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August 17, 1969
Mets 3, Padres 2
1969 Regular Season Game 118
August 19, 1969
Mets 1, Giants 0
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August 20, 1969
Mets 6, Giants 0
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National League Standings, August 19, 1969

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January 29, 2002
This was a fantastic game!!! Me and my boys from Harlem went to this one; it was a hot August night game...and (here's the best part!) WE BEAT THE GREAT JUAN MARICHAL ON A 14TH INNING HOMERUN BY TOMMIE AGEE!!! That's right--Juan Marichal pitched ALL 14 INNINGS for the Giants!!! He had excellent stuff that night, as he struck out a slew of Mets. He had either some kind of sinker or other breaking pitch going that night--because I remember the Mets swinging and missing on a lot of pitches that ended up being caught low by the catcher.

But that '69 team was a team of destiny, y'all...and Mr. Agee took care of "the whole ball of wax" with one swing in the bottom of the 14th!!!

September 10, 2002
Cleon leaped over the fence to take a homer away from McCovey to set up Agee's blast in the 14th to win the game for the Mets.

The Big H
November 15, 2005
Due to a series of strange circumstances I wound up with six mezzanine box seat tickets to this game in back of home plate. We invited my grandfather, a pure Met fan, but he didn't want to go because Marichal was pitching and he knew the Mets would lose. My uncle convinced him to go anyway. As Charles above described it he seems to have a pretty good memory about the game. There were some gentlemen sitting a few rows in front of us who were passing $20 and $50 bills back and forth all night betting on every pitch Marichal threw. Gentry and McGraw stopped the Giants. Cleon did leap over the fence, but he also didn't quite catch the ball, but he managed to get his glove under the ball after he stopped it over his head, he caught the ball while he and the ball were coming down in a four man McCovey outfield! Of course Agee hit the home run off starter Marichal in the 14th! Lucky for us fans that night the Met pitchers went 14 innings without allowing a run. All the Met fans went home happy the following morning (1 a.m. or so), especially my grandfather.

Feat Fan
January 24, 2007
At the time I was a Giants/Mets fan and Marichal was my absolute hero. We sat near the third base bag and were treated to a gem as Gentry and Dandy hooked up.

I think Marichal struck out the side in the 12th inning and looked like he could go all night if need be before Agee caught up with one for a game ending blast.

You'll never see a pitcher go 13 innings any more, this I promise you!

April 15, 2007
This was the first Met game I ever went to. It was my 6th birthdady and we stayed for the entire game!!!

Bill W
October 18, 2008
Amazing game -- even more so in this day and age.

As with almost all Shea games in the 60's, I was sitting in the Mezz level down the 3rd base line. Had even worse seats that year for Seaver's imperfect game. What a year!

Marichal's (or Gentry's!) double-digit innings perrformance could never happen in the current era.

The Big H
October 6, 2010
Extra comment (I posted above) -- Thanks to ultimateMets.com new Walkoff Wins and Losses I now know that the home run by Agee was the first home run in Mets history to produce a 1-0 walkoff victory.

john miceli
January 10, 2014
I remember sitting in the upper deck on the first base side. We couldn't believe Marichal kept coming out to pitch inning after inning. The 10th, 11th and so on. Strange, I remember having on a yellow windbreaker and being chilly up there. Wonder if it was windy since it was in usually hot August?

John B
October 18, 2015
I was also at this game. I was 10 years old. One amazing thing was that my old man let us stay and watch till the very end was past midnight. I think he sensed we were watching history. The best game I ever saw. Agee, Jones, McGraw McCovey and Marichal were larger than life. Will never forget that Willie Mays played in this one too.

From where we were sitting somewhere high up on the first base side, I saw Agee's homer bounce on the TOP of the wall and go over the other side. Does anyone else remember that point?

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