar as a great young man. I always looked up to him while I was growing up in Elmhurst. Omar was dating Jackie, my freind and teammate's sister. Omar would come out to our game every now and then. He would always throw on the glove and warm me up before I would take the mound. He nicknamend me Mr. Met. Who was to guess he would one day me the big boss at Shea?

Skip Walton
April 5, 2007
I like some of the trades he's made for the Mets. Getting Maine for Benson as an example. I like the way he is reinvesting in the Mets farm system instead of wasting money on mediocre talent that was out there this year.

But what I'm about to say is a message to all General Managers, especially Omar Minaya. Why the hell do you have to go Ghana to find baseball players? The biggest outbed for baseball is right here in the states. There are plenty of NCAA college guys that could play pro ball if given the chance, but the cheapskate owners have no loyalty to America and would rather sign 20 foreigners for a $100,000(in most cases all will be busts)release them and then they become illegals.

It is a shame that MLB does not take a greater interest in developing American baseball talent, they throw their money in the toilet with RBI programs and inner city schemes. Most of the those kids don't like baseball, invest where the will and talent is. Of course people like Minaya, Wilpon, and Selig don't care about developing American talent just making sure you spend $200 a game and letting networks enforce those KGB style blackouts.

Mets fan in Maine
October 6, 2007
Until this past off-season Minaya did an excellent job building the Mets. However, his decisions for the now-disastrous 2007 season were mostly terrible.

On the good side, Alou had a great season...when he wasn't injured. And he's 41. Marlon Anderson did a great job as a pinch-hitter. Luis Castillo was all right, but he's definitely on the downside of his career (and Ruben Gotay was doing well at second base).

But the bad moves certainly outweigh the good ones. Look at the relievers the Mets got rid of and their 2007 ERAs: Chad Bradford 3.34, Darren Oliver 3.78, Royce Ring 2.70, Heath Bell 2.02, Matt Lindstrom 3.37. Now look at the ERAs of the bullpen guys new in 2007: Schoeneweiss 5.03, Sele 5.37, Sosa 4.47, Burgos 3.42 (but he only pitched in 17 games, didn't do well at New Orleans, and is probably out for at least a year). Only Joe Smith did well, and for a while he was exiled to AAA. Oh yeah, Mota was re-signed and had an ERA of 5.76.

The Mets traded starter Brian Bannister, who went 12- 9 and 3.87 for the lowly Royals. Here are the records of the Mets' miscellaneous fifth starters (not counting Pedro Martinez): Mike Pelfrey 3-8 5.57, Brian Lawrence 1-2 6.83, Jason Vargas 0-1 12.19, Phil Humber 0-0 7.71, Dave Williams 0-1 22.85, Chan Ho Park 0-1 15.75. That's 4-13 compared to Bannister's 12-9.

Acquisitions David Newhan and Ben Johnson didn't hit at all.

Let's hope Minaya makes some better decisions for 2008.

October 27, 2007
2007 was definitely a wakeup call for Omar. One thing I like about Omar is that he always seems to learn from his mistakes. Take the disastrous Bartolo Colon trade...never, ever trade high upside prospects for a rental. The two 2007 rentals in Luis Castillo and Jeff Conine were obtained for peanuts (the best player we lost was Single A Advanced outfielder Dustin Martin). The lone 2006 rental, Roberto Hernandez, also had to be included with someone else...that someone turned out to be Oliver Perez. Hopefully he'll recognize that trading a guy in his late 20's for a guy in his early 20's (Lindstrom/Vargas) regardless of prior stats is a mistake. Or that a pressing need doesn't have to be executed immediately if the offer seems iffy (Bell/Johnson and Adkins).

Harvey Lisman
December 6, 2007
Omar has done some good things and some bad things but, if he trades Carlos Gomez for a mediocre starter -- he has to go. That would show that he has no clue, in regard to future talent.

January 6, 2008
Minaya is an ego trippin, media hoe who makes questionable moves just to make moves. He was at fault from the Mets 2007 debacle, not Willie Randolph. Willie should not have been taken to task over the Metropolitans late season slide. Omar brought in those incompetent relievers, not Willie. You work with the hand you are dealt. The 2006 bullpen was awesome. Minaya, blind as a bat either traded away or refused to re-sign those capable relief pitchers. Why was Mota brought back and Heath Bell not? What is the deal regarding LoDuca, Floyd, Milledge, Royce Ring etc...? Minaya could not manage his way out of a paper bag. The Wilpons need to hire a new GM.

Jonathan Stern
March 13, 2008
A number of people complain that Minaya favors Latin ballplayers. In truth, Latin ballplayers dominate the baseball world and Minaya relies on them no more than do other GMs. Unfortunately, his real problem is his penchant for signing geezers. The Mets are easily the oldest team in baseball and it could come back to bite us.

I don't care if the team is predominantly purple and over 50, just so long as it wins. After a rebuilding year (2005), we had a postseason choke (2006) and a regular season choke (2007). Right now, we might be having a Spring Training choke.

September 25, 2008
Minaya is a disaster. His hiring of Randolph and his delay in firing Randolph were racially motivated.

He is a con man. He owes his job and his rumored four year extension to the bottomless stupidity of the Wilpons.

if I ever meet this guy, I'll shake his hand. He is the most successful con man in baseball history.

Kevin C. Delahanty, MD
September 30, 2008
It's time to go.

You, and you alone, are responsible for assembling a group of very expensive sub-par baseball players most of whom cannot physically play an entire season.

Take your responsibility, and leave.

Kevin C. Delahanty, MD
January 26, 2009
I see Omar has signed two mid-30s players of very questionable remaining talent to multi-million dollar contracts, (Alex Cora and Freddy Garcia).

Where does the employment line start? I gotta get me a slice of this action. Apparently talent has nothing to do with the financial rewards Mr. Minaya wishes to dole out.

Who wudda thunk there was a recession goin' on?

October 11, 2009
Dismantling what was the best bullpen after 2006, not getting a needed solid starter for 2007, trading Lastings Milledge for two part-time players, not getting bullpen help after Billy Wagner went down mid- season last year, not signing Raul Ibanez, signing Tim Redding over re-signing Pedro Martinez, and then blaming a NY Daily News Writer for helping get the assistant GM fired. PLEASE FIRE OMAR NOW!

Feat Fan
December 23, 2009
Ok, lemme understand this....Phillies get Halladay, Angels get Lackey, Yankees get Vasquez, Expos ( or Senators) get Marquis and we get some guy named Dickey! It figures, between this and the Jets, I'm beginning to think that it's time to get into hockey.

February 3, 2011
After much fanfare and jubilant celebration, the now former Met GM's reputation has devolved from being "Omar Minaya- The Met Messiah" to "Omar Minaya - The Met Pariah."

My how the mighty are fallen. (Do you know what I'm saying?)

Jonathan Stern
August 31, 2011
The job overwhelmed him. The Wilpons, the media, steroids, fights behind the scenes, the big money contracts, etc. I don't know whether most people would have crumbled like he did, given all of those factors and more, but he was clearly in over his head, and not all of that can be blamed on others. It will be interesting to see what job(s) he will have in the future. No manager or GM hired by Fred Wilpon since he assumed full ownership has been hired to the same jobs since Wilpon let them go.

The Mets almost won a pennant during his tenure as GM.

Anthony Robert
August 11, 2015
When you consider that the whole Madoff mess happened during his tenure, and that lot of the current players such as Dan Murphy and Lucas Duda were drafted under him, he really was not a bad GM. Despite what I said at first to the contrary, he was better overall than Steve Phillips.

Dan the Man
August 11, 2015
There is this perception among Mets fans then and probably now that Omar was nothing more than a babbling idiot. But let's evaluate, takes over a team in chaos and then two years later in 2006 he gets them pretty close to the pennant. Despite the epic collapses the next two years, there was still competitive baseball being played in September.

Even though the next two years (2009 and 2010) finished in disappointment, I really believe Omar's hands were tied by ownership on what he could and couldn't do. Not all his fault. I believe he was purposely put in situations to make him look bad.

Currently in 2015 all of the Mets young pitching talent was drafted by Omar not the "Harvard genius" who is taking all the credit.

One last thing, there was a bit Imus used to have where Rob Bartlett would gave hilarious impersonations of Omar. Omar was apparently a big fan and one day joined Rob while he roasted him. Can you see "The Genius" having a personality like that?

Shickhaus Franks
December 25, 2015
Good article in the Bergen Record about Omar's son Justin who happens to be a pretty good high school....BASKETBALL player and he's being recruited by a few Division 1 teams even though he's a junior. Feliz Navidad, Omar.

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