Joe McDonald
Joe McDonald

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Director of Scouting 1967
  • Director of Minor League Operations 1968 - 1971
  • Director of Player Development Operations 1972
  • Director of Minor League Operations 1973 - 1974
  • General Manager 1975 - 1979
  • Vice President 1979

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blue and orange 4 ever
June 3, 2005
This guy was a clerk in the Brooklyn Dodgers front office. He also was the GM of the Mets when they traded Tom Seaver in June of 1977. There have been stories that he could have traded Seaver to Los Angeles some time before for Don Sutton and Pedro Guerrero, but he turned it down. His son, when he was on WFAN, denied that story in defense of his father. I think he went on to work for Detroit after he left the Mets.

Jonathan Stern
June 16, 2005
In his memoirs, Tug McGraw referred to his trade to Philadelphia as a "Jack Daniels" trade. Two GMs get together over drinks and OOPS! a deal is made. I don't know if that's true, but it's never smart to trade a quality guy to a team in your own division. Much though we like John "Awesome Name" Stearns, the Phillies got the better of that deal.

Steve Rogers
July 9, 2005
Joseph Anthony Alyolisus McDonald Senior. Baseball lifer, still scouting down in Florida for the Rockies I believe right now. Course his son Jody worked at WFAN in New York and WIP in Philly for a lot of years, now on Sirrus Satilite radio. Here's to the man who was "forced" to make many a bad deal thanks to M. Donald Grant.

Dan Mancilian
December 23, 2005
Funny thing is that despite Joe Jr.'s effort to rehab his dad's reputation, you can't say anything but Joe McDonald was a horrible GM. Bad trades and horrible drafts are his legacy.

Junior tells of cheap ownership, maybe, but the Seaver trade was awful, and the Dodger trade was a real offer.

Junior likes to build up his dad's record by suggesting that he was with the Tigers in '84 and later with the Cards in the late 80's. Those teams won with Senior on the payroll, but thankfully for those fans, Joe Sr. was not making deals.

Want to get Junior riled up, call him on any radio show he does and throw his dad under the bus and thank him for ruining the Mets for years. Very funny stuff, I've done on at least 3 occasions.

Gary G.
October 1, 2008
Joe McDonald scouted and assembled a miracle team that won the World Series in 69 and had them winning in the early 70s. Compared to where they were early on before he got there he did an outstanding job. Some of the later year trades were forced by the owner. Nothing happens without owner approval....don't forget that.

andy from chicago
August 9, 2010
While McDonald rightly or wrongly gets the blame for having to carry out the Midnight Massacre trades of Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman in 1977, he should get some credit for leading an organization that produced Mike Scott, Jeff Reardon, Neil Allen, Jesse Orosco, Wally Backman and Hubie Brooks, all of whom were drafted while he was GM.

Michael K
September 27, 2010
Andy from Chicago - As a correction, Jesse Orosco was not drafted by the GM. He was acquired from the Minnesota Twins in the Jerry Koosman deal.

October 17, 2015
I still have a Mets bullpen jacket that Joe McDonald gave to my father in 1970. My dad had a shop in Manhattan's meat-packing district and McDonald was a customer, at least that's the story my dad told me. My guess is that they both used the same back-door bookie. McDonald developed a lot of great players and was set up as a scapegoat during his GM tenure. He deserves to be remembered for the more successful parts of his legacy.

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