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August 18, 1968
Astros 5, Mets 2
1968 Regular Season Game 127
August 19, 1968
Giants 1, Mets 0
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August 20, 1968
Mets 8, Giants 0
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National League Standings, August 19, 1968

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Feat Fan
February 23, 2004
If memory serves me well this was a Friday night game that I attended with a bunch of kids from Broad Channel Day Camp, a camp outing! Think it was Bobby Bolin vs Koosman. The game went into extra innings and we had to leave because the bus charter did not include overtime.

Reluctantly, we left after the 8th. If I am correct, Jim Davenport hit a home run to win it. I think that in 1967, Davenport also ended a 17 inning affair with a longball.

July 25, 2005
In 1968, Koosman tied a rookie record with 7 shutouts. All these years, I always thought back to this game and how he rightly should hold the record of 8 all by himself. The '68 Mets, unfortunately, were not exactly an "offensive juggernaut". But that's OK Koos, we'll always know you as the guy who won the big one for the Miracle Mets!

May 19, 2008
I remember watching this game forty years ago. Frank Linzy pitched five shutout innings. He threw the heaviest sinker I've ever seen. He wore glasses and I called him Santa Claus for some reason or other. The Mets just kept hitting one weak grounder after another during his stint on the mound. A very efficient business-like relief appearance by Mr. Linzy.

John Kennedy
April 26, 2010
My Dad and I took the train into Grand Central from New Haven for this game, meeting my cousin and his brother-in-law at Shea. When the game headed toward extra innings we made the decision to stay the night with family in Brooklyn and watch the end. Who knew it would last 17 innings? I remember Willie Mays walking but no hits. And I remember the Mets putting up no offense at all. Shea was crowded, though. Looking back on stats, amazing how long the starters lasted in those days. The seemingly endless game, the laughs, and the time with Dad and family, still burns in my memory.

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