Josh Lewin
Josh Lewin

Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Broadcaster: Radio 2012 - 2018

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Jonathan Stern
March 31, 2012
I attended the University of Rochester as an undergrad. During those years, Josh Lewin was the voice of the Rochester Red Wings. I listened to a number of games on 1180 WHAM and really enjoyed his work. I was also pleased to see him call games for FOX as well. So far, at least based on some spring training games, he has been a significant improvement over Wayne Hagin, and I hope he is here for as long as he wants to be here. However, the Mets have signed him to only a one-year contract, and a look at his resume indicates that, for whatever reason, he has been an announcer with a short shelf life. Lewin also sings and plays keyboards with a rock band, among other things.

Shickhaus Franks
April 6, 2012
I miss Wayne Hagan but from what I have heard so far from Josh is NOT bad for starters. Worked his way through college by playing the piano; maybe he can play the Star Spangled Banner before a game at Citi Field but NOT everyone is happy with him, Nolan Ryan reportedly fired him from his Texas Rangers gig because he was too comical on the microphone.

community chest
April 6, 2012
Is he Howie's new sidekick? No more of Wayne Hagin's uncanny imitations of Al Gore? Well, after one game, the comparison that comes to mind is Lee Tracy, an old Hollywood actor. I turned on the game after the introductions were made, and I naturally assumed that Tracy had been reanimated from the dead and placed in the booth with Howie. This guy sounds exactly like him.

community chest
September 18, 2012
Now that this disappointing season is concluding, I'd like to write a follow-up post to the one I made on Josh at the beginning of the season. I listen to almost all of my Mets games on the radio, and I've heard Howie and Josh broadcast about half the games for the last five months. I feel that Josh Lewin is so awful behind the mic as to make Wayne Hagin sound like a genius by comparison. The problem with Josh is manifold: he often sounds confused as to what precisely is happening on the field; he peppers his commentary with pop culture references that are liable to be inaccessible to a large segment of the listening audience; and, most egregiously, he will offer the most arcane number-crunching comparisons in order to keep pace with the more fluent and knowledgeable Howie Rose. Say, for example, Justin Turner comes off the bench in the 7th inning on a Thursday night to pinch hit with two runners on. Before Turner even arrives in the batter's box, Josh will be telling you the batting average of all National League right- handed pinch hitters who have hit in the seventh inning on a Thursday night with two runners on since 1900. And if the right fielder happens to be blowing his nose before Turner swings the bat, Josh will give you the "metric" on all hitting situations for right handed batters in the 7th inning while the right fielder is blowing his nose on a Thursday night when the moon is in Pisces and the concession stand has run out of peanuts and so on and so forth. Howie will speak from encyclopedic Mets experience and Josh, unable to match him, will resort to the computer he has in front of him to provide information that is utterly useless and irrelevant to one's enjoyment of the game.

Sorry for going on and on, but I want this man on a bus out of town post-haste.

January 4, 2013
I live in Maine and have been a Mets radio fan for many many years. I liked Hagin's VOICE and, by comparison, Lewin is the worst I have EVER heard. (Ok, Fran Healy on tv was the WORST ever.) Let's give this clown the boot and get a guy with PIPES.

community chest
May 26, 2014
One of the advantages of Kirk Nieuwenhuis's demotion to the minors is that we no longer have to listen to Josh refer to him as "Captain Kirk." This blessing is neutralized, however, by his insistence on calling Eric Campbell "Soup."

The point I'm trying to make is that if you look up the word "witless" in the dictionary, you are likely to find a picture of Josh Lewin.

And he is still reeling off insane, meaningless, computer-researched stats in every broadcast. When Josh reels off these lunatic stats, I have the impression that he isn't human at all but is an extension of the computer he's using, or a malfunctioning robot like Ian Holm spinning out of control in ALIEN, or Paula Prentiss spilling the coffee in THE STEPFORD WIVES.

The team is playing lousy baseball, and yet the Mets insist on increasing the fans' suffering by subjecting us to Josh Lewin.

Hot Foot
June 10, 2014
I think it's hilarious that community chest compares Josh Lewin to Ian Holm's character in Alien, "Ash," because of the constant reeling off of statistics. I think it's a very apt comparison and I can totally imagine Lewin malfunctioning just like Ian Holm did in Alien.

Joking aside, it seemed this offseason that the Mets were shopping for a replacement for him- I know the name Darryl Hamilton was mentioned as a possible replacement- possibly Cliff Floyd too. I know that during spring training, Howie Rose did a game with Scott Graham (an ex-Phillies announcer), and Graham wasn't bad.

Generally, I like Lewin- he can make a great call (such as Ike's walk-off slam) and I think he's good with play-by-play when he does it. However, I also think he goes overboard with the stats and moreover, he tends to get too silly. Sometimes the radio booth starts to resemble a standup comedy act instead of a baseball game broadcast. If something funny happens during the game (like Ruben Tejada getting hit by a pitch), then I say it's okay to laugh and make jokes. But only if it has something to do with the game. Many times he goes off on weird comedy tangents and Howie has to get him back on track.

I also agree with a previous poster that his voice isn't great... but I will say this- he's not boring. I would hate to see the Mets give him the boot only to replace him with someone like (god forbid) Steve Phillips.

Shickhaus Franks
December 29, 2015
Remember when Deion "PRIME TIME" Sanders in October 1992 played an NFL game in the afternoon (Falcons at Dolphins) and then showed up for the NLCS in Pittsburgh that night (Braves at Pirates)? Josh did double duty on November 1, 2015 when he did the San Diego Chargers (AS A SIDENOTE: I HOPE THEY DON'T MOVE TO LOS ANGELES) at Baltimore Ravens game at 1:00 pm and then flew back to New York to do Game 5 of the World Series with Howie. Alas, it was not a great day for the Chargers (they lost) or the Mets (we all know what happened...) But to announce 2 sports in one day is an amazing feat!

Eric Tartaglione
June 20, 2016
For the most part, I enjoy Josh Lewin. I find his jokes corny but all in all, he does a very professional job

community chest
July 15, 2016
Josh has added a new wrinkle to his shtick. Nowadays he is making an effort to mix baseball anecdotes he has read and memorized from the Internet with his over-reliance on esoteric number-crunching. His delivery suggests that he has no personal memory of what he is talking about. If you think this might provide relief from his longstanding and intolerable stat-obsession, try to imagine a law school student stealing and memorizing the answers to the final exam, and then still flunking the exam.

March 3, 2017
Community on assessment!

I guess the powers that be like him though, as he appears to be a fixture on WOR.

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