Guy Conti
Guy Clyde Conti
Born: March 9, 1942 at Pittsburgh, Pa.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 195

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Bullpen Coach 2005 - 2008

Guy Conti managed the following Mets farm team:
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Clyde Conti
December 28, 2005
Guy has always been my sports hero. He was a 3 sport star at Freeport High school in Pennsylvania. He's been a college football assistant coach, and a college head baseball and basketball coach. He is credited with taking a young Pedro Martinez under his wing. I was thrilled to be able to sit next to the Mets bullpen in Pittsburgh last year for the 3-game series with the Bucs, along with my two sons.

John Gifford
March 16, 2007
My son and I have attended Spring Training games in March for two years straight and have had the good fortune of having seats right in front of the Mets bullpen down the third base line. Guy is usually there starting about 1/2 hr before the game and is one of the nicest, friendliest people you'll ever meet. He's very personable, tells great stories, listens to questions you ask him and always has a thoughtful answer. He's great with kids and has given away many baseballs to young and old fans alike. He's a great ambassador for the game - thanks Guy!

tom nelson
March 18, 2008
Guy was visiting my son's school (The Benjamin School, in North Palm Beach, Fla) several years ago. The head coach at the time (Coach Nelson, no relation to me) allowed Guy to take over the practice, and HOLY SMOKES, the school team was presented for the first time in their young baseball careers with how a full, no-frills, exciting, no one standing around bored, very fulfilling, productive practice should be run. My son has used that day as his ruler for measuring his coaches' practices since. He has yet to see anyone who comes close. Guy even showed up a couple of days later in Vero Beach to see the team play in one of their away games. Mr. Conti, from a father whose son you left such a positive impression on, I can't thank you enough. Your kindness and willingness to share your baseball knowledge in the most absolute truest, and sincerest form with young players, causes me to let others know what a stellar individual you are. Sincerely Tom.

Tom Virag
February 16, 2009
I had the pleasure of playing with Guy for two years during the summers of 1959 and 1960. We played for Freeport, Pa. American Legion. Guy was a real sparkplug of the team and was a guy that I always looked up to. He was truly "Mr. Hustle" all the time and set very high standards for his teammates. I am so happy to see Guy follow his heart and love for baseball by staying with the sport throughout his life. He has a respect and love for the game that sparkles in his eyes and it is contagious to anyone who is around him. I thank Guy for the fond memories that he has given me of our youthful playing days back in Freeport, Pa.

mike santeramo
April 24, 2009
I have worked at Shea for 25 years and from the time that Guy came he was a gentleman. I worked the players' parking lot and had to deal with him daily as well as his wife and children. The whole family is top notch. I will surely miss him this season at Citi Field. Love ya, Guy.

Rick Ward
May 15, 2009
I played high school football for "Gus" at Northwestern High School in Albion, Pa. in 1966. Great guy and a tremendous communicator of his knowledge and passion for whatever sport was in season. Memories of pre-game dinners at his house after school on Friday nights (so parents from the country, who had chores to do only had to make one trip to the school) are just examples of a dedicated coach. Thanks "Gus."

kelly graham
March 22, 2011
Mr. Conti was my football coach at Northwestern High School in 1966-1969. He was a tough son of a bitch during practice. He was also our driving training instructor and I would go along on the rides with him while he taught driving. We would go over the football game coming up that Friday. I remember one time while going under the west Springfield underpass the girl driving, can't remember who she was, took her hands off the wheel and started to scream. Guy grabbed the steering wheel in front of him and had to finish driving through the underpass. It was crazy.

John Pulice
March 29, 2012
Guy was a good friend of mine in Erie, PA McDowell High School and we had a lot in common. Guy's daughter was Homecoming Queen and so was my daughter Holli. I remember Guy from Edinboro University. I am still a trustee AT Edinboro. I WAS just wondering what is he doing now for I am in Dunedin, FL for the winter and go to see the Blue Jays camp and look at their young players to see who is going to stay and the ones who will leave for Vegas.

Dave (Mouse) Matejczyk
August 28, 2012
Guy Conti is fantastic. I first met Coach Conti when his wife was our librarian at Cambridge Springs High School, and his son played on the Edinboro Little League. I was 15 umpiring a game. After the game, Guy gave me some pointers on where to position myself to make the right call. Later I worked at Alliance College as the SID. That same year Guy took the Edinboro State Basketball team to the NAIA National Playoffs. Last year I had the privilege of watching the Mets Dominican Summer League team with my son, thanks to Guy! He is well known in the DR. Guy Conti is wonderful.

Karen L. (Frombach) Duffy
August 29, 2012
Mr. Conti, Good to see you!! I went to Northwestern high school in Albion, Pa. A friend of mine (Russell Griffis) told me that you were the Bullpen Coach for the N.Y. Mets. Well, I now live on Long Island for the past 35 years. I wish that I had known this then when you were the coach. I would've looked you up!! You were my driver's Education teacher. No one can forget your face. You were a very nice teacher and a coach to others. I hope Mr. Conti is doing well whatever and wherever he may be today. Thanks for being such a wonderful person.

Peter Rotko
February 27, 2013
Never had Mr. Conti as a coach as I was runner (cross country and Track) but I had him for a teacher. He signed my reduction slip (insurance) for Drivers Education even though I never went out and drove as required. GREAT Guy (no pun intended)

Ross Arcuri
July 27, 2015
I went to Edinboro to play basketball for coach Conti. I ended up quitting and it was a mistake. Coach Conti and I would always play racquetball. He was a tremendous player. I always had a lot of respect for coach. Hope all is well.

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