Cookie Rojas
vs. the Mets
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Cookie Rojas
Cookie Rojas
Octavio Victor Rivas Rojas
Born: March 6, 1939 at Havana, Cuba
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.10 Weight: 160

Cookie Rojas was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 6, 2016.

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Coach 1997 - 2000

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flushing flash
January 20, 2002
I'll always remember Cookie going completely apesh*t over that fly ball down the line in the playoff series against Arizona in 1999. I was listening to the game on the radio and I wished I could have seen it, it must have been quite a sight. He bumped the umpire and got himself a five game suspension. Bobby V prominently hung his jersey in the dugout for the five games he missed against the Braves. This also proved to me that Bobby V really dosen't give a rat's ass what any authority figure thinks about him. I like him a lot for that.

Stan Stan The Milkman
January 25, 2002
Cookie's ears were among the best in Mets history. Only Hawk Taylor and Alvin Luplow had better. I miss the Cookster and the extreme closeups of Bob Apodaca in the dugout.

April 6, 2002
This is an old time memory-back with the Phillies. Cookie was just one amazing fielder, catching the impossible line drives and running all over the field. I was at the game when he pitched for his only time. The Phillies were losing (ahem). Cookie was doing his usual outstanding fielding. We had gone through quite a few pitchers in that game when the crowd (who loved Cookie but he never got any real credit) started chanting "Let Cookie pitch" in about the seventh inning. The chant (coming from everyone-over and over) continued on and on until finally, in the ninth inning Gene Mauch let Cookie pitch, pitching being the only position he had not yet played and we were well aware of it.

Scott Coppenbarger
September 30, 2003
If ever there was a baseball hero, Cookie Rojas tops the charts. He probably does not remember his kindness to a kid with a leg brace, but I always will. I was that kid he took time to visit with as I was getting fit for my orthopaedic shoes. He was signing autographs at a shoe store on The Plaza in Kansas City before his All-Star appearance in Kansas City in 1973. My father, Charles Coppenbarger Sr. and I walked in as he was greeting customers at a podium. He signed an "All Star Tips from Cookie Rojas" flier and my dad and I sat down to get fitted. A few minutes later, he came over with the bat that was on the display behind the podium. He signed it. Starstruck, my dad, a backhoe operator and I melted. We couldn't believe he would be so kind. He later returned. I'll never forget as he leaned over to me and asked me if I'd been to a ball game that season. I told him I had not (we couldn't afford it}. He asked if we wanted to, and of course I said yes. At that point, my hero to this day, pulled out two tickets to the All-Star game and gave them to my dad and me. I remember sitting in seats surrounded by a bunch of Cubans cheering on that champion of the double play. (You can't forget Freddie Patek!)

In my years as a journalist, I've met a few famous people. But to a kid with a bad hip and a leg brace, Cookie Rojas is a highlight of my life. A true champion and hero in a sports world that truly lacks his character. I am proud to be a brief moment in his life. He'll spend an eternity with me.

October 21, 2004
The most spherical pot belly I've ever seen in polyester. When I first became a fan, he was still active with the Royals -- but the man just must love to eat.

Jonathan stern
June 17, 2005
Ya gotta love anyone named Cookie. I wonder how he got that name. Looked a little like the Pillsbury Doughboy when he coached 3B for us, and did an excellent job doing so during what proved to be one of the most successful periods in Mets history. As a player, he had great years in KC (where Fran Healy was his teammate), but is probably most remembered for his association with the 1964 Phillies (where Dallas Green and Bobby Wine were his teammates).

He left along with other coaches after the 2000 World Series. As can clearly be seen in hindsight, they all fled a sinking ship.

Jamey Bumbalo
August 7, 2007
I love Scott Coppenbarger's posting about Cookie. Wow! I always collected Rojas' baseball cards because I loved that a player had the nickname Cookie. I always loved watching him coach third for the Mets, especially when he lost his cool. He gets my vote for the portliest third base coach ever.

May 24, 2014
Cookie had one of the all-time coolest baseball cards in 1971, turning the DP over a sliding runner.

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