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Today is January 22

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New York Mets traded Mark Carreon and Tony Castillo to the Detroit Tigers for Paul Gibson and Randy Marshall on January 22, 1992.

New York Mets traded Yudith Ozario, Erik Hiljus and Eric Ludwick to the St. Louis Cardinals for Bernard Gilkey on January 22, 1996.

New York Mets signed free agent Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox on January 22, 2009.

New York Mets traded Brian Stokes to the Los Angeles Angels for Gary Matthews on January 22, 2010.

You may have seen them scattered here and there on the Ultimate Mets Database. You may have seen them on our Facebook page. You may even have seen them when doing an image search in your favorite search engine. But now, at last, we have them all here in one place. It's a full set of our custom homemade baseball cards, celebrating the players of the 21st Century using the style of the classic Topps trading cards of the 1970s.

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Randomly selected Met Player

Bobby Parnell
Born: September 8, 1984
at Salisbury, N.C.

Years with Mets: 2008 - 2015

329 games. 20 - 28, 3.78
293 strikeouts, 37 saves

All-Time Mets Leaders
1. David Wright 949 Wright
2. Jose Reyes 780
3. Darryl Strawberry 662
4. Howard Johnson 627
5. Edgardo Alfonzo 614
6. Mookie Wilson 592 Reyes
7. Cleon Jones 563
8. Carlos Beltran 551
9. Ed Kranepool 536
10. Mike Piazza 532

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Whether a player has played in only one game or stuck around for 17 years, you'll find him here. But statistics from games that he's played for other teams will not be included. Therefore, you'll see Willie Mays as a lifetime .238 hitter, with only 14 home runs. And only a fraction of Nolan Ryan's 27-year career is represented here. Warren Spahn's stats are overshadowed by those of Pat Zachry.

We also have a gallery of player photos, and an entertaining variety of fan memories submitted by our readers. It's all part of our ever-growing collection of Mets statistics and lore. If you're a first time visitor, and a Mets fan, you're sure to find something of interest to you. And if you're a repeat visitor, please continue to explore our site. You just may find something you haven't seen before.

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