Mets Walkoff Wins and Losses
The games listed on this page include both regular-season and post-season games.

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The Mets record in the selected games is 414 wins and 452 losses.

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Date Opponent W/L Score Innings Batter Pitcher Fielder Ending Play
05/12/1962Milwaukee Braves W8-79Gil HodgesHank FischerHome Run, 1 rbi
05/12/1962Milwaukee Braves W3-29Hobie LandrithWarren SpahnHome Run, 2 rbi
05/15/1962Chicago Cubs W6-513Hobie LandrithCal KoonceWalk, 1 rbi
05/16/1962Chicago Cubs W6-511Felix MantillaGlen HobbieSingle, 1 rbi
05/26/1962San Francisco Giants L7-610Willie MaysJay HookHome Run, 2 rbi
06/06/1962Philadelphia Phillies L2-19Wes CovingtonCraig AndersonSingle, 1 rbi
06/10/1962Chicago Cubs L5-410Andre RodgersKen MacKenzieDouble, 1 rbi
06/12/1962Houston Colt .45's L3-29Joey AmalfitanoCraig AndersonSingle, 1 rbi
06/27/1962Pittsburgh Pirates L6-510Bob SkinnerRoger CraigSingle, 1 rbi
06/28/1962Los Angeles Dodgers L5-413Frank HowardKen MacKenzieDouble, 1 rbi
07/07/1962St. Louis Cardinals W5-49Marv ThroneberryErnie BroglioHome Run, 2 rbi
07/22/1962Cincinnati Reds L4-39Marty KeoughRoger CraigHome Run, 1 rbi
07/24/1962Milwaukee Braves L5-412Del CrandallBob MillerHome Run, 1 rbi
08/04/1962Cincinnati Reds W3-214Frank ThomasMoe DrabowskyHome Run, 1 rbi
08/11/1962Cincinnati Reds L2-19Leo CardenasJay HookSingle, 1 rbi
08/21/1962Pittsburgh Pirates W5-49Marv ThroneberryRoy FaceHome Run, 3 rbi
08/29/1962Philadelphia Phillies L3-210Don DemeterJay HookSingle, 1 rbi
09/08/1962Houston Colt .45's L6-510Carl WarwickRoger CraigWild Pitch
09/08/1962Houston Colt .45's L4-39Bob AspromonteCraig AndersonSingle, 1 rbi
09/14/1962Cincinnati Reds W10-99Choo Choo ColemanJ. KlippsteinHome Run, 1 rbi
09/23/1962Chicago Cubs W2-19Frank ThomasBob AndersonSingle, 1 rbi
04/14/1963Milwaukee Braves L1-010Ty ClineRoger CraigSingle, 1 rbi
04/15/1963Milwaukee Braves L4-39Lee MayeTracy StallardHome Run, 2 rbi
04/19/1963Milwaukee Braves W5-49Ron HuntClaude RaymondDouble, 2 rbi
05/08/1963Philadelphia Phillies W3-29Ed KranepoolJack BaldschunDouble, 1 rbi
05/09/1963Philadelphia Phillies W3-29Cliff CookJ. KlippsteinWild Pitch
05/17/1963San Francisco Giants L4-311Joey AmalfitanoRoger CraigHome Run, 1 rbi
05/19/1963Los Angeles Dodgers L4-213Frank HowardKen MacKenzieHome Run, 2 rbi
06/02/1963Pittsburgh Pirates W4-310Jim HickmanRoy FaceHome Run, 1 rbi
06/02/1963Pittsburgh Pirates W2-110Ron HuntRoy FaceJerry LynchError
06/07/1963St. Louis Cardinals W3-29Duke SniderDiomedes OlivoHome Run, 3 rbi
06/26/1963Chicago Cubs W8-614Tim HarknessJim BrewerHome Run, 4 rbi
06/29/1963Pittsburgh Pirates L4-39Bob BaileyLarry BearnarthWalk, 1 rbi
07/04/1963Chicago Cubs L2-19Ken HubbsRoger CraigNorm SherryError
07/16/1963Houston Colt .45's W4-39Norm SherryHal WoodeshickSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/1963San Francisco Giants W9-711Joe HicksDon LarsenHome Run, 2 rbi
07/19/1963Philadelphia Phillies L2-19Roy SieversRoger CraigHome Run, 2 rbi
07/24/1963San Francisco Giants L4-39Jim DavenportAl JacksonDouble, 2 rbi
08/09/1963Chicago Cubs W7-39Jim HickmanLindy McDanielHome Run, 4 rbi
08/20/1963Philadelphia Phillies L2-112Tony TaylorLarry BearnarthSingle, 1 rbi
08/27/1963Pittsburgh Pirates L2-19Manny MotaGalen CiscoJoe ChristopherError
09/01/1963Milwaukee Braves W6-416Tim HarknessBobby TiefenauerHome Run, 2 rbi
04/26/1964Pittsburgh Pirates L4-39Roberto ClementeLarry BearnarthSingle, 1 rbi
04/29/1964St. Louis Cardinals L4-311Jeoff LongLarry BearnarthWalk, 1 rbi
05/08/1964St. Louis Cardinals W5-49Joe ChristopherBobby ShantzSingle, 1 rbi
05/16/1964San Francisco Giants L6-415Jim DavenportGalen CiscoHome Run, 2 rbi
06/09/1964Chicago Cubs W6-512Jesse GonderLindy McDanielSingle, 1 rbi
07/09/1964St. Louis Cardinals W4-39Frank ThomasCurt SimmonsHome Run, 2 rbi
07/12/1964Cincinnati Reds W1-09Joe ChristopherJoey JayDouble, 1 rbi
07/19/1964St. Louis Cardinals L7-69Dick GroatDarrell SutherlandSingle, 1 rbi
08/23/1964Chicago Cubs W2-110Ed KranepoolLee GregorySingle, 1 rbi
08/23/1964Chicago Cubs W5-49Charley SmithDon ElstonSingle, 1 rbi
08/29/1964Chicago Cubs L4-310Ellis BurtonGalen CiscoSingle, 1 rbi
09/13/1964Los Angeles Dodgers L5-49Ron FairlyDennis RibantEd KranepoolError
09/19/1964Houston Colt .45's L2-19Nellie FoxBill WakefieldSingle, 1 rbi
09/30/1964Milwaukee Braves L6-512Denis MenkeWillard HunterHome Run, 1 rbi
04/15/1965Houston Astros W5-410Bobby KlausClaude RaymondHome Run, 1 rbi
04/22/1965Los Angeles Dodgers L2-19John RoseboroJack FisherSingle, 1 rbi
04/27/1965Houston Astros L3-29Eddie KaskoDennis RibantDouble, 2 rbi
05/09/1965Milwaukee Braves W5-49Ed KranepoolBobby TiefenauerSingle, 1 rbi
05/21/1965St. Louis Cardinals L5-49Ken BoyerLarry BearnarthRoy McMillanError, 1 rbi
05/23/1965St. Louis Cardinals L8-712Bill WhiteTom ParsonsDouble, 1 rbi
07/23/1965Philadelphia Phillies W3-210Johnny StephensonJack BaldschunSingle, 1 rbi
07/29/1965Chicago Cubs L2-112Ron SantoLarry BearnarthHome Run, 1 rbi
08/13/1965Houston Astros L3-29Rusty StaubJack FisherSingle, 1 rbi
08/24/1965Los Angeles Dodgers W4-39Johnny StephensonBob MillerDouble, 3 rbi
09/09/1965Cincinnati Reds L3-29Tony PerezGordie RichardsonHome Run, 1 rbi
09/12/1965Milwaukee Braves W1-010Charley SmithBob SadowskiSingle, 1 rbi
09/21/1965Pittsburgh Pirates L6-59Jim PagliaroniDave EilersHome Run, 2 rbi
09/26/1965Philadelphia Phillies L5-410Tony GonzalezJack FisherDouble, 1 rbi
09/28/1965Pittsburgh Pirates W1-012Ron HuntRoy FaceSingle, 1 rbi
04/17/1966Atlanta Braves W5-49Ron SwobodaBilly O'DellWalk, 1 rbi
05/06/1966Chicago Cubs W2-19Cleon JonesKen HoltzmanHome Run, 1 rbi
06/05/1966Los Angeles Dodgers W3-29Ed BressoudRon PerranoskiWild Pitch
06/12/1966Cincinnati Reds W3-211Jerry GroteSammy EllisSingle, 1 rbi
08/04/1966San Francisco Giants W8-69Ron SwobodaBill HenryHome Run, 3 rbi
08/11/1966Pittsburgh Pirates L7-59Willie StargellRob GardnerHome Run, 2 rbi
08/14/1966St. Louis Cardinals L4-39Charley SmithRalph TerrySingle, 1 rbi
08/19/1966Philadelphia Phillies L5-410Dick AllenBob FriendHome Run, 1 rbi
08/20/1966Philadelphia Phillies L5-411Tony GonzalezDick SelmaSingle, 1 rbi
08/24/1966Chicago Cubs L6-59Randy HundleyBob FriendSingle, 1 rbi
08/25/1966Chicago Cubs L3-29Ernie BanksBill HeplerWild Pitch
09/17/1966San Francisco Giants L6-410Willie McCoveyLarry MillerHome Run, 2 rbi
09/30/1966Houston Astros W1-09Ron HuntLarry DierkerSingle, 1 rbi
05/02/1967San Francisco Giants W3-212John SullivanFrank LinzySingle, 1 rbi
05/05/1967Houston Astros W3-29Jerry BuchekClaude RaymondHome Run, 1 rbi
05/09/1967Cincinnati Reds W3-211Tommy DavisMel QueenHome Run, 1 rbi
05/17/1967Atlanta Braves L4-39Joe TorreTom SeaverHome Run, 1 rbi
06/09/1967Chicago Cubs L6-59Ernie BanksRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
06/18/1967Chicago Cubs W4-310Tommie ReynoldsCal KoonceHome Run, 1 rbi
06/26/1967Pittsburgh Pirates W3-29Ed CharlesRoy FaceSingle, 1 rbi
07/02/1967St. Louis Cardinals W5-49Tommie ReynoldsNelson BrilesWild Pitch
07/09/1967Atlanta Braves W5-49Ron SwobodaClaude RaymondWalk, 1 rbi
07/14/1967Cincinnati Reds L1-010Tony PerezJack FisherSingle, 1 rbi
07/25/1967San Francisco Giants L5-49Jesus AlouHal ReniffSingle, 1 rbi
07/27/1967Los Angeles Dodgers L7-611Bob BaileyJack FisherTommie ReynoldsPassed Ball
07/29/1967Los Angeles Dodgers L2-19Al FerraraBob HendleyHome Run, 1 rbi
08/08/1967Atlanta Braves W3-211Bob JohnsonJay RitchieHome Run, 1 rbi
08/15/1967Philadelphia Phillies L3-212Bill WhiteHal ReniffHome Run, 1 rbi
08/17/1967Pittsburgh Pirates L6-514Manny MotaTom SeaverSingle, 1 rbi
08/31/1967Chicago Cubs L2-111Al SpanglerRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
09/12/1967Atlanta Braves L4-39Joe TorreRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
09/14/1967Atlanta Braves L5-49Mike de la HozDick SelmaSingle, 2 rbi
09/17/1967Houston Astros L4-39Hal KingRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
09/22/1967Houston Astros W8-510Jerry BuchekTom DukesHome Run, 3 rbi
09/23/1967Houston Astros W1-09Jerry BuchekLarry SherrySingle, 1 rbi
09/25/1967San Francisco Giants L2-110Jim Ray HartDick SelmaSingle, 1 rbi
04/10/1968San Francisco Giants L5-49Jesus AlouDanny FrisellaDouble, 2 rbi
04/15/1968Houston Astros L1-024Bob AspromonteLes RohrAl WeisError, 1 rbi
05/06/1968St. Louis Cardinals L2-111Orlando CepedaTom SeaverSingle, 1 rbi
05/12/1968Chicago Cubs L4-39Glenn BeckertDon CardwellSingle, 1 rbi
05/16/1968Cincinnati Reds W2-19Tommie AgeeGerry ArrigoSingle, 1 rbi
05/20/1968Pittsburgh Pirates W2-19Ed CharlesBob VealeHome Run, 1 rbi
05/21/1968Pittsburgh Pirates W4-317Ken BoswellRoy FaceChuck HillerError
06/09/1968San Francisco Giants L5-49Willie MaysCal KoonceSingle, 1 rbi
06/24/1968Cincinnati Reds L6-511Lee MayBill ShortTriple, 1 rbi
07/07/1968Philadelphia Phillies L4-39Dick AllenRon TaylorHome Run, 3 rbi
07/24/1968Atlanta Braves L3-210Bob JohnsonBill ConnorsSingle, 1 rbi
04/27/1969Chicago Cubs W3-09Cleon JonesRich NyeHome Run, 3 rbi
05/01/1969Montreal Expos L3-29Coco LaboyDon CardwellSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
05/28/1969San Diego Padres W1-011Bud HarrelsonFrank RebergerSingle, 1 rbi
06/01/1969San Francisco Giants W5-49Ron SwobodaJoe GibbonWalk, 1 rbi
06/04/1969Los Angeles Dodgers W1-015Wayne GarrettPete MikkelsenWillie DavisError
07/08/1969Chicago Cubs W4-39Ed KranepoolFerguson JenkinsSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/1969Atlanta Braves W6-511Jerry GroteClaude RaymondHome Run, 1 rbi
08/08/1969Atlanta Braves L1-010Felipe AlouRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
08/19/1969San Francisco Giants W1-014Tommie AgeeJuan MarichalHome Run, 1 rbi
08/23/1969Los Angeles Dodgers W3-29Jerry GroteJim BrewerDouble, 1 rbi
08/31/1969San Francisco Giants L3-211Jim DavenportRon TaylorWalk, 1 rbi
09/03/1969Los Angeles Dodgers L5-49Willie DavisJack DiLauroDouble, 1 rbi
09/10/1969Montreal Expos W3-212Ken BoswellBill StonemanSingle, 1 rbi
09/23/1969St. Louis Cardinals W3-211Bud HarrelsonBob GibsonSingle, 1 rbi
10/15/1969Baltimore Orioles W2-110J. C. MartinPete RichertPete RichertError
04/24/1970Los Angeles Dodgers L1-015Tom HallerRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
05/03/1970San Diego Padres L4-310Cito GastonCal KoonceSingle, 1 rbi
05/18/1970Montreal Expos L8-49Bob BaileyCal KoonceHome Run, 4 rbi
05/31/1970Houston Astros W4-314Duffy DyerDenny LemasterSingle, 1 rbi
06/29/1970Pittsburgh Pirates W3-29Donn ClendenonOrlando PenaSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
07/07/1970St. Louis Cardinals W4-39Ron SwobodaSal CampisiWalk, 1 rbi
07/17/1970Los Angeles Dodgers L1-010Wes ParkerTug McGrawSingle, 1 rbi
07/22/1970San Diego Padres L5-410Ivan MurrellNolan RyanSingle, 1 rbi
07/24/1970Los Angeles Dodgers W2-110Cleon JonesJim BrewerStolen Base (Agee steals home.)
08/15/1970Atlanta Braves L3-29Bob TillmanTom SeaverWild Pitch
08/23/1970Cincinnati Reds W5-49Joe FoyWayne GrangerWalk, 1 rbi
08/29/1970Houston Astros L9-810Cesar CedenoRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
09/10/1970Philadelphia Phillies W3-214Cleon JonesJoe HoernerTriple, 1 rbi
09/15/1970Montreal Expos L5-410John BatemanRon HerbelSingle, 1 rbi
09/28/1970Chicago Cubs W6-310Wayne GarrettHoyt WilhelmHome Run, 3 rbi
04/10/1971Cincinnati Reds W3-211Jerry GroteWayne GrangerWild Pitch
04/11/1971Cincinnati Reds W1-011Jerry GroteWayne GrangerHome Run, 1 rbi
05/03/1971Chicago Cubs W3-211Tommie AgeeKen HoltzmanSingle, 1 rbi
05/17/1971Atlanta Braves L4-312Ralph GarrRon TaylorHome Run, 1 rbi
05/22/1971Atlanta Braves W8-711Donn ClendenonCecil UpshawSingle, 1 rbi
05/25/1971Philadelphia Phillies W5-412Bob AspromonteJim BunningSingle, 1 rbi
05/31/1971San Francisco Giants L2-111Tito FuentesDanny FrisellaSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
06/13/1971San Francisco Giants W5-410Ken SingletonSteve HamiltonSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
06/19/1971Philadelphia Phillies W6-515Donn ClendenonBill WilsonHome Run, 1 rbi
06/20/1971Philadelphia Phillies W7-69Duffy DyerBucky BrandonSingle, 2 rbi
07/17/1971Houston Astros L2-19Cesar CedenoTom SeaverKen BoswellError
07/27/1971St. Louis Cardinals W3-29Duffy DyerFrank LinzySingle, 1 rbi
08/05/1971Atlanta Braves L2-117Darrell EvansRon TaylorSingle, 1 rbi
08/11/1971San Diego Padres L1-012Leron LeeDanny FrisellaJerry GroteError
08/14/1971San Francisco Giants L6-510Jimmy RosarioCharlie WilliamsSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/21/1971San Diego Padres W2-19Cleon JonesDave RobertsHome Run, 1 rbi
08/28/1971Los Angeles Dodgers W2-19Cleon JonesJim BrewerHome Run, 1 rbi
08/29/1971Los Angeles Dodgers W4-39Tommie AgeeBill SingerSingle, 1 rbi
08/31/1971St. Louis Cardinals L2-19Ted SimmonsTug McGrawSingle, 1 rbi
09/12/1971Philadelphia Phillies W3-29Mike JorgensenJoe HoernerSingle, 1 rbi
09/25/1971Pittsburgh Pirates W2-115Bob AspromonteRamon HernandezSingle, 1 rbi
04/23/1972Chicago Cubs W7-612Jim BeauchampSteve HamiltonSingle, 1 rbi
05/07/1972San Diego Padres W8-610Tommie AgeeEd AcostaHome Run, 2 rbi
05/10/1972Los Angeles Dodgers W4-314Ted MartinezPete MikkelsenSingle, 1 rbi
05/12/1972San Francisco Giants W2-19Jerry GroteJerry JohnsonSingle, 1 rbi
06/13/1972Atlanta Braves L6-510Henry AaronDanny FrisellaHome Run, 1 rbi
07/02/1972Montreal Expos L4-39Ron FairlyBob RauchWalk, 1 rbi
07/18/1972Los Angeles Dodgers L2-110Frank RobinsonDanny FrisellaHome Run, 1 rbi
07/22/1972San Francisco Giants L2-19Dave RaderDanny FrisellaWild Pitch
08/01/1972Philadelphia Phillies W3-218Cleon JonesBucky BrandonSingle, 1 rbi
08/07/1972St. Louis Cardinals L3-213Ted SizemoreTug McGrawHome Run, 1 rbi
08/21/1972Houston Astros W4-29Jim BeauchampJim RayHome Run, 2 rbi
09/18/1972Pittsburgh Pirates W1-09Duffy DyerNelson BrilesSingle, 1 rbi
04/07/1973Philadelphia Phillies W3-29Willie MaysDick SelmaSingle, 1 rbi
06/05/1973Cincinnati Reds L6-510Johnny BenchPhil HenniganHome Run, 3 rbi
06/21/1973Pittsburgh Pirates L2-19Bob RobertsonTug McGrawInfield Grounder (Cash scores from 2nd on 4-2-9-6 DP)
06/23/1973Pittsburgh Pirates L3-210Manny SanguillenPhil HenniganSingle, 1 rbi
06/29/1973Chicago Cubs L4-310Jose CardenalTug McGrawSingle, 1 rbi
07/01/1973Chicago Cubs L6-59Randy HundleyTug McGrawHome Run, 3 rbi
07/02/1973Montreal Expos L2-110Boots DayBuzz CapraHome Run, 1 rbi
07/09/1973Houston Astros W2-112Felix MillanJim YorkSingle, 1 rbi
08/11/1973San Francisco Giants L8-713Bobby BondsTug McGrawSingle, 1 rbi
08/13/1973San Diego Padres L3-29Derrell ThomasJon MatlackDouble, 1 rbi
08/21/1973Los Angeles Dodgers W2-19John MilnerDon SuttonSingle, 1 rbi
08/22/1973Los Angeles Dodgers W4-39John MilnerPete RichertSingle, 1 rbi
08/24/1973San Francisco Giants W1-010Felix MillanJuan MarichalSingle, 1 rbi
08/30/1973St. Louis Cardinals L1-010Jose CruzTom SeaverSingle, 1 rbi
09/20/1973Pittsburgh Pirates W4-313Ron HodgesDave GiustiSingle, 1 rbi
10/06/1973Cincinnati Reds L2-19Johnny BenchTom SeaverHome Run, 1 rbi
04/06/1974Philadelphia Phillies L5-49Mike SchmidtTug McGrawHome Run, 2 rbi
04/24/1974San Diego Padres L4-39Nate ColbertBob ApodacaInfield Grounder, 1 rbi (Millan throws to 1st as Thomas scores from 3rd.)
05/01/1974Los Angeles Dodgers L2-114Steve GarveyHarry ParkerSingle, 1 rbi
05/05/1974San Diego Padres W6-410John MilnerLarry HardyHome Run, 2 rbi
05/12/1974Chicago Cubs L4-39George MitterwaldTom SeaverSingle, 1 rbi
05/29/1974Cincinnati Reds L3-210Tony PerezHarry ParkerHome Run, 1 rbi
06/11/1974Atlanta Braves L4-311Frank TepedinoBob ApodacaBob ApodacaError
07/25/1974St. Louis Cardinals L4-310Jerry DaVanonJack AkerHit By Pitch, 1 rbi
08/06/1974Pittsburgh Pirates L9-811Mario MendozaTug McGrawTug McGrawError
08/08/1974Pittsburgh Pirates L4-39Richie ZiskJon MatlackHome Run, 1 rbi
08/14/1974Los Angeles Dodgers W3-29Rusty StaubMike MarshallSingle, 1 rbi
08/19/1974Houston Astros L2-111Milt MayTom SeaverSingle, 1 rbi
08/23/1974Atlanta Braves L4-310Mike LumTug McGrawSingle, 1 rbi
08/24/1974Atlanta Braves L4-310Norm MillerBob MillerWalk, 1 rbi
08/26/1974Houston Astros W5-49Rusty StaubKen ForschSingle, 1 rbi
09/07/1974St. Louis Cardinals L2-19Lou BrockJon MatlackSingle, 1 rbi
09/20/1974Pittsburgh Pirates L4-39Willie StargellHarry ParkerInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
04/08/1975Philadelphia Phillies W2-19Joe TorreSteve CarltonSingle, 1 rbi
04/11/1975Pittsburgh Pirates L4-39Richie HebnerMac ScarceSingle, 1 rbi
04/14/1975Philadelphia Phillies L4-39Mike SchmidtJerry CramHome Run, 1 rbi
05/26/1975Los Angeles Dodgers W6-39Wayne GarrettAndy MessersmithHome Run, 3 rbi
06/08/1975Atlanta Braves W7-614Ed KranepoolElias SosaWild Pitch
06/09/1975San Francisco Giants L5-49Bruce MillerBob ApodacaSingle, 1 rbi
06/18/1975Montreal Expos L7-610Pete MackaninBob ApodacaSingle, 1 rbi
06/19/1975Montreal Expos L3-213Gary CarterRick BaldwinSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/1975Pittsburgh Pirates L5-415Duffy DyerBob ApodacaHome Run, 1 rbi
08/20/1975Houston Astros L5-410Cliff JohnsonRick BaldwinDouble, 1 rbi
08/23/1975San Francisco Giants L2-19Mike SadekTom HallWalk, 1 rbi
09/08/1975Montreal Expos L6-59Pat ScanlonRick BaldwinSingle, 1 rbi
09/09/1975Montreal Expos L2-110Mike JorgensenBob ApodacaDouble, 1 rbi
09/16/1975Montreal Expos W4-318Del UnserDon DeMolaWalk, 1 rbi
09/18/1975Chicago Cubs W7-59Dave KingmanDarold KnowlesHome Run, 2 rbi
09/20/1975Philadelphia Phillies W9-711Ron HodgesGene GarberHome Run, 2 rbi
09/24/1975Chicago Cubs L1-011Bill MadlockSkip LockwoodWalk, 1 rbi
09/26/1975Philadelphia Phillies L4-312Garry MaddoxBob ApodacaSingle, 1 rbi
04/13/1976Chicago Cubs L5-49Rick MondaySkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
04/27/1976Atlanta Braves W6-59Bruce BoisclairPablo TorrealbaDouble, 2 rbi
05/11/1976Atlanta Braves L8-79Rowland OfficeBob ApodacaSingle, 1 rbi
06/17/1976Los Angeles Dodgers W1-014Dave KingmanCharlie HoughHome Run, 1 rbi
07/03/1976Chicago Cubs W3-210Mike VailDarold KnowlesDarold KnowlesError (Harrelson scores from 3rd on pickoff throw to 1st)
07/06/1976Houston Astros L1-010Jerry DaVanonSkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
07/23/1976Montreal Expos L3-211Del UnserSkip LockwoodHome Run, 1 rbi
07/25/1976Montreal Expos L2-19Andre ThorntonJerry KoosmanSingle, 1 rbi
08/18/1976Los Angeles Dodgers L3-29Manny MotaTom SeaverDouble, 1 rbi
08/19/1976Los Angeles Dodgers L6-59Ron CeyBob ApodacaHome Run, 1 rbi
08/28/1976Los Angeles Dodgers W2-19Felix MillanRick RhodenSingle, 1 rbi
09/20/1976Pittsburgh Pirates W5-49Lee MazzilliKent TekulveHome Run, 2 rbi
09/24/1976Chicago Cubs W4-39Billy BaldwinJoe ColemanHome Run, 1 rbi
09/28/1976Montreal Expos W5-49Ed KranepoolJoe KerriganSingle, 1 rbi
10/01/1976Philadelphia Phillies L2-19John VukovichJerry KoosmanHome Run, 1 rbi
05/28/1977Philadelphia Phillies L4-210Richie HebnerSkip LockwoodHome Run, 2 rbi
06/05/1977Philadelphia Phillies W6-510John StearnsTom UnderwoodWild Pitch
06/21/1977Atlanta Braves W5-211Steve HendersonDon CollinsHome Run, 3 rbi
06/25/1977Chicago Cubs L5-49Manny TrilloBob ApodacaInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
07/09/1977Montreal Expos W7-517Lenny RandleWill McEnaneyHome Run, 2 rbi
07/21/1977San Diego Padres L3-210George HendrickSkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
07/24/1977Los Angeles Dodgers L5-39Davey LopesBob ApodacaHome Run, 3 rbi
08/01/1977Los Angeles Dodgers W8-712Joel YoungbloodMike GarmanSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/1977Los Angeles Dodgers W4-314Lee MazzilliMike GarmanSingle, 1 rbi
08/12/1977Pittsburgh Pirates L6-512Duffy DyerPaul SiebertSingle, 1 rbi
08/23/1977Houston Astros W2-19Lenny RandleJoe SambitoSingle, 1 rbi
08/27/1977Atlanta Braves L5-410Pat RockettSkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
09/09/1977Chicago Cubs L10-89Gene ClinesBob ApodacaHome Run, 2 rbi
09/17/1977Chicago Cubs W5-49Ed KranepoolPaul ReuschelJoe WallisError, 2 rbi
04/08/1978Montreal Expos W6-59Ed KranepoolStan BahnsenHome Run, 2 rbi
04/15/1978Montreal Expos L4-311Andre DawsonBob MyrickHome Run, 1 rbi
04/23/1978Chicago Cubs L3-212Joe WallisButch MetzgerSingle, 1 rbi
05/02/1978Atlanta Braves L5-49Biff PocorobaBob MyrickSingle, 1 rbi
05/09/1978Cincinnati Reds L7-610Dan DriessenSkip LockwoodHome Run, 1 rbi
05/18/1978Atlanta Braves W8-710Steve HendersonEddie SolomonSingle, 1 rbi
05/19/1978Philadelphia Phillies W4-39Willie MontanezTug McGrawSingle, 1 rbi
05/21/1978Philadelphia Phillies W6-510Steve HendersonTug McGrawDouble, 1 rbi
05/24/1978Pittsburgh Pirates L6-510Rennie StennettSkip LockwoodSingle, 2 rbi
06/05/1978Los Angeles Dodgers W9-89Doug FlynnTerry ForsterBill RussellError
06/12/1978San Diego Padres L3-29Fernando GonzalezDale MurraySingle, 1 rbi
06/16/1978San Francisco Giants L7-49Jack ClarkDale MurrayHome Run, 3 rbi
06/18/1978San Francisco Giants L4-310Rob AndrewsDale MurraySingle, 1 rbi
06/23/1978Pittsburgh Pirates W3-211Tim FoliEd WhitsonSingle, 1 rbi
06/28/1978Chicago Cubs L9-810Mick KelleherButch MetzgerSingle, 1 rbi
07/18/1978Atlanta Braves L4-39Cito GastonJerry KoosmanSingle, 1 rbi
07/20/1978Houston Astros W5-411Joel YoungbloodJoe SambitoDouble, 1 rbi
07/28/1978Houston Astros L4-310Enos CabellSkip LockwoodSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
07/30/1978Houston Astros L4-39Wilbur HowardSkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
09/01/1978Los Angeles Dodgers L4-312Dusty BakerKevin KobelSingle, 1 rbi
09/16/1978Philadelphia Phillies L2-110Mike SchmidtDwight BernardHome Run, 1 rbi
04/17/1979Montreal Expos L5-412Rod ScottSkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
04/18/1979Montreal Expos L6-59Ellis ValentineDale MurraySingle, 1 rbi
05/13/1979San Diego Padres L5-410Gene RichardsSkip LockwoodSingle, 1 rbi
05/16/1979Pittsburgh Pirates L4-313Mike EaslerSkip LockwoodHome Run, 1 rbi
05/20/1979St. Louis Cardinals W8-711Frank TaverasDarold KnowlesSingle, 1 rbi
06/17/1979Atlanta Braves W2-19Alex TrevinoGene GarberSingle, 1 rbi
06/18/1979Houston Astros L3-218Craig ReynoldsTom HausmanSingle, 1 rbi
07/01/1979Chicago Cubs L5-49Steve DillardWayne TwitchellWalk, 1 rbi
07/11/1979Los Angeles Dodgers W4-310John StearnsDennis LewallynSingle, 1 rbi
07/20/1979San Diego Padres L2-19Jerry TurnerCraig SwanHome Run, 1 rbi
07/22/1979Los Angeles Dodgers L4-39Davey LopesEd GlynnSingle, 1 rbi
08/18/1979Cincinnati Reds L4-39Dave ConcepcionNeil AllenDouble, 1 rbi
09/03/1979Montreal Expos L6-510Ellis ValentineNeil AllenDoug FlynnError
09/08/1979Pittsburgh Pirates W3-215John StearnsJim BibbySingle, 1 rbi
04/27/1980Houston Astros L4-312Jeff LeonardNeil AllenSingle, 2 rbi
05/05/1980Cincinnati Reds W3-210Ron HodgesDoug BairDouble, 1 rbi
05/24/1980Atlanta Braves W5-410Elliott MaddoxRick CampSingle, 1 rbi
06/05/1980St. Louis Cardinals W2-19Mike JorgensenGeorge FrazierSingle, 1 rbi
06/07/1980Pittsburgh Pirates W6-511Ron HodgesBert BlylevenSingle, 1 rbi
06/11/1980Los Angeles Dodgers W6-210Mike JorgensenRick SutcliffeHome Run, 4 rbi
06/14/1980San Francisco Giants W7-69Steve HendersonAllen RipleyHome Run, 3 rbi
06/17/1980San Diego Padres L2-19Gene RichardsTom HausmanSingle, 1 rbi
06/19/1980San Francisco Giants L4-310Jack ClarkNeil AllenTriple, 1 rbi
06/20/1980Los Angeles Dodgers L4-39Dusty BakerJeff ReardonDouble, 2 rbi
07/20/1980Cincinnati Reds L4-39Ken GriffeyJeff ReardonHome Run, 1 rbi
07/21/1980Houston Astros L3-29Terry PuhlNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
08/04/1980Montreal Expos L4-310Andre DawsonNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
09/04/1980San Diego Padres L3-29Gene TenaceNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
09/14/1980Chicago Cubs W10-79Steve HendersonBruce SutterHome Run, 3 rbi
09/24/1980Philadelphia Phillies L1-010Pete RoseNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
09/29/1980Pittsburgh Pirates W5-410Joel YoungbloodGrant JacksonHome Run, 2 rbi
05/15/1981Los Angeles Dodgers L6-59Ron CeyNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
09/01/1981Houston Astros L3-29Harry SpilmanMike MarshallWild Pitch
09/12/1981St. Louis Cardinals L4-213Julio GonzalezMike MarshallHome Run, 2 rbi
09/20/1981St. Louis Cardinals W7-69Mookie WilsonBruce SutterHome Run, 2 rbi
09/21/1981Pittsburgh Pirates W4-313Brian GilesMark LeeWild Pitch
09/30/1981Chicago Cubs W2-19Lee MazzilliWillie HernandezSingle, 1 rbi
04/23/1982Montreal Expos L5-49Al OliverNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
04/30/1982San Francisco Giants L5-49Reggie SmithNeil AllenHome Run, 3 rbi
05/04/1982Los Angeles Dodgers L2-19Dusty BakerNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
05/09/1982San Francisco Giants W6-59Rusty StaubGreg MintonHome Run, 1 rbi
05/10/1982San Diego Padres W3-29Bob BailorGary LucasDouble, 2 rbi
06/09/1982Pittsburgh Pirates W3-29Hubie BrooksKent TekulveInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
06/25/1982Philadelphia Phillies L1-09Bill RobinsonPete FalconeWalk, 1 rbi
07/17/1982Los Angeles Dodgers L6-59Ron CeyNeil AllenSingle, 2 rbi
07/25/1982San Diego Padres L3-210Tony GwynnNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
08/18/1982Cincinnati Reds L7-614Cesar CedenoMike ScottSingle, 1 rbi
08/19/1982Cincinnati Reds L3-110Ron OesterTom HausmanHome Run, 2 rbi
08/20/1982Atlanta Braves L2-110Dale MurphyPat ZachryWalk, 1 rbi
09/15/1982Montreal Expos L6-511Andre DawsonDoug SiskHome Run, 1 rbi
09/21/1982Montreal Expos W2-110Ron GardenhireBryn SmithHome Run, 1 rbi
09/28/1982Pittsburgh Pirates W3-210Rusty StaubRod ScurrySingle, 1 rbi
10/02/1982Philadelphia Phillies L4-39Pete RosePat ZachryDouble, 1 rbi
04/12/1983Philadelphia Phillies L4-310Larry MilbourneNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
04/13/1983Philadelphia Phillies L10-99Bo DiazNeil AllenHome Run, 4 rbi
04/22/1983Atlanta Braves L5-49Chris ChamblissNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
05/06/1983Cincinnati Reds W7-413George FosterFrank PastoreHome Run, 3 rbi
05/10/1983Houston Astros L5-411Denny WallingNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
05/13/1983Pittsburgh Pirates L2-19Mike EaslerCarlos DiazSingle, 1 rbi
06/02/1983Los Angeles Dodgers L5-414Candy MaldonadoJesse OroscoSingle, 1 rbi
06/08/1983Chicago Cubs L2-19Keith MorelandMike TorrezSingle, 1 rbi
06/10/1983Montreal Expos W4-217Dave KingmanBryn SmithHome Run, 2 rbi
06/14/1983Chicago Cubs W4-310Rusty StaubLee SmithSingle, 1 rbi
07/02/1983Philadelphia Phillies L6-59Bo DiazJesse OroscoKeith HernandezError
07/25/1983Atlanta Braves W5-49George FosterSteve BedrosianDouble, 2 rbi
07/26/1983Atlanta Braves W2-110Mookie WilsonKen DayleyHome Run, 1 rbi
07/31/1983Pittsburgh Pirates W7-612Bob BailorJim BibbySingle, 1 rbi
07/31/1983Pittsburgh Pirates W1-012George FosterManny SarmientoInfield Grounder, 1 rbi (Wilson scores from second on grounder to short.)
08/03/1983Montreal Expos W2-19George FosterJeff ReardonInfield Grounder, 1 rbi (Wilson scores from second on grounder to short.)
09/03/1983San Diego Padres W4-315Brian GilesElias SosaSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
09/05/1983Philadelphia Phillies W6-59George FosterAl HollandHome Run, 3 rbi
09/10/1983Montreal Expos L10-99Tim WallachJesse OroscoHome Run, 1 rbi
09/19/1983Pittsburgh Pirates W5-410Hubie BrooksKent TekulveSingle, 1 rbi
10/02/1983Montreal Expos W5-49Rusty StaubJeff ReardonDouble, 2 rbi
04/18/1984Montreal Expos W5-49Wally BackmanGary LucasDouble, 2 rbi
04/28/1984Philadelphia Phillies W4-39Ross JonesAl HollandDouble, 1 rbi
05/02/1984Chicago Cubs W4-39Keith HernandezLee SmithSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
05/16/1984San Francisco Giants L4-39Jeff LeonardDoug SiskHubie BrooksError
07/06/1984Cincinnati Reds W6-59Kelvin ChapmanTed PowerSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/1984Houston Astros L3-29Mark BaileyDoug SiskHome Run, 2 rbi
07/23/1984St. Louis Cardinals W4-312Wally BackmanNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
07/24/1984St. Louis Cardinals W9-810Keith HernandezNeil AllenSingle, 1 rbi
07/30/1984St. Louis Cardinals L3-110Tito LandrumJesse OroscoHome Run, 2 rbi
08/18/1984San Francisco Giants L6-59Manny TrilloBrent GaffSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/19/1984San Francisco Giants L7-69Brad WellmanJesse OroscoHome Run, 2 rbi
08/29/1984Los Angeles Dodgers W3-29Keith HernandezPat ZachryDouble, 1 rbi
09/02/1984San Diego Padres W3-212George FosterRich GossageSingle, 1 rbi
09/25/1984Philadelphia Phillies W6-49Rusty StaubLarry AndersenHome Run, 2 rbi
04/09/1985St. Louis Cardinals W6-510Gary CarterNeil AllenHome Run, 1 rbi
04/11/1985St. Louis Cardinals W2-111Danny HeepNeil AllenWalk, 1 rbi
04/13/1985Cincinnati Reds W2-19Darryl StrawberryJohn FrancoHome Run, 1 rbi
04/28/1985Pittsburgh Pirates W5-418Clint HurdleLee TunnellJason ThompsonError, 1 rbi
05/17/1985San Francisco Giants W3-212Gary CarterScott GarreltsSingle, 1 rbi
06/03/1985Los Angeles Dodgers L5-412Terry WhitfieldDoug SiskRafael SantanaError
06/14/1985Montreal Expos L5-49Dan DriessenJesse OroscoSingle, 1 rbi
06/15/1985Montreal Expos L3-29Hubie BrooksSid FernandezSingle, 1 rbi
06/30/1985St. Louis Cardinals L2-111Vince ColemanJesse OroscoSingle, 1 rbi
07/11/1985Houston Astros L4-312Bill DoranTom GormanSingle, 1 rbi
08/29/1985San Francisco Giants L6-310Chili DavisTerry LeachHome Run, 3 rbi
09/07/1985Los Angeles Dodgers L7-69Mike MarshallTerry LeachSingle, 1 rbi
09/12/1985St. Louis Cardinals W7-69Keith HernandezKen DayleySingle, 1 rbi
09/25/1985Chicago Cubs L5-49Chris SpeierJesse OroscoSingle, 1 rbi
04/12/1986Philadelphia Phillies L9-814Steve JeltzRandy NiemannSingle, 1 rbi
04/21/1986Pittsburgh Pirates W6-59Gary CarterJim WinnSingle, 1 rbi
05/12/1986Atlanta Braves W1-09Tim TeufelPaul AssenmacherSingle, 1 rbi
05/16/1986Los Angeles Dodgers L4-311Bill RussellJesse OroscoSingle, 1 rbi
05/23/1986San Diego Padres L7-49Tony GwynnJesse OroscoHome Run, 3 rbi
05/30/1986San Francisco Giants W8-710Rafael SantanaJuan BerenguerJose UribeError
06/10/1986Philadelphia Phillies W8-411Tim TeufelTom HumeHome Run, 4 rbi
06/13/1986Pittsburgh Pirates W6-59Darryl StrawberryPat ClementsSingle, 1 rbi
07/03/1986Houston Astros W6-510Ray KnightFrank DiPinoHome Run, 1 rbi
07/19/1986Houston Astros L5-49Craig ReynoldsRoger McDowellHome Run, 1 rbi
07/20/1986Houston Astros L9-815Kevin BassRoger McDowellInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
07/26/1986Atlanta Braves L4-39Ted SimmonsRoger McDowellSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/03/1986Montreal Expos W4-310Ray KnightTim BurkeSingle, 1 rbi
08/14/1986St. Louis Cardinals W4-39Kevin MitchellTodd WorrellSingle, 1 rbi
09/15/1986St. Louis Cardinals L1-013Curt FordRoger McDowellWalk, 1 rbi
10/11/1986Houston Astros W6-59Lenny DykstraDave SmithHome Run, 2 rbi
10/14/1986Houston Astros W2-112Gary CarterCharlie KerfeldSingle, 1 rbi
10/25/1986Boston Red Sox W6-510Mookie WilsonBob StanleyBill BucknerError (Mets cap 3-run comeback, force WS Game 7)
04/18/1987St. Louis Cardinals L12-810Tom HerrJesse OroscoHome Run, 4 rbi
05/01/1987Montreal Expos W7-69Tim TeufelBob McClureHome Run, 1 rbi
05/08/1987Atlanta Braves L4-310Graig NettlesJesse OroscoSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
05/13/1987Houston Astros L2-110Kevin BassGene WalterSingle, 1 rbi
06/07/1987Pittsburgh Pirates W5-410Lee MazzilliDon RobinsonDouble, 2 rbi
06/08/1987Chicago Cubs L4-29Manny TrilloDoug SiskHome Run, 2 rbi
06/20/1987Philadelphia Phillies W3-29Kevin McReynoldsKent TekulveSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
06/24/1987Chicago Cubs W2-19Bill AlmonLee SmithSingle, 1 rbi
06/28/1987Philadelphia Phillies L5-49Mike SchmidtRoger McDowellSingle, 1 rbi
06/30/1987St. Louis Cardinals W3-29Howard JohnsonRicky HortonSingle, 1 rbi
07/09/1987Houston Astros L4-39Bill DoranRandy MyersHome Run, 1 rbi
07/19/1987Cincinnati Reds W6-511Kevin McReynoldsBill LandrumSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/1987Philadelphia Phillies W3-211Keith HernandezKent TekulveHome Run, 1 rbi
08/06/1987Chicago Cubs W7-69Kevin McReynoldsLee SmithSingle, 1 rbi
09/06/1987Los Angeles Dodgers L3-216Mike DevereauxRandy MyersHoward JohnsonError
09/20/1987Pittsburgh Pirates L9-814Andy Van SlykeRandy MyersSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
09/30/1987Philadelphia Phillies L4-310Luis AguayoJesse OroscoHome Run, 1 rbi
04/17/1988St. Louis Cardinals W3-29Kevin ElsterScott TerrySingle, 1 rbi
05/06/1988Cincinnati Reds W4-310Darryl StrawberryJohn FrancoHome Run, 2 rbi
05/31/1988Los Angeles Dodgers W5-411Kevin ElsterAlejandro PenaHome Run, 1 rbi
06/02/1988Chicago Cubs W2-113Howard JohnsonFrank DiPinoHome Run, 1 rbi
06/04/1988Chicago Cubs W6-513Kevin McReynoldsMike CapelHome Run, 1 rbi
06/12/1988Montreal Expos L4-311Hubie BrooksTerry LeachSingle, 1 rbi
06/13/1988St. Louis Cardinals W2-112Lee MazzilliKen DayleySingle, 1 rbi
06/18/1988Philadelphia Phillies W3-214Keith MillerTodd FrohwirthSingle, 1 rbi
07/10/1988Houston Astros L6-59Rafael RamirezRandy MyersSingle, 1 rbi
07/15/1988Atlanta Braves L4-310Dale MurphyRandy MyersHome Run, 1 rbi
08/14/1988Montreal Expos W4-39Tim TeufelTim BurkeSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/19/1988San Diego Padres L3-210Carmelo MartinezRandy MyersSingle, 1 rbi
09/07/1988Chicago Cubs L9-89Damon BerryhillRoger McDowellSingle, 1 rbi
09/12/1988Pittsburgh Pirates W3-29Gary CarterJeff RobinsonHome Run, 1 rbi
09/16/1988Montreal Expos W4-39Gregg JefferiesJoe HeskethSingle, 1 rbi
09/23/1988St. Louis Cardinals L2-19Pedro GuerreroDwight GoodenSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
09/27/1988Philadelphia Phillies L5-49Tom BarrettRoger McDowellSingle, 1 rbi
04/11/1989Pittsburgh Pirates L4-311Bobby BonillaRandy MyersSingle, 1 rbi
04/15/1989St. Louis Cardinals L3-210Pedro GuerreroDon AaseSingle, 1 rbi
05/04/1989Cincinnati Reds W3-210Howard JohnsonRob DibbleHome Run, 1 rbi
05/13/1989San Diego Padres W4-311Dave MagadanGreg HarrisSingle, 1 rbi
05/14/1989San Diego Padres W2-19Mark CarreonDave LeiperLuis SalazarError
05/19/1989San Francisco Giants W3-210Darryl StrawberryRich GossageWalk, 1 rbi
05/28/1989Los Angeles Dodgers L4-312Mike DavisRoger McDowellBalk
06/02/1989Pittsburgh Pirates W3-211Dave MagadanRandy KramerHome Run, 2 rbi
06/08/1989Chicago Cubs L5-410Rick WronaDon AaseSingle, 1 rbi
06/09/1989Pittsburgh Pirates L4-310Benny DistefanoRoger McDowellInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
06/10/1989Pittsburgh Pirates L6-59Rey QuinonesRandy MyersHome Run, 2 rbi
06/15/1989Chicago Cubs W4-312Gregg JefferiesPat PerrySingle, 1 rbi
06/18/1989Philadelphia Phillies L6-59Von HayesRandy MyersHome Run, 1 rbi
06/27/1989Montreal Expos L3-214Tim WallachRick AguileraSingle, 1 rbi
07/14/1989Atlanta Braves L3-29Lonnie SmithSid FernandezHome Run, 1 rbi
07/30/1989Chicago Cubs L6-49Mark GraceRandy MyersHome Run, 2 rbi
08/06/1989Montreal Expos W2-114Kevin McReynoldsSteve FreyHome Run, 1 rbi
08/07/1989Philadelphia Phillies L2-19Charlie HayesJeff InnisSingle, 1 rbi
08/15/1989San Diego Padres W3-29Kevin ElsterEd WhitsonDouble, 1 rbi
08/25/1989San Diego Padres L5-311Chris JamesRandy MyersHome Run, 2 rbi
09/05/1989Chicago Cubs W3-29Juan SamuelMitch WilliamsSingle, 1 rbi
09/12/1989Philadelphia Phillies L2-19Dickie ThonDon AaseHome Run, 1 rbi
04/24/1990Atlanta Braves W2-19Mike MarshallMike StantonInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
04/29/1990Houston Astros L2-110Ken CaminitiJulio MachadoSingle, 1 rbi
05/06/1990Houston Astros W7-411Kevin McReynoldsDave SmithHome Run, 3 rbi
05/16/1990San Francisco Giants L4-310Kevin MitchellAlejandro PenaHome Run, 1 rbi
06/05/1990Montreal Expos W6-511Tom O'MalleyDale MohorcicHome Run, 1 rbi
06/24/1990Philadelphia Phillies W6-59Tim TeufelRoger McDowellSingle, 2 rbi
07/01/1990Cincinnati Reds W3-29Kevin ElsterNorm CharltonKen GriffeyError
08/25/1990Los Angeles Dodgers L3-214Jose GonzalezRon DarlingHome Run, 1 rbi
08/29/1990San Diego Padres W2-19Daryl BostonCraig LeffertsSingle, 1 rbi
08/31/1990San Francisco Giants W4-39Howard JohnsonSteve BedrosianSingle, 1 rbi
09/05/1990Pittsburgh Pirates L1-09Barry BondsJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
09/11/1990St. Louis Cardinals W10-89Darryl StrawberryLee SmithHome Run, 2 rbi
04/09/1991Philadelphia Phillies W2-110Hubie BrooksJoe BoeverHome Run, 1 rbi
05/04/1991San Francisco Giants W6-412Howard JohnsonMike LaCossHome Run, 2 rbi
06/01/1991St. Louis Cardinals L6-510Milt ThompsonJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/25/1991Montreal Expos W8-59Kevin McReynoldsScott RuskinHome Run, 4 rbi
07/11/1991San Diego Padres W4-39Kevin McReynoldsLarry AndersenSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/1991San Francisco Giants W6-59Mackey SasserDave RighettiSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/11/1991Chicago Cubs L3-214George BellPete SchourekHome Run, 1 rbi
08/12/1991Chicago Cubs L3-210Jerome WaltonJeff InnisSingle, 1 rbi
10/04/1991Philadelphia Phillies L5-410Dale MurphyJohn FrancoInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
04/22/1992St. Louis Cardinals W3-29Eddie MurrayCris CarpenterHome Run, 1 rbi
04/23/1992St. Louis Cardinals W1-013Daryl BostonJuan AgostoHit By Pitch, 1 rbi
04/24/1992Philadelphia Phillies L4-39Dave HollinsWally WhitehurstSingle, 1 rbi
05/08/1992Los Angeles Dodgers W4-39Rodney McCrayTim CrewsSingle, 1 rbi
05/09/1992Los Angeles Dodgers W5-29Dave MagadanRoger McDowellHome Run, 3 rbi
06/05/1992Pittsburgh Pirates L5-410Lloyd McClendonJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/19/1992St. Louis Cardinals W4-39Vince ColemanMike PerezSingle, 1 rbi
06/26/1992St. Louis Cardinals L4-39Felix JoseJeff InnisSingle, 1 rbi
06/28/1992St. Louis Cardinals L3-211Gerald PerryJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
08/04/1992Pittsburgh Pirates L3-212Alex ColeJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
08/08/1992Chicago Cubs L4-39Mark GraceLee GuettermanSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/30/1992Cincinnati Reds W4-39Bobby BonillaRob DibbleHome Run, 3 rbi
09/03/1992Cincinnati Reds L4-39Jeff BransonAnthony YoungInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
09/05/1992Cincinnati Reds L6-59Jeff BransonAnthony YoungSingle, 1 rbi
09/13/1992Montreal Expos L7-59Larry WalkerAnthony YoungHome Run, 3 rbi
09/24/1992St. Louis Cardinals L4-314Todd ZeileWally WhitehurstSingle, 1 rbi
04/28/1993San Francisco Giants L4-39Matt WilliamsMike MadduxSingle, 1 rbi
05/12/1993St. Louis Cardinals L6-59Luis AliceaMike MadduxSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
05/16/1993Montreal Expos L4-312Mike LansingAnthony YoungSingle, 1 rbi
05/19/1993Pittsburgh Pirates W6-410Bobby BonillaBlas MinorHome Run, 2 rbi
06/15/1993Atlanta Braves L2-19Brian HunterJohn FrancoSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
06/20/1993Pittsburgh Pirates L3-29Don SlaughtJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
07/08/1993Los Angeles Dodgers W6-310Bobby BonillaRod NicholsHome Run, 3 rbi
07/24/1993Los Angeles Dodgers L5-410Dave HansenAnthony YoungWalk, 1 rbi
07/28/1993Florida Marlins W5-49Eddie MurrayBryan HarveyDouble, 1 rbi
08/13/1993Philadelphia Phillies L9-59Kim BatisteAnthony YoungHome Run, 4 rbi
08/24/1993Cincinnati Reds W5-49Todd HundleyKevin WickanderWild Pitch
09/05/1993Chicago Cubs L2-19Glenallen HillJohn FrancoHome Run, 2 rbi
09/07/1993Houston Astros L4-310Steve FinleyJohn FrancoJeff KentError, 1 rbi
09/17/1993Atlanta Braves L2-110Ron GantMike MadduxDouble, 1 rbi
09/29/1993St. Louis Cardinals W1-017Jeff KentLes LancasterDouble, 1 rbi
04/20/1994Los Angeles Dodgers L6-511Brett ButlerDoug LintonSingle, 1 rbi
04/27/1994San Diego Padres W3-215Fernando VinaTim MauserSingle, 1 rbi
05/06/1994St. Louis Cardinals L3-29Terry McGriffJohn FrancoWalk, 1 rbi
05/17/1994Florida Marlins W4-39Joe OrsulakJeremy HernandezSingle, 2 rbi
05/26/1994Pittsburgh Pirates L11-1013Lance ParrishFrank SeminaraSingle, 1 rbi
06/05/1994Cincinnati Reds L9-610Jerome WaltonFrank SeminaraHome Run, 3 rbi
06/21/1994Atlanta Braves L4-39Fred McGriffJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
07/08/1994Los Angeles Dodgers L3-210Mike PiazzaRoger MasonSingle, 1 rbi
07/30/1994Pittsburgh Pirates L3-210Lloyd McClendonEric GundersonSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/1994Atlanta Braves W3-29Jose VizcainoMark WohlersSingle, 1 rbi
08/11/1994Philadelphia Phillies L2-115Ricky JordanMauro GozzoSingle, 1 rbi
04/26/1995Colorado Rockies L11-914Dante BichetteMike RemlingerHome Run, 3 rbi
04/27/1995Colorado Rockies L8-79Walt WeissKevin LomonSingle, 1 rbi
04/29/1995St. Louis Cardinals W5-411Joe OrsulakVicente PalaciosSingle, 1 rbi
05/06/1995Cincinnati Reds L13-119Jerome WaltonDoug HenryHome Run, 2 rbi
05/31/1995San Diego Padres W7-510Chris JonesTrevor HoffmanHome Run, 3 rbi
06/06/1995San Francisco Giants L2-19Rikkert FaneyteJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/11/1995San Diego Padres L6-39Brian JohnsonDoug HenryHome Run, 3 rbi
06/15/1995Florida Marlins W5-410Joe OrsulakRandy VeresSingle, 1 rbi
07/05/1995Chicago Cubs W5-49Bobby BonillaBryan HickersonSingle, 1 rbi
07/16/1995Colorado Rockies W2-110Rico BrognaMark ThompsonSingle, 1 rbi
07/25/1995St. Louis Cardinals L8-711Brian JordanJerry DipotoSingle, 1 rbi
07/26/1995St. Louis Cardinals L3-211Bernard GilkeyEric GundersonSingle, 1 rbi
07/29/1995Pittsburgh Pirates W2-19Chris JonesRoss PowellHome Run, 1 rbi
08/18/1995Los Angeles Dodgers W3-29Bill SpiersMark GuthrieSingle, 1 rbi
08/21/1995San Francisco Giants W5-411Jose VizcainoRod BeckSingle, 1 rbi
08/24/1995San Diego Padres W5-49Chris JonesDoug BochtlerSingle, 1 rbi
08/31/1995Los Angeles Dodgers L6-59Eric KarrosJerry DipotoRyan ThompsonError
09/01/1995San Francisco Giants L6-59Glenallen HillJohn FrancoHome Run, 1 rbi
09/04/1995San Diego Padres L2-110Scott LivingstoneDoug HenrySingle, 1 rbi
09/06/1995San Diego Padres L6-59Bip RobertsJerry DipotoSingle, 1 rbi
09/25/1995Cincinnati Reds W2-16Jeff KentTim PughWild Pitch
10/01/1995Atlanta Braves W1-011Tim BogarBrad WoodallWalk, 1 rbi
04/04/1996St. Louis Cardinals W10-99Brent MayneDennis EckersleySingle, 1 rbi
04/20/1996Colorado Rockies W4-310Jose VizcainoJohn HabyanSingle, 1 rbi
04/23/1996Cincinnati Reds W8-610Chris JonesJeff ShawHome Run, 2 rbi
05/03/1996Chicago Cubs L4-29Sammy SosaPaul WilsonHome Run, 3 rbi
05/05/1996Chicago Cubs L5-49Sammy SosaJerry DipotoHome Run, 1 rbi
05/11/1996Chicago Cubs W7-69Rico BrognaDoug JonesHome Run, 1 rbi
05/15/1996San Diego Padres L4-310Tony GwynnJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/1996Philadelphia Phillies W3-29Butch HuskeyToby BorlandSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
07/23/1996Colorado Rockies L11-109Eric YoungDoug HenrySingle, 1 rbi
07/24/1996Colorado Rockies L7-610Vinny CastillaPaul ByrdSingle, 1 rbi
07/30/1996Pittsburgh Pirates W4-312Todd HundleyJon LieberHome Run, 1 rbi
07/31/1996Pittsburgh Pirates W3-210Chris JonesDan PlesacHome Run, 2 rbi
08/09/1996Florida Marlins L2-110Luis CastilloDoug HenrySingle, 1 rbi
09/01/1996San Francisco Giants W6-510Carl EverettRod BeckInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
09/04/1996Los Angeles Dodgers W3-212Carl EverettDarren DreifortInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
09/06/1996Atlanta Braves L8-79Terry PendletonDoug HenrySingle, 1 rbi
09/14/1996Atlanta Braves W6-512Lance JohnsonJoe BorowskiSingle, 1 rbi
09/22/1996Philadelphia Phillies L4-39Gregg JefferiesDerek WallaceDouble, 1 rbi
09/25/1996Houston Astros L5-410Mike SimmsDerek WallaceSingle, 1 rbi
04/02/1997San Diego Padres L6-512Chris GomezToby BorlandSingle, 1 rbi
04/07/1997Los Angeles Dodgers L3-215Tom PrinceJoe CrawfordSingle, 1 rbi
04/09/1997Los Angeles Dodgers L3-214Mike PiazzaBarry ManuelSingle, 1 rbi
05/19/1997Colorado Rockies W4-39John OlerudJeff McCurryHome Run, 2 rbi
05/20/1997Florida Marlins L6-59Todd DunwoodyJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/18/1997New York Yankees L3-210Tino MartinezJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/19/1997Pittsburgh Pirates W7-69Jason HardtkeRicardo RinconSingle, 1 rbi
06/22/1997Pittsburgh Pirates W12-910Carl EverettChris PetersHome Run, 3 rbi
06/24/1997Atlanta Braves W6-59Carlos BaergaMark WohlersSingle, 1 rbi
07/06/1997Florida Marlins W3-212Carl EverettDennis CookSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/1997Chicago Cubs W4-310Butch HuskeyKent BottenfieldSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/1997Houston Astros L3-29Luis GonzalezGreg McMichaelHit By Pitch, 1 rbi
08/05/1997St. Louis Cardinals W5-410Edgardo AlfonzoJohn FrascatoreSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/22/1997San Diego Padres W9-811Carlos BaergaWill CunnaneWalk, 1 rbi
08/29/1997Baltimore Orioles L4-312Cal RipkenJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
09/13/1997Montreal Expos W9-611Bernard GilkeyMike ThurmanHome Run, 3 rbi
09/27/1997Atlanta Braves W2-19Alberto CastilloMark WohlersDouble, 1 rbi
03/31/1998Philadelphia Phillies W1-014Alberto CastilloRicky BottalicoSingle, 1 rbi
04/03/1998Pittsburgh Pirates W2-19Rey OrdonezMarc WilkinsKevin PolcovichError
04/04/1998Pittsburgh Pirates W7-613Rich BeckerChris PetersSingle, 1 rbi
04/22/1998Houston Astros W10-79Jim TatumDoug HenryHome Run, 3 rbi
04/28/1998Houston Astros L4-310Sean BerryJohn HudekSingle, 1 rbi
06/12/1998Florida Marlins L4-39Todd DunwoodyBrian BohanonSingle, 1 rbi
06/14/1998Florida Marlins L5-49Todd ZeileJohn HudekSingle, 1 rbi
06/17/1998Montreal Expos L5-49Brad FullmerMel RojasSingle, 1 rbi
06/25/1998Baltimore Orioles W3-29Carlos BaergaArmando BenitezSingle, 1 rbi
06/28/1998New York Yankees W2-19Luis LopezRamiro MendozaSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
07/05/1998Atlanta Braves L3-211Walt WeissJohn FrancoSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/01/1998Los Angeles Dodgers W2-19Edgardo AlfonzoJeff ShawDouble, 1 rbi
08/04/1998San Francisco Giants W7-610Lenny HarrisJose MesaWalk, 1 rbi
08/06/1998San Francisco Giants W9-89Luis LopezJose MesaWalk, 1 rbi
08/12/1998St. Louis Cardinals L5-414Ray LankfordJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
09/15/1998Houston Astros L6-512Derek BellJeff TamHome Run, 1 rbi
04/28/1999San Diego Padres W4-39Mike PiazzaTrevor HoffmanHome Run, 2 rbi
05/23/1999Philadelphia Phillies W5-49John OlerudCurt SchillingSingle, 2 rbi
06/09/1999Toronto Blue Jays W4-314Rey OrdonezDan PlesacSingle, 1 rbi
06/30/1999Florida Marlins L4-310Mark KotsayArmando BenitezHome Run, 1 rbi
07/10/1999New York Yankees W9-89Matt FrancoMariano RiveraSingle, 2 rbi
08/22/1999St. Louis Cardinals W8-79Edgardo AlfonzoRicky BottalicoSingle, 1 rbi
08/23/1999Houston Astros W3-29Matt FrancoJay PowellSingle, 1 rbi
10/01/1999Pittsburgh Pirates W3-211Robin VenturaScott SauerbeckSingle, 1 rbi
10/03/1999Pittsburgh Pirates W2-19Mike PiazzaBrad ClontzWild Pitch (Mets clinch Wild Card tie)
10/09/1999Arizona Diamondbacks W4-310Todd PrattMatt ManteiHome Run, 1 rbi (Mets win NLDS)
10/17/1999Atlanta Braves W4-315Robin VenturaKevin McGlinchySingle, 1 rbi (Grand slam single)
10/19/1999Atlanta Braves L10-911Andruw JonesKenny RogersWalk, 1 rbi (Braves win NLCS)
04/20/2000Milwaukee Brewers W5-410Melvin MoraCurt LeskanicHome Run, 1 rbi
04/24/2000Los Angeles Dodgers W1-09Matt FrancoTerry AdamsSingle, 1 rbi
05/03/2000San Francisco Giants L8-511Jeff KentTurk WendellHome Run, 3 rbi
05/21/2000Arizona Diamondbacks W7-69Derek BellByung-Hyun KimSingle, 1 rbi
05/31/2000Los Angeles Dodgers L4-39Kevin ElsterTurk WendellHome Run, 1 rbi
06/08/2000Baltimore Orioles W8-710Kurt AbbottJose MercedesHome Run, 1 rbi
07/03/2000Florida Marlins L2-09Derrek LeeTurk WendellHome Run, 2 rbi
07/13/2000Boston Red Sox L4-39Brian DaubachArmando BenitezDouble, 2 rbi
08/21/2000San Diego Padres L5-410Dave MagadanDennis CookWalk, 1 rbi
09/01/2000St. Louis Cardinals L6-59Jim EdmondsPat MahomesHome Run, 1 rbi
09/02/2000St. Louis Cardinals L2-19Fernando VinaArmando BenitezSingle, 1 rbi
09/03/2000St. Louis Cardinals L4-311Jim EdmondsRick WhiteHome Run, 1 rbi
09/13/2000Milwaukee Brewers W4-110Jay PaytonJuan AcevedoHome Run, 3 rbi
09/21/2000Philadelphia Phillies L6-59Pat BurrellRick WhiteSingle, 1 rbi
10/01/2000Montreal Expos W3-213Jorge VelandiaJeremy PowellGeoff BlumError
10/07/2000San Francisco Giants W3-213Benny AgbayaniAaron FultzHome Run, 1 rbi
10/21/2000New York Yankees L4-312Jose VizcainoTurk WendellSingle, 1 rbi
04/04/2001Atlanta Braves L3-29Keith LockhartTurk WendellInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
04/12/2001Atlanta Braves W1-010Rey OrdonezKerry LigtenbergSingle, 1 rbi
05/11/2001San Francisco Giants L3-210Benito SantiagoArmando BenitezSingle, 1 rbi
05/20/2001Los Angeles Dodgers W6-59Tsuyoshi ShinjoTerry AdamsSingle, 1 rbi
05/25/2001Florida Marlins W4-310Timo PerezDan MiceliSingle, 1 rbi
06/03/2001Florida Marlins L1-09Preston WilsonJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/28/2001Atlanta Braves L6-210Javy LopezArmando BenitezHome Run, 4 rbi
07/18/2001Florida Marlins W4-311Tsuyoshi ShinjoVladimir NunezDouble, 1 rbi
07/28/2001Philadelphia Phillies W4-39Robin VenturaTurk WendellHome Run, 1 rbi
07/29/2001Philadelphia Phillies W6-59Mike PiazzaRheal CormierHome Run, 1 rbi
07/31/2001Houston Astros L3-210Craig BiggioJerrod RigganHome Run, 1 rbi
08/02/2001Houston Astros L4-310Moises AlouJerrod RigganSingle, 1 rbi
08/25/2001San Francisco Giants W3-211Rey OrdonezRobb NenSingle, 1 rbi
09/01/2001Florida Marlins W3-211Jay PaytonJuan AcevedoDouble, 1 rbi
09/29/2001Atlanta Braves L8-59Brian JordanJohn FrancoHome Run, 4 rbi
04/07/2002Atlanta Braves L5-214Marcus GilesSatoru KomiyamaHome Run, 3 rbi
04/15/2002Atlanta Braves W7-612Edgardo AlfonzoKevin GryboskiSingle, 1 rbi
05/13/2002Los Angeles Dodgers L3-213Jeff RebouletMark CoreySingle, 1 rbi
05/19/2002San Diego Padres L4-39Mark KotsayScott StricklandSingle, 1 rbi
05/24/2002Florida Marlins W5-410Jay PaytonVic DarensbourgWalk, 1 rbi
06/21/2002Kansas City Royals W4-39Mo VaughnScott MullenJoe RandaError
07/26/2002Cincinnati Reds W3-29Mo VaughnJohn RiedlingSingle, 1 rbi
09/17/2002Chicago Cubs W3-19Jeromy BurnitzJuan CruzHome Run, 2 rbi
09/19/2002Chicago Cubs W3-212Roger CedenoWill CunnaneSingle, 1 rbi
09/21/2002Montreal Expos W6-311Esix SneadDan SmithHome Run, 3 rbi
04/09/2003Florida Marlins L3-29Ivan RodriguezMike StantonSingle, 1 rbi
04/10/2003Florida Marlins L4-39Juan PierreArmando BenitezSingle, 2 rbi
04/13/2003Montreal Expos L2-110Jose VidroMike StantonHome Run, 1 rbi
05/01/2003St. Louis Cardinals L6-510Jim EdmondsScott StricklandHome Run, 1 rbi
05/10/2003San Diego Padres W4-210Mike PiazzaJaret WrightHome Run, 2 rbi
05/21/2003Philadelphia Phillies W5-49Tony ClarkTerry AdamsSingle, 1 rbi
07/01/2003Montreal Expos W7-69Tony ClarkJulio ManonSingle, 1 rbi
07/13/2003Philadelphia Phillies W4-39Jason PhillipsTerry AdamsSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/2003Atlanta Braves L3-29Mark DeRosaJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
08/09/2003Arizona Diamondbacks L2-19Steve FinleyJohn FrancoHome Run, 1 rbi
08/20/2003San Diego Padres L2-19Sean BurroughsGrant RobertsSingle, 1 rbi
09/04/2003Philadelphia Phillies L6-59Mike LieberthalDave WeathersSingle, 1 rbi
09/07/2003Philadelphia Phillies L5-411Marlon ByrdDan WheelerSingle, 1 rbi
05/06/2004San Francisco Giants W2-111Mike PiazzaJim BrowerHome Run, 1 rbi
05/09/2004Milwaukee Brewers W6-511Kaz MatsuiBen FordDouble, 1 rbi
05/18/2004St. Louis Cardinals W5-49Cliff FloydJason IsringhausenSingle, 1 rbi
05/29/2004Florida Marlins L3-210Mike LowellBraden LooperHome Run, 1 rbi
06/08/2004Minnesota Twins L2-19Michael CuddyerMike StantonSingle, 1 rbi
06/10/2004Minnesota Twins L3-215Michael RyanRicky BottalicoSingle, 1 rbi
06/12/2004Kansas City Royals L4-39Angel BerroaDave WeathersSingle, 1 rbi
06/18/2004Detroit Tigers W3-29Mike CameronDanny PattersonHome Run, 1 rbi
06/19/2004Detroit Tigers W4-310Mike CameronDanny PattersonSingle, 1 rbi
07/03/2004New York Yankees W10-99Shane SpencerTanyon SturtzeInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
07/08/2004Philadelphia Phillies L5-49Bobby AbreuJohn FrancoHome Run, 1 rbi
07/15/2004Philadelphia Phillies W3-211Ty WiggintonRoberto HernandezSingle, 1 rbi
08/07/2004St. Louis Cardinals L2-19Yadier MolinaMike StantonSingle, 1 rbi
09/25/2004Chicago Cubs W4-311Craig BrazellKent MerckerHome Run, 1 rbi
04/04/2005Cincinnati Reds L7-69Joe RandaBraden LooperHome Run, 1 rbi
04/13/2005Houston Astros W1-011Jose ReyesDan WheelerSingle, 1 rbi
04/16/2005Florida Marlins W4-39Ramon CastroGuillermo MotaSingle, 1 rbi
05/08/2005Milwaukee Brewers L5-49J. J. HardyMike DeJeanSingle, 1 rbi
05/11/2005Chicago Cubs L4-310Derrek LeeHeath BellHome Run, 1 rbi
06/11/2005Los Angeles Angels W5-310Cliff FloydBrendan DonnellyHome Run, 3 rbi
06/15/2005Oakland Athletics L3-29Marco ScutaroRoberto HernandezSingle, 1 rbi
06/26/2005New York Yankees L5-49Jason GiambiBraden LooperSingle, 2 rbi
07/08/2005Pittsburgh Pirates L6-510Humberto CotaBraden LooperSingle, 1 rbi
07/19/2005San Diego Padres W3-111Chris WoodwardChris HammondHome Run, 2 rbi
07/28/2005Houston Astros L3-29Brad AusmusRoberto HernandezDouble, 1 rbi
08/02/2005Milwaukee Brewers W9-811Mike PiazzaJulio SantanaWalk, 1 rbi
08/12/2005Los Angeles Dodgers L7-610Dioner NavarroBraden LooperHome Run, 1 rbi
08/20/2005Washington Nationals W9-810Chris WoodwardGary MajewskiSingle, 1 rbi
09/07/2005Atlanta Braves L4-310Ryan LangerhansShingo TakatsuSingle, 2 rbi
09/20/2005Florida Marlins W3-212Mike JacobsBrian MoehlerSingle, 1 rbi
09/21/2005Florida Marlins W5-49Miguel CairoPaul QuantrillSingle, 1 rbi
04/09/2006Florida Marlins W3-29David WrightCarlos MartinezSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
04/21/2006San Diego Padres L2-114Brian GilesChad BradfordDouble, 1 rbi
05/01/2006Washington Nationals W2-19Paul Lo DucaGary MajewskiGary MajewskiError
05/03/2006Pittsburgh Pirates W4-312Carlos DelgadoMike GonzalezHome Run, 1 rbi
05/05/2006Atlanta Braves W8-714David WrightJorge SosaDouble, 1 rbi
05/09/2006Philadelphia Phillies L5-49Bobby AbreuAaron HeilmanAaron HeilmanError
05/14/2006Milwaukee Brewers L6-510Bill HallChad BradfordHome Run, 1 rbi
05/19/2006New York Yankees W7-69David WrightMariano RiveraSingle, 1 rbi
05/23/2006Philadelphia Phillies W9-816Carlos BeltranRyan MadsonHome Run, 1 rbi
05/29/2006Arizona Diamondbacks W8-79David WrightJose ValverdeSingle, 1 rbi
05/31/2006Arizona Diamondbacks W1-013Endy ChavezJason GrimsleySingle, 1 rbi
06/03/2006San Francisco Giants W3-211Chris WoodwardJonathan SanchezSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
07/26/2006Chicago Cubs W1-010Jose ValentinGlendon RuschSingle, 1 rbi
08/01/2006Florida Marlins L6-59Josh WillinghamBilly WagnerHome Run, 2 rbi
08/22/2006St. Louis Cardinals W8-79Carlos BeltranJason IsringhausenHome Run, 2 rbi
09/16/2006Pittsburgh Pirates L3-29Ronny PaulinoAaron HeilmanDouble, 1 rbi
04/24/2007Colorado Rockies W2-112Endy ChavezRyan SpeierSingle, 1 rbi
05/14/2007Chicago Cubs W5-49Carlos DelgadoMichael WuertzWalk, 1 rbi
05/17/2007Chicago Cubs W6-59Carlos DelgadoScott EyreSingle, 2 rbi
05/29/2007San Francisco Giants W5-412Carlos DelgadoArmando BenitezHome Run, 1 rbi
06/23/2007Oakland Athletics W1-09David WrightSantiago CasillaDouble, 1 rbi
06/25/2007St. Louis Cardinals W2-111Shawn GreenRuss SpringerHome Run, 1 rbi
07/31/2007Milwaukee Brewers L4-213Geoff JenkinsAaron SeleHome Run, 2 rbi
08/21/2007San Diego Padres W7-69Luis CastilloTrevor HoffmanSingle, 1 rbi
08/28/2007Philadelphia Phillies L4-210Ryan HowardGuillermo MotaHome Run, 2 rbi
08/30/2007Philadelphia Phillies L11-109Chase UtleyBilly WagnerSingle, 1 rbi
09/20/2007Florida Marlins L8-710Dan UgglaJorge SosaDouble, 1 rbi
04/01/2008Florida Marlins L5-410Robert AndinoMatt WiseHome Run, 1 rbi
04/10/2008Philadelphia Phillies W4-312Angel PaganTom GordonSingle, 1 rbi
04/17/2008Washington Nationals W3-214Brian SchneiderJoel HanrahanWild Pitch
04/29/2008Pittsburgh Pirates W5-411David WrightJohn Van BenschotenSingle, 1 rbi
05/23/2008Colorado Rockies L6-513Matt HollidayAaron HeilmanSingle, 1 rbi
05/28/2008Florida Marlins W7-612Fernando TatisJustin MillerDouble, 2 rbi
06/05/2008San Diego Padres L2-19Paul McAnultyScott SchoeneweisHit By Pitch, 1 rbi
06/07/2008San Diego Padres L2-110Scott HairstonPedro FelicianoHome Run, 1 rbi
06/11/2008Arizona Diamondbacks W5-313Carlos BeltranEdgar GonzalezHome Run, 2 rbi
07/02/2008St. Louis Cardinals L8-79Troy GlausCarlos MunizHome Run, 1 rbi
07/04/2008Philadelphia Phillies L3-29Shane VictorinoDuaner SanchezSingle, 1 rbi
08/02/2008Houston Astros L5-410Darin ErstadPedro FelicianoSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/07/2008San Diego Padres W5-39David WrightHeath BellHome Run, 2 rbi
08/21/2008Atlanta Braves W5-49Carlos DelgadoVladimir NunezSingle, 1 rbi
08/26/2008Philadelphia Phillies L8-713Chris CosteScott SchoeneweisSingle, 1 rbi
08/30/2008Florida Marlins L4-39Josh WillinghamAaron HeilmanWalk, 1 rbi
09/25/2008Chicago Cubs W7-69Carlos BeltranKevin HartSingle, 1 rbi
04/10/2009Florida Marlins L5-49Jorge CantuDarren O'DaySingle, 1 rbi
04/17/2009Milwaukee Brewers W5-49Luis CastilloSeth McClungSingle, 1 rbi
05/02/2009Philadelphia Phillies L6-510Shane VictorinoSean GreenWalk, 1 rbi
05/12/2009Atlanta Braves W4-310Carlos BeltranJeff BennettWalk, 1 rbi
05/18/2009Los Angeles Dodgers L3-211Orlando HudsonBrian StokesJeremy ReedError
05/29/2009Florida Marlins W2-111Omir SantosBrian SanchesSingle, 1 rbi
06/12/2009New York Yankees L9-89Alex RodriguezFrancisco RodriguezLuis CastilloError (Castillo muffs 3rd-out pop up; two runners score)
06/18/2009Baltimore Orioles L5-49Aubrey HuffFrancisco RodriguezSingle, 1 rbi
08/07/2009San Diego Padres L6-29Everth CabreraFrancisco RodriguezHome Run, 4 rbi
08/16/2009San Francisco Giants W3-29Daniel MurphyJeremy AffeldtSingle, 1 rbi
09/16/2009Atlanta Braves L6-59Ryan ChurchFrancisco RodriguezDaniel MurphyError
09/30/2009Washington Nationals L7-49Justin MaxwellFrancisco RodriguezHome Run, 4 rbi
04/14/2010Colorado Rockies L6-510Chris IannettaJenrry MejiaHome Run, 1 rbi
05/03/2010Cincinnati Reds L3-211Laynce NixManny AcostaHome Run, 1 rbi
05/05/2010Cincinnati Reds L5-410Orlando CabreraPedro FelicianoHome Run, 1 rbi
05/07/2010San Francisco Giants W6-49Rod BarajasSergio RomoHome Run, 2 rbi
05/08/2010San Francisco Giants W5-411Henry BlancoGuillermo MotaHome Run, 1 rbi
05/13/2010Florida Marlins L2-19Dan UgglaFernando NieveWild Pitch
05/18/2010Atlanta Braves L3-29Melky CabreraJenrry MejiaDavid WrightError
05/28/2010Milwaukee Brewers L2-09Corey HartRyota IgarashiHome Run, 2 rbi
06/02/2010San Diego Padres L5-111Adrian GonzalezRaul ValdesHome Run, 4 rbi
06/08/2010San Diego Padres W2-111Ike DavisEdward MujicaHome Run, 1 rbi
06/29/2010Florida Marlins L7-69Dan UgglaPedro FelicianoSingle, 1 rbi
07/01/2010Washington Nationals L2-19Ryan ZimmermanRyota IgarashiSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
07/03/2010Washington Nationals L6-59Ivan RodriguezFrancisco RodriguezSingle, 1 rbi
07/21/2010Arizona Diamondbacks L4-314Chris SnyderFernando NieveSingle, 1 rbi
07/24/2010Los Angeles Dodgers L3-213James LoneyOliver PerezHome Run, 1 rbi
07/31/2010Arizona Diamondbacks W5-49Carlos BeltranJuan GutierrezSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
08/24/2010Florida Marlins W6-59Luis CastilloWill OhmanSingle, 1 rbi
09/13/2010Pittsburgh Pirates W1-010Nick EvansChan Ho ParkSingle, 1 rbi
09/28/2010Milwaukee Brewers W4-39Ruben TejadaJohn AxfordDouble, 2 rbi
10/01/2010Washington Nationals W2-110Josh TholeTyler ClippardHome Run, 1 rbi
06/08/2011Milwaukee Brewers L7-69Nyjer MorganDale ThayerDouble, 1 rbi
06/16/2011Atlanta Braves L9-810Jason HeywardD. J. CarrascoBalk
06/22/2011Oakland Athletics W3-213Justin TurnerBrad ZieglerHit By Pitch, 1 rbi
07/03/2011New York Yankees W3-210Jason BayHector NoesiSingle, 1 rbi
07/20/2011St. Louis Cardinals W6-510Angel PaganFernando SalasHome Run, 1 rbi
08/08/2011San Diego Padres W9-89Lucas DudaHeath BellSingle, 2 rbi
09/03/2011Washington Nationals L8-79Ryan ZimmermanBobby ParnellSingle, 2 rbi
09/09/2011Chicago Cubs W5-49Justin TurnerSean MarshallDouble, 1 rbi
04/09/2012Washington Nationals W4-39Daniel MurphyHenry RodriguezSingle, 1 rbi
04/21/2012San Francisco Giants W5-49Kirk NieuwenhuisJeremy AffeldtBuster PoseyError (Hairston forced at home, Tejada scores on Posey's throwing error.)
04/26/2012Miami Marlins W3-29Kirk NieuwenhuisHeath BellSingle, 1 rbi
05/11/2012Miami Marlins L6-59Greg DobbsFrank FranciscoSingle, 1 rbi
05/13/2012Miami Marlins L8-49Giancarlo StantonManny AcostaHome Run, 4 rbi
06/05/2012Washington Nationals L7-612Bryce HarperElvin RamirezSingle, 1 rbi
06/10/2012New York Yankees L5-49Russell MartinJon RauchHome Run, 1 rbi
07/05/2012Philadelphia Phillies W6-59David WrightJonathan PapelbonSingle, 1 rbi
07/17/2012Washington Nationals L5-410Tyler MoorePedro BeatoWild Pitch
08/14/2012Cincinnati Reds L3-09Jay BruceJosh EdginHome Run, 3 rbi
08/26/2012Houston Astros W2-19Ike DavisWilton LopezHome Run, 1 rbi
09/23/2012Miami Marlins W3-29Ruben TejadaRyan WebbSingle, 1 rbi
10/02/2012Miami Marlins L4-311Donovan SolanoCollin McHughSingle, 1 rbi, 1 rbi
04/07/2013Miami Marlins W4-39Marlon ByrdSteve CishekSingle, 2 rbi
04/16/2013Colorado Rockies L9-810Jordan PachecoGreg BurkeSingle, 1 rbi
04/24/2013Los Angeles Dodgers W7-310Jordany ValdespinJosh WallHome Run, 4 rbi
04/29/2013Miami Marlins L4-315Nick GreenShaun MarcumSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
04/30/2013Miami Marlins L2-19Greg DobbsBrandon LyonWild Pitch
05/07/2013Chicago White Sox W1-010Mike BaxterNate JonesSingle, 1 rbi
05/09/2013Pittsburgh Pirates W3-29Mike BaxterJason GrilliSingle, 1 rbi
05/28/2013New York Yankees W2-19Lucas DudaMariano RiveraSingle, 1 rbi
06/04/2013Washington Nationals L3-29Steve LombardozziBobby ParnellSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
06/16/2013Chicago Cubs W4-39Kirk NieuwenhuisCarlos MarmolHome Run, 3 rbi
06/17/2013Atlanta Braves L2-19Freddie FreemanDillon GeeHome Run, 2 rbi
06/22/2013Philadelphia Phillies L8-79Kevin FrandsenCarlos TorresHome Run, 1 rbi
06/25/2013Chicago White Sox L5-49Alexei RamirezLaTroy HawkinsSingle, 1 rbi
07/01/2013Arizona Diamondbacks W5-413Andrew BrownJosh CollmenterSingle, 2 rbi
07/12/2013Pittsburgh Pirates L3-211Jordy MercerGonzalez GermenSingle, 1 rbi
07/26/2013Washington Nationals L2-19Ryan ZimmermanLaTroy HawkinsHome Run, 1 rbi
08/02/2013Kansas City Royals W4-211Eric YoungLuis MendozaHome Run, 2 rbi
08/09/2013Arizona Diamondbacks L5-49Paul GoldschmidtScott AtchisonHome Run, 1 rbi
08/14/2013Los Angeles Dodgers L5-412Adrian GonzalezPedro FelicianoDouble, 1 rbi
08/18/2013San Diego Padres L4-39Will VenablePedro FelicianoHome Run, 1 rbi
09/15/2013Miami Marlins W1-012Travis d'ArnaudRyan WebbSingle, 1 rbi
09/18/2013San Francisco Giants W5-49Josh SatinSergio RomoSingle, 2 rbi
09/23/2013Cincinnati Reds L3-210Shin-Soo ChooSean HennSingle, 1 rbi
04/05/2014Cincinnati Reds W6-39Ike DavisJ.J. HooverHome Run, 4 rbi
04/11/2014Los Angeles Angels L5-411Hank CongerJeurys FamiliaHit By Pitch, 1 rbi
04/20/2014Atlanta Braves W4-314Curtis GrandersonGus SchlosserSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
04/25/2014Miami Marlins W4-39Curtis GrandersonSteve CishekSingle, 1 rbi
05/03/2014Colorado Rockies L11-109Charlie CulbersonKyle FarnsworthHome Run, 2 rbi
05/05/2014Miami Marlins L4-39Casey McGeheeGonzalez GermenSingle, 1 rbi
05/07/2014Miami Marlins L1-09Marcell OzunaKyle FarnsworthSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
05/11/2014Philadelphia Phillies W5-411Ruben TejadaJeff ManshipSingle, 1 rbi
05/30/2014Philadelphia Phillies L6-514Reid BrignacJenrry MejiaSingle, 1 rbi
06/03/2014Chicago Cubs L2-19Nate SchierholtzScott RiceSingle, 1 rbi
06/07/2014San Francisco Giants L5-49Michael MorseJenrry MejiaSingle, 1 rbi
06/27/2014Pittsburgh Pirates L3-211Josh HarrisonVic BlackDouble, 1 rbi
07/07/2014Atlanta Braves W4-311Ruben TejadaAnthony VarvaroSingle, 1 rbi
07/20/2014San Diego Padres L2-19Seth SmithJosh EdginSingle, 1 rbi
08/07/2014Washington Nationals L5-313Bryce HarperCarlos TorresHome Run, 2 rbi
08/10/2014Philadelphia Phillies L7-69Ryan HowardJenrry MejiaSingle, 1 rbi
09/08/2014Colorado Rockies W3-29Wilmer FloresLaTroy HawkinsSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
09/27/2014Houston Astros W2-19Lucas DudaTony SippHome Run, 2 rbi
05/13/2015Chicago Cubs L2-19Chris CoghlanJeurys FamiliaWalk, 1 rbi
05/18/2015St. Louis Cardinals W2-114John MayberryTrevor RosenthalSingle, 1 rbi
05/26/2015Philadelphia Phillies W5-410Wilmer FloresElvis AraujoSingle, 1 rbi
06/11/2015San Francisco Giants W5-49Michael CuddyerSergio RomoSingle, 1 rbi
06/15/2015Toronto Blue Jays W4-311Wilmer FloresLiam HendriksSingle, 1 rbi
06/27/2015Cincinnati Reds W2-113Lucas DudaNathan AdcockJoey VottoInfield Grounder, 1 rbi (Votto fields grounder, drops ball as winning run scores.)
07/26/2015Los Angeles Dodgers W3-210Juan UribeKenley JansenSingle, 1 rbi
07/31/2015Washington Nationals W2-112Wilmer FloresFelipe RiveroHome Run, 1 rbi
08/19/2015Baltimore Orioles L5-49Henry UrrutiaCarlos TorresHome Run, 1 rbi
09/04/2015Miami Marlins L6-511Martin PradoEric O'FlahertyDouble, 1 rbi
09/06/2015Miami Marlins L4-39Martin PradoTyler ClippardSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
10/27/2015Kansas City Royals L5-414Eric HosmerBartolo ColonSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
04/20/2016Philadelphia Phillies L5-411Peter BourjosHansel RoblesSingle, 1 rbi
05/10/2016Los Angeles Dodgers L3-29Trayce ThompsonHansel RoblesHome Run, 1 rbi
05/21/2016Milwaukee Brewers W5-49David WrightMichael BlazekSingle, 1 rbi
05/27/2016Los Angeles Dodgers W6-59Curtis GrandersonPedro BaezHome Run, 1 rbi
08/13/2016San Diego Padres W3-211Wilmer FloresBrandon MaurerInfield Grounder, 1 rbi
08/29/2016Miami Marlins W2-110Yoenis CespedesNick WittgrenHome Run, 1 rbi
09/10/2016Atlanta Braves L4-310Adonis GarciaJosh SmokerSingle, 1 rbi
09/17/2016Minnesota Twins W3-212Curtis GrandersonRyan O'RourkeHome Run, 1 rbi
09/22/2016Philadelphia Phillies W9-811Asdrubal CabreraEdubray RamosHome Run, 3 rbi
04/14/2017Miami Marlins L3-29J. T. RealmutoJosh EdginDouble, 1 rbi
04/16/2017Miami Marlins L4-29J. T. RiddleAddison ReedHome Run, 2 rbi
05/08/2017San Francisco Giants W4-39Neil WalkerHunter StricklandSingle, 1 rbi
05/17/2017Arizona Diamondbacks L5-411Chris HerrmannRafael MonteroHome Run, 1 rbi
05/27/2017Pittsburgh Pirates L5-410John JasoJosh EdginSingle, 1 rbi
05/30/2017Milwaukee Brewers W5-412Jay BruceWily PeraltaSingle, 1 rbi
06/09/2017Atlanta Braves L3-29Rio RuizJosh EdginSingle, 1 rbi
07/03/2017Washington Nationals L3-29Ryan RaburnFernando SalasSingle, 1 rbi
07/20/2017St. Louis Cardinals W3-29Jose ReyesTrevor RosenthalSingle, 1 rbi
07/22/2017Oakland Athletics W6-59Wilmer FloresSimon CastroHome Run, 1 rbi
08/01/2017Colorado Rockies L5-49Nolan ArenadoHansel RoblesSingle, 1 rbi
08/03/2017Colorado Rockies L5-49Nolan ArenadoHansel RoblesWalk, 1 rbi
09/19/2017Miami Marlins L5-410J. T. RealmutoPaul SewaldHome Run, 1 rbi
09/26/2017Atlanta Braves W4-39Travis TaijeronA. J. MinterSingle, 1 rbi

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