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Mets Walkoff Wins and Losses
The games listed on this page include both regular-season and post-season games.

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The Mets record in the selected games is 0 wins and 29 losses.

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Date Opponent W/L Score Innings Batter Pitcher Fielder Ending Play
08/09/1996Florida Marlins L2-110Luis CastilloDoug HenrySingle, 1 rbi
05/20/1997Florida Marlins L6-59Todd DunwoodyJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
06/12/1998Florida Marlins L4-39Todd DunwoodyBrian BohanonSingle, 1 rbi
06/14/1998Florida Marlins L5-49Todd ZeileJohn HudekSingle, 1 rbi
06/30/1999Florida Marlins L4-310Mark KotsayArmando BenitezHome Run, 1 rbi
07/03/2000Florida Marlins L2-09Derrek LeeTurk WendellHome Run, 2 rbi
06/03/2001Florida Marlins L1-09Preston WilsonJohn FrancoSingle, 1 rbi
04/09/2003Florida Marlins L3-29Ivan RodriguezMike StantonSingle, 1 rbi
04/10/2003Florida Marlins L4-39Juan PierreArmando BenitezSingle, 2 rbi
05/29/2004Florida Marlins L3-210Mike LowellBraden LooperHome Run, 1 rbi
08/01/2006Florida Marlins L6-59Josh WillinghamBilly WagnerHome Run, 2 rbi
09/20/2007Florida Marlins L8-710Dan UgglaJorge SosaDouble, 1 rbi
04/01/2008Florida Marlins L5-410Robert AndinoMatt WiseHome Run, 1 rbi
08/30/2008Florida Marlins L4-39Josh WillinghamAaron HeilmanWalk, 1 rbi
04/10/2009Florida Marlins L5-49Jorge CantuDarren O'DaySingle, 1 rbi
05/13/2010Florida Marlins L2-19Dan UgglaFernando NieveWild Pitch
06/29/2010Florida Marlins L7-69Dan UgglaPedro FelicianoSingle, 1 rbi
05/11/2012Miami Marlins L6-59Greg DobbsFrank FranciscoSingle, 1 rbi
05/13/2012Miami Marlins L8-49Giancarlo StantonManny AcostaHome Run, 4 rbi
10/02/2012Miami Marlins L4-311Donovan SolanoCollin McHughHome Run, 4 rbi, 1 rbi
04/29/2013Miami Marlins L4-315Nick GreenShaun MarcumSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
04/30/2013Miami Marlins L2-19Greg DobbsBrandon LyonWild Pitch
05/05/2014Miami Marlins L4-39Casey McGeheeGonzalez GermenSingle, 1 rbi
05/07/2014Miami Marlins L1-09Marcell OzunaKyle FarnsworthSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
09/04/2015Miami Marlins L6-511Martin PradoEric O'FlahertyDouble, 1 rbi
09/06/2015Miami Marlins L4-39Martin PradoTyler ClippardSacrifice Fly, 1 rbi
04/14/2017Miami Marlins L3-29J. T. RealmutoJosh EdginDouble, 1 rbi
04/16/2017Miami Marlins L4-29J. T. RiddleAddison ReedHome Run, 2 rbi
09/19/2017Miami Marlins L5-410J. T. RealmutoPaul SewaldHome Run, 1 rbi

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